5 Practical Design to Create a More Comfortable Small Bedroom In Singapore

Do you feel like your small bedroom is crowded and lacks space? Here are 5 small bedroom design tips that will help create a more comfortable small bedroom.

1.Experiment With Wallpaper

A bold, bright wallpaper can help cocoon your room and give it a jewel-box effect, which may seem excessive for a small space. To make a statement, you don’t have to cover the entire wall. Simply select a smaller nook to cover in a fun print.

2. Personalize With Built-Ins

Use a built-in bench to make use of awkward niches, corners, nooks, and crannies, as Romanek Design Studio did in this bedroom. Even if it does not appear to be a usable space at first glance, a simple bench, cushions, and wall art can breathe new life into it.

3. Comply with the Layout

Each item has been carefully chosen to fit into this small space. The narrow bedroom table, for example, fits perfectly into the little nook, and because it’s on the slimmer side, they made sure the two-tiered table on the other side of the bed offered extra surface space. Then, to draw the eye up, they went vertical with a gallery wall.

4.Setup Inventive Storage

When you have a teeny-tiny bedroom, you have to be resourceful and strategic with your storage space, or you’ll never find what you’re looking for unless room decor ideas on it. Take a cue from this room, where the bed has built-in drawers and is framed by a bookshelf, which provides additional storage space as well as a place to display decor and art.

5. Position your bed next to a window.

Wall space is valuable in a small bedroom design and should not be wasted, so don’t be afraid to place your bed beneath the window.


We hope these practical small room design ideas for Singapore have helped! If you’re looking to remodel, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team of designers would be happy to work with you on turning this space into something beautiful.

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