Interior Design Consultation Fee Singapore | How Much Does It Cost?

Interior design consultation fee Singapore can be expensive. This is why most people would not be thinking about this service. But when you look carefully, you will realize that they are really worth it. You need to get quality interior design services because it will make your house look good and give you a better environment. In fact, a lot of people think that the interior design will be just decorative. But it is actually much more than this. By knowing more about the interior design, you can make your room look beautiful.

How much is the interior designer fee Singapore?

Interior design fee depends on how big your house is. The average price for a brand-new 3-room apartment flat is SGD40.000. The price of the landed property ranges from SGD100,00 to SGD234.000. While developments for resale apartments can cost about 25% more than new apartments. Initial design consultations might be free or chargeable, depending on who you choose to work with. If a cost is charged for the consultation, it will probably be a set sum that typically covers an hour of the designer’s time. After then, if you wish to continue with the project, payment may come in a variety of formats.  The hourly pay for interior designers ranges from SGD50 to SGD200 on average, and clients typically spend between SGD1,893 and SGD11,180 on a project. Common ways to pay include: 
  • Flat rate
  • Hourly fee
  • Percentage of the total project cost

How much do designers charge for consultation?

The design you want to create can also influence how much it will cost to employ an interior decorator, as specialty contractors and high-end furnishings are far more expensive than those that are readily available. Budget-conscious homeowners frequently employ an interior designer to create remodeling and decorating plans before taking on the rest of the project themselves. Here is a list of common prices you might anticipate.
Charge Type Cost Range Average
1-Hour Consultation (In-Home) SGD50 – SGD450 SGD200
Per Hour SGD50 – SGD450 SGD150
Per Square Foot SGD5 – SGD17 SGD9
Per Room (+ Furnishings) SGD1,000 – SGD12,000 SGD3,200
Per Room (Design Only) SGD449 – SGD1,499 SGD975
Cost Plus (Designer’s Markup) 17% – 45% 30%
Markup on Retail 10% – 35% 22%
Percent of Construction Cost 10% – 30% 20%
Average Total Cost SGD1,893 – SGD11,180 SGD5,406

What should I charge as an interior designer?

The average hourly rate for interior designers ranges from SGD50 to SGD500, depending on their level of experience. In general, design fees range from SGD100 to SGD200 per hour, or a total of about SGD5,200, not including the price of furnishings. You can decide if hiring an interior designer is the best option for your project by understanding the various levels of service that they provide.

What is included in an interior design consultation?

What a first interior design consultation includes varies depending on the designer, business, or service. However, there are several aspects that are present in most talks. These comprise, but are not restricted to: 
  • first phone call or video call 
  • First impressions, views, and suggestions from the designer for how to move forward 
  • a detailed overview of the pertinent business procedures and methods 
  • A description of the billing process

Reasons Why We Need to Hire Interior Design Consultants

Save Money and Time

Although it may seem absurd, working with an interior designer can help you save money and time. Imagine having to find everything manually if you were to renovate or design the inside of your home yourself. v You will receive a modern, luxurious interior design in Singapore with an ideal layout and spending strategy! Additionally, hiring an interior designer might increase the value of your house.

Great Results

A skilled and creative interior designer can improve the quality of the space in your home. Your home will feel “homey” to you. The most important thing is that your visual story will come to life!

Professional Assessment

Knowing the placement of the furniture is one of the most crucial aspects of interior design. This will support a well-thought-out strategy. The expert evaluation will not only help you stay within your budget but will also help you find resources for the furniture and design. 


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