How Much Should You Spend On A Single Room Renovation?

When it comes to home improvement projects, most homeowners tend to shy away from the idea of doing more than simply keeping things “clean and orderly”. However, there are some projects that can easily be undertaken by anyone and which can provide you with a huge return on investment. If you’ve been putting off renovating your bathroom for months, for example, perhaps it’s time you finally did something about it. While a large majority of homeowners tend to choose smaller renovations such as painting their walls or adding mirrors, there are some significant renovations that you can undertake in a small space that will really make a big difference. To learn what some of the most popular single room renovations in the home renovation market are, keep reading!

Reasons for bedroom renovation

When remodeling, most homeowners tend to focus on other rooms instead of the bedrooms, such as the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. An adult spends roughly 30% of their lifespan in bed.  The master bedroom, children’s bedroom, and guest room must therefore be comfortable. Each individual requires a restful night’s sleep. It gives you more energy and ensures that you are ready for the following day. Sleep deprivation can make physical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure worse. Additionally, it might make mental problems like despair and anxiety worse. You therefore want to create a sleeping-friendly environment.

Things to know before renovating your bedroom


The first stage in every remodeling or interior design job is planning. You must create sound plans that will help you avoid wasting time, money, or tension. Asking yourself various questions, such as: 
  • Are you redesigning for purpose or appearance? 
  • Do you have a huge or little area to work on? 
  • Which bedroom the master or the guest do you want to start with? 
  • Does the renovation include a renovated bathroom and walk-in closet? 
Having a plan would allow you to choose the best design options going ahead.


Make a budget for the materials after deciding what improvements are necessary. If you will need a contractor, don’t forget to budget for their expenses. Work within your means at all times.

Find a professional

There are several DIY projects that homeowners can try. But occasionally, what you want could be outside of your skill set. You should seek professional assistance in such circumstances.  However, it makes no difference where you are in the world. These specialists can be found all around the world. These specialists in home improvement have several years of experience. They can assist you in your efforts to modify your bedroom because they have experience working on various bedroom renovation Singapore projects.

How much does it cost to renovate a bedroom in Singapore? 

The first thing to think about is your design preferences. Do you want a simple design with white walls, wooden flooring, modern furniture, and a simple interior? Or do you want a colorful design, with warm colors, soft lights, and fancy furniture? Whatever your choice, remember that the color of your home reflects your personality. Do you want to decorate your home in a bright and lively way? Or would you prefer to keep it dark, quiet, and calm? It’s always a good idea to set your personal preferences first. One of the most costly aspects of renovating your home is the plumbing system. The plumbing needs to be inspected thoroughly before you start renovating. You can do this by calling an expert plumber. The plumber can also do other plumbing repairs for you if needed. The average cost of a plumbing repair is around SGD70-SGD210. Another cost you will have is electricity. If you are doing a small renovation, you may need only 2 or 3 new light fittings and you can get this done for about SGD210. If you are doing a major renovation, you may need to replace your whole bathroom. You will also have to get a permit to install all of your plumbing and electrical fixtures and you will have to pay for the permits. You can expect to pay anywhere from SGD561-SGD1755 to complete a full renovation.

How can I renovate my bedroom affordablely?

Making budget-friendly decisions is ultimately the key to cutting costs for a bedroom renovation Singapore project. For a larger bedroom, you might pick for less expensive carpeting, which often costs SGD2 to S$5 per square foot, or vinyl, which typically costs SGD3.50 to SGD6 per square foot.  These are less expensive substitutes for other materials like marble stone flooring or real hardwood, which range in price from SGD28 to SGD55 per square foot. This might range from SGD15 to SGD70 per square foot in Singapore. For people who want wooden flooring but are unwilling to spend their budget on it, vinyl is a sensible solution because it can even adopt a wood-grained design to simulate genuine wood surfaces. Similar to this, purchasing high-quality wallpaper for your walls can be more expensive for larger bedrooms because there is more surface area to cover. Instead, painting your walls may be a more affordable option.

What materials for your renovation?

Any renovation job involves the usage of a wide variety of materials. The same is true for bedroom remodeling initiatives. No matter how extensive your renovations are, you’ll need a wide range of materials, therefore the overall cost will change. Each option creates a different atmosphere, regardless of the wall’s construction materials, painting, or flooring choices.  The price of structural materials and interior accents should be considered if you intend to remodel or build an entire bedroom. Wooden walls and floors can make a space feel cozy, and the right floor tiles can give it a more contemporary appearance. Costs of various flooring types:
Type of Material Price
Vinyl SGD7 per piece
Laminate SGD5 to SGD8 per square foot
Ceramic Tiles SGD9 to SGD12 per square foot
Cement Screed SGD14 to SGD28 per square foot
Marble SGD15 to SGD70 per square foot
Hardwood SGD25 to SGD50 per square foot
Terrazzo SGD30 to SGD80 per square foot

Hiring Interior Designer or Decorator?

Interior decorators and interior designers are frequently mistaken. In order to choose the style that best fits the demands of the occupants and the construction of the room, interior designers collaborate closely with architects and clients.  They are comfortable with more colors, materials, and furnishings and are aware of building codes, inspection rules, and universal accessibility norms. Additionally, they organize, manage, coordinate, and keep an eye on the procurement, set up, and upkeep of the furnishings that give a room its character. For their time and effort in drawing and creating your projected home’s layout and interior, interior designers typically charge a design fee, which is comparable to a service fee. For either a HDB or a condominium, the general design price would range from SGD1500 to SGD6000. If the price of an interior design project is determined by the style of housing, a new single room HDB flat would typically cost around SGD20,000.


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