Create Your Master Bedroom Design Plan in Singapore

Every bedroom deserves a space that is uniquely its own, so why not have a bedroom design plan that’s specifically tailored to you? With the right bedroom design plan you can transform your home into a retreat that you can enjoy for years to come. By using the right planning methods, you’ll be able to easily design a space that reflects your lifestyle and preferences. If you are planning to renovate your home and looking for the best way to renovate your master bedroom. Well, you have come to the right place. This is the place that you can get the best solution for your master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Design Plan Ideas

Walk-in wardrobe

When planning your master bedroom design, leave some space for a walk-in wardrobe. As a designated space to store your apparels, a walk-in wardrobe also provides a hassle-free room to dress up and get ready. Having a walk-in wardrobe in your master bedroom will give off a luxurious feeling for the room.

Add sitting area

Purposely arranging a specific area in your master bedroom design plan will give you an additional leisure place you can enjoy. There are many possibilities of sitting area design in a master bedroom, from a single corner chair or a chaise lounge with a side table to a window seating. In this sitting area you can enjoy reading books or simply having a cup of tea and relaxing before bed.

Lighting fixtures

When evening time comes, it is important that we have adequate lighting set up in the master bedroom. There are many forms of lighting fixtures: a bedside lamp, a floor lamp or a chandelier. Make sure the lighting fixtures you put in your master bedroom design have warm white, yellow or reddish light. The lighting fixtures will enhance and complement the overall atmosphere of the room.

Platform bed

Are you bored with a regular bed? You can give a twist to your master bedroom design by adding a platform for your bed. Having two different levels in the room will create a distinctive look as well as a clear separation of function. The platform itself will construct an extra storage you can utilize for your needs.

Open Walkway 

It was crucial to find pieces that would emphasize the room’s vastness and feel proportionally scaled. The room was large enough to accommodate a bed without obstructing the walkway. Larger bedside tables were added to match the proportions, and an enormous plant makes creative use of an irregular bulge in the wall near the bathroom door.

Corner Entry

This bedroom has an unexpected flow created by an angled doorway in the corner, but fortunately the square footage was high enough that even many furniture pieces won’t cause a traffic jam. Any bedroom with high ceilings should be furnished and styled to honor them. To attract your attention and emphasize the size of the room, we added this stunning canopy bed and linen pendant lights on either side to the space.

Choose materials and colours 

The choice of materials and colours for the interior and furniture is the main factor that set up the mood of your master bedroom design. The colours and materials you pick depend on the interior style you want to implement for your master bedroom design. The use of monochrome colours like black, white, grey or the natural colours from warm materials like wood are among the popular traits in recent interior design styles. Whatever design styles you choose, make sure your master bedroom design creates a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere.

How To Create the Perfect Master Bedroom Design Plan

Set a Budget

As one of the most intensely used rooms in our homes, bedrooms are popular candidates for remodeling. While it’s easy to recoup a good portion of the remodeling costs when you sell your home,  bedroom renovations can be quite expansive in terms of price and requirements. The average homeowner will spend in the neighborhood of $8,000 remodeling their master bedroom, but that number can vary greatly depending on the extensiveness of the project.  Setting a reasonable budget is a critical part of a successful remodel. Be sure to build into your budget money to deal with the unexpected, but stay disciplined and don’t allow yourself to vary too far from your original plan. Added expenses can accumulate quickly and it’s easy to suddenly find yourself spending far more than you would have dreamed.

Decide Your Needs and Wants 

The intricacy and breadth of the work, the features you want to include, the kind of finishes and materials you prefer, and the amount of personnel required all play a role in how much remodeling your master bedroom will cost.  It’s crucial to sit back and decide which upgrades are necessary and which ones you can live without. Remember that the upgrades that are most important to you are frequently the ones that are motivating you to remodel in the first place. After you’ve decided on the improvements that you want included, you’ll be able to determine the overall cost and then set your budget accordingly. Be sure to add some extra funds to cover the unexpected, as even the best laid plans have a few surprises. 

Hire a Professional

A master bedroom makeover project can appeal to you if you prefer doing things on your own. Many people opt to handle the bulk of the work themselves before hiring a contractor to handle particular jobs, including the electrical and plumbing. Others prefer to contract out the entire project.  In most circumstances, the extent of the labor required, as well as your comfort and ability level, will play a significant role in your decision. One advantage of hiring a contractor is that after you present the project, he ought to be able to provide you with an exact quote and let you know of any difficulties he might encounter. You’ll be able to, for the most part, sit back and watch him work once you’ve been given the bid and presuming it fits within your spending limit.  When you employ a contractor, they’ll be in charge of overseeing every part of the job and keeping everything on schedule. This means that after reaching an agreement on a payment amount, the general contractor will utilize it to pay for the necessary supplies, labor, and other costs. Ovon-D specializes in master bedroom design plan Singapore that allows people to make the most of every inch of their modern master bedroom design without having them look like a complete mess. With many years of experience in interiors, we help you maximize your master bedroom in Singapore while keeping everything organized so you can find what you need quickly and easily whenever you need it.

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