3 Room HDB Kitchen Design – Tips For A Comfortable Kitchen

When it comes to a HDB kitchen, there is one thing that every homeowner wants: a comfortable and well-designed kitchen. The reason why people like the idea of kitchen designs is because it allows them to enjoy cooking in a different way. Cooking can be an enjoyable experience if you are given the chance to enjoy it. However, if you lack a space that is suitable for cooking, you might not be able to fully enjoy the experience. You should not be worried about the small kitchen area. You can make it look bigger and better if you follow some simple tips on how to design a kitchen. Here, we’ll go through a few tips you might use to update the look of your 3 room HDB kitchen design.

Open Concept Kitchen

An open concept HDB kitchen not only takes much less space but is trending these days as well. When no apparent walls are separating the kitchen from the living room, your whole apartment or condo appears spacious and airy. Below is an HDB kitchen renovated by us, notice how the countertop can be utilized for dining purposes as well. This open concept looks stylish and elegant as well as provides the added functionality of dining without taking any extra space.  This is probably the most common type of HDB kitchen design especially for smaller homes and studio apartments. It takes relatively less space. Because of its open concept, it does not appear congested even though it covers less surface area. It also allows more light to enter the kitchen which would not have been possible had it been a conventional one. This kind of design is especially useful if you have small kids. It allows you to keep an eye on your surroundings while you cook.

Cool Color Themes

Choose cool, deep, and serene colours for your kitchen to create such beautiful interior design themes that are bound to catch the attention of anyone who enters. The use of cool colours helps you enjoy the process of meal preparation and cooking, so it does not feel like a burden to you. A perfect example of such a kitchen is displayed in the following image where the space was renovated by us. The cabinets and shelves are of a deep and calm shade of blue, whereas the countertop is white. This perfectly balances the colour theme through the added use of accent and recessed lighting. The floor and walls are of ash grey colour, which further complements the whole design.

Focus On The Flooring

Although the main emphasis of a kitchen is on its functionality and where everything is placed, the floor is just as important when it comes to its interior design. If the remaining elements of the kitchen have been designed immaculately, but the floor fails to match it, the whole space will look like a disaster. Ideally, the floor should be tiled in very light colours so it can help make the area look spacious. The floor tiles could match the colour of the backsplash tiles or be a shade darker or lighter than it. You can even opt for wooden appearance and texture tiles to match the other elements of the kitchen. Again, the options in case of flooring of a kitchen are limitless.

Bright And Functional Kitchen

Having a white themed kitchen brightens up the whole area immediately. If you have a small HDB kitchen, a white theme will be especially useful since it will make the space appear spacious and big. You can add white cabinets with a light grey or beige backsplash. The floor tiles can also be white or pastel-coloured to match the overall white theme. A white themed kitchen does require more effort in cleaning, but it presents it elegantly and beautifully. Keep the kitchen practical as well. To avoid wasting space with extraneous objects, just include components that you will actually use. To add the most functionality, give counters plenty of space. If you have room, consider adding a bar and seating.  These are a few of the current interior design trends that you might use when remodeling your HDB kitchen. You can alter them and personalize the designs in accordance with your tastes and requirements, depending on the available space and other variables. In the end, you’ll have the stylish, up-to-date, and fashionable HDB kitchen design of your dreams.

Kitchen Tiled Backsplash

When you think about keeping things simple in your HDB kitchen, it applies mostly to the cabinets, counters, and the floor. However, this does not mean that you cannot add an element of surprise and excitement to some parts of the kitchen during renovation. One such way you can add a bit of trend and pop is to use unique patterned backsplash tiles. These tiles can be used in the form of patchwork or other geometrical patterns to create eye-catching designs. An example is displayed in the following image of an HDB kitchen renovated by us. Notice how different shades of brown and gold tiles are installed to create a unique fan-tiled backsplash. This design not only adds a different character to the kitchen’s design but also offers beauty and elegance.

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