10 Design Tips for the Perfect Small Master Bedroom

The small master bedroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it also has some of the most important functionality. In fact, the small master bedroom plays a vital role in the overall design of your home. That’s because the small master bedroom usually connects to the family room via a pass-through wall, giving you the opportunity to bring your family together around a common area. The family room is often the centerpiece of a home, and the small master bedroom is often the perfect place to introduce your guests. So, it only makes sense that the small master bedroom should be designed to perfection. That’s why we’re sharing our top 10 tips for small master bedroom design.  

Functional Platform Beds

The platform’s addition gives the bedroom visual appeal. In addition to assisting in the separation of the space, it provides a practical benefit with its concealed slide-out or top-opening storage. For easy organization and retrieval, group like goods together in deep under-bed drawers using storage bags.

Shelves In The Walls

If your area has a few or a few built-in recessed shelves that allow for seamless storage and exhibition, it will look livelier. You can maintain a variety of bedtime accessories, such a stack of books you like to read or an aroma diffuser.

Drawers In Headboard

Usually, bedside tables have additional storage. Add several pull-out, slender drawers to the headboard of your bed to increase your ingenuity if you lack that talent. Particularly if you’re attempting to establish a minimalist sleeping environment, they can aid in clutter management.

Add Stripes

Making a pattern both functional and aesthetic is one way to incorporate patterns into a design. For instance, vertical stripes optically heighten the space, making it appear higher, while horizontal stripes make a space appear broader.

Choose Light Colours

While white frequently creates the illusion of space in a room, it’s not always necessary. An all-white space might occasionally feel chilly. Choose soft neutrals that are just a touch off-white to make your home feel cozier.    Choose warm pastel colors like millennial pink to enlarge a small space. Despite being a touch darker, the shades nonetheless successfully reflect natural light into the space. A summary of the colors that might make a small place feel bigger is provided below:
  • White
  • Lavender
  • Creams
  • Peach
  • Light blues
  • Light Greens

Overbed Wardrobe Storage

Utilize vertical space to the utmost with this inventive approach to having your walk-in wardrobe next to you. To make the bedroom appear bigger, you may choose to install a mirror panel in place of the typical doors.

L-shaped Wardrobe

The simple aesthetic is ideal for homeowners that prefer this design. Utilizing corner space, you have two neighboring walls to store your wardrobe and accessories. This layout not only provides enough foot space, but it also keeps the bedroom from feeling cluttered.

Galley Style Wardrobe

Moving between the divider and the clothing gallery requires a width of roughly 2 meters according to the layout. Although this design maximizes height by extending from ceiling to floor, there’s a chance you’ll need to make your bed smaller to allow for more space for fluid movement.

Enclosed Wardrobe

Another option is to designate a small part of your bedroom as your wardrobe. It’s best to refrain from totally enclosing the wardrobe with solid, opaque material because this would make the room feel quite small.  Use transparent glass panels as an alternative. It lets in more light, which makes the room appear smoother and makes it simpler for you to see your clothes. Just make sure to keep your little space tidy!

Light Curtains

Even though thick, dark drapes may have a posh appeal, they will just highlight how small your master bedroom is. To let in as much natural light as you can while reducing glare from the sun, choose sheer fabrics. If privacy is a problem, go with blinds. It is simple to control the quantity of light coming in and, when necessary, to block out nosy neighbors thanks to the slats. If you are looking for small master bedroom design in Singapore, Ovon-D will be a good place to start. Ovon-D have been selected based on their reputation in Singapore. We offer a range of services including design advice, material selection and contractor referrals. With many years of experience in the interior design industry, we can help you create the master bedroom design plan of your dreams.

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