7 Essentials Kitchen Appliances For Your HDB Singapore

The idea of cooking like a chef is intimidating and exhilarating at the same time. Kitchen furniture should be enjoyable to use, but you shouldn’t just buy it because it’s a “must have” item. Sometimes items are just aesthetically pleasing, but they take up more space than they give you any other benefit. Everyone needs essential kitchen appliances. The appliances will make living in your home easier. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to have a good kitchen. You need the basics. The kitchen is where you cook and experiment with new foods. It’s fun to prepare food, but with how fast-paced our lifestyle has become, it’s more difficult. Modern appliances make our lives easier because we live busy lives. They are easy to use. Here are 7 essentials appliances that you should have in your kitchen:

Kitchen hob

The kitchen is just as important as the fridge and the washing machine. You should buy an appliance that is just as important as the others, like a cooker, because it’s used in nearly every modern kitchen to prepare hot, delicious food. Induction or open-flame burners, are used for heating, cooking, and broiling. The other hand, ranges (a.k.a. cookers) are 2-in-1 fixtures comprising of a hob as well as an oven.


Kitchen appliances are a vital part of any home. They have become an integral part of everyday life for most Americans and have changed the way we cook. There are so many different styles and prices to choose from. Whether you’re just toasting for yourself or an army of school kids where the daily breakfast routine is more like a game of survival-of-the-fittest, finding the right toast is one of the less time consuming decisions you need to make.

Food processor

Foodprocessors are worth the money, they are versatile. You can decide how much you spend on a food processor. If it fits in your budget, and you can do what you want it to, but at the end of the day, how much you spend is up to you. A food processor is an appliance that can be used to quickly and easily prepare a wide variety of dishes from bread to pizza, to meat and vegetables.

Kitchen hood

You’re going to need to do some serious cleaning to get your new kitchen smelling fresh. Luckily, it’s easy to get a professional cleaning crew in to do the job for you. That’s right, you need to invest in a quality hood. You’ll first need to learn about the four main hood styles — the single-position, the double-position, the multiple-position, and the ventless — to see which one is best for your particular kitchen application needs. You should also consider using a kitchen hood that can complement your lighting style. You could find one that matches your kitchen model at Sol Luminaire. Click here for the products.

Hand mixer

If you have a small kitchen, it’s a good idea to get a food processor. You might see better results for your money by choosing a different model. If you want to make a hand mixer that does double duty mixing both cookie dough and cake batter, it’s time to invest in a good hand mixer. They’re much more versatile and less expensive than an electric mixer. A handheld electric blender (hand mixer) will always be a little smaller than an industrial blender, food processor, or juicer.

Built in ovens

Installing built-in ovens is a great idea for small kitchens. They can be installed in an unused corner of your kitchen, which gives you plenty of counter space to work with. A flush mount adds a nice clean and sleek detail to any room. It’s always pleasant to look at. With freestanding ovens, you have more versatility when it comes to kitchen design because of the various sizes and styles available to choose from.

Electric kettle

While some people might think of kettles as being nothing more than a tool for making coffee, the truth is that the humble electric kettle is actually one of the most important items in any kitchen. A kettle comes in handy not just for making hot drinks but also for recipes that need boiling water, as well as other times when you have limited kitchen space or a tight timeline. High-tech electric kettles are not the only option available. You can also get affordable and funky style designs to coordinate with whatever kind of aesthetic or ambience you’re hoping to create in your kitchen. You can get your electric kettle at kitchen appliances chinatown, Kitchen appliances – IKEA, or any kitchen appliances Singapore.

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