7 Open Kitchen Design Ideas For Your 4-Room BTO Singapore

Open concept kitchens are now an available option for HDB BTO sale launches. They have become increasingly popular among younger homeowners. Seven in ten homeowners have chosen these, according to HDB, and they offer you more options and better flexibility when designing your home. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled X creative open-concept kitchen ideas for 4-room BTO Singapore!

Hidden storage in a 4-room BTO kitchen

With this open-concept kitchen design, you’ll be able to create an ultra-modern, open kitchen that seamlessly blends into the rest of the space in your 4-room BTO home. This is a great way to conceal the wires and plugs in the back of your TV so it’s less obvious. If you don’t want the dark wood wall to look so dark in this open concept space, then change out the dark paint color for the darker one. You should use the right lighting when using this style. You can find any types of lighting that match your need with Sol Luminaire here.

Open kitchen with serving hatch

Do you want a kitchen that’s a little more closed off but you’re still able to open up to see the living room? Having a kitchen serving hatch, also called an access window, is the perfect solution. You will be able to prepare a meal for your family without leaving your seat. Add bar stools to the serving hatch and use it as a breakfast bar. This trick also works when you’re cooking for a group of people. After you close the hatch, enjoy family time while the grill is preheating for dinner.

Using 4-room BTO kitchen island

The first thing that comes to mind is an island in the kitchen. It’s a good idea to have one of these because it adds storage space and can be used for many other things, such as cooking, dining, and even working. A kitchen island is a great space enhancer. If you want more storage space, you can get a kitchen island with cabinets that slide out. 

Separate the wet and dry area in your kitchen

One of the biggest trends among homeowners is to separate different parts of the kitchen. There is a cooker hood in the kitchen. A kitchen contains cooking fumes. The area where the food is being prepared is not a place to cook. The kitchen, fridge, and oven should be in this area to make it easy to get to your guests. Now that you have the right mindset, it’s time to dream up your ideal space for your dream home. A kitchen that opens up to other spaces creates a more open and versatile room.

Using bold kitchen cabinet color for focal point

Having a large, eat-in kitchen island is what really makes this idea work for your home and lifestyle. Your guests can really enjoy using the living room furniture in your house, which is especially convenient when you have large groups over. The large storage space in her kitchen island makes it worth the investment.

Using peninsula for kitchen bar

A kitchen peninsula is an alternative to living in a BTO flat. A peninsula is an extension of the kitchen. A peninsula adds more space for food preparation, storage and eating in a kitchen. A large dining area that is large enough to seat everyone is a must for the ideal dining room.

Use dining table instead of kitchen island

Kitchen islands are extremely popular among young homeowners. However, for other homebuyers, a dining table is a more desirable choice. You can make your kitchen even more attractive with a dining table in your kitchen. In addition to the open space under the table, the large size of the kitchen table creates an illusion of a spacious floor space, which is especially great for smaller kitchens.

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