6 Best Bedroom Wallpaper Design

Choosing bedroom wallpaper ideas and designing a decorating scheme is a bit like falling in love, and it’s as much about the heart as it is about the mind. The questions we ask ourselves while picking cool bedroom wallpaper, as with any bedroom ideas and décor, are: ‘Do I love it enough?’ Is it the ideal partner for me? Is it going to last?’ The range of  bedroom wallpaper patterns alternatives available is now so vast that doing some preparatory study will always pay off, especially in these design-forward times. Be inspired by this carefully curated selection of our favourite cool bedroom wallpaper ideas to create your own dream wallpaper for the bedroom.


Even if you don’t live in a warm equatorial region, your bedroom wallpaper ideas may bring a fun and tropical mood into your house. The rich palette of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and ochre, which adds warmth and depth to the bedroom, is inspired by the globe traveller’s journeys this season. This hazy rendition of the classic green palm leaves is an unique take on the classic green palm leaves, and it will anchor the entire aesthetic of the space. In this gray master bedroom wallpapers concept, the earthy ochre of the linen headboard and a hint of ginger in the pillows contrast with the tropical graphic wallpaper to inspire memories of exotic islands.  


Chinese landscape art is known for its harmony with nature, and this tranquillity is ideal for the bedroom. An oriental-style screen is covered in a dream-like misty mountain paper to create a dramatic bedroom accent wall, with a palette of soft gray and blue accentuating the scheme’s peaceful attractiveness.


The master bedroom wallpapers is an excellent location to try out bold patterns and a striking color scheme. This concept combines strong geometrics with opposing bedroom color ideas and patterns to create a lively space full of life. With the monochromatic tumbling block wallpaper and pastel carpeting, the décor begins with graphic geometrics. Experimenting with flowers, animal designs, and spots for the bedlinen and window coverings is easier when the furniture is kept basic. The visual impact will be enhanced by using a range of scales.  


This is one of our favorites bedroom wallpaper patterns  when it comes to headboard designs. Using the same pattern for your headboard and the wall behind it creates a stunning statement. The two rooms are connected by complementary paint hues that mirror and enhance the motif on the wall, as well as the extra-wide headboard design.  


This decor is kept from getting too fussy by using a fresh cerise geometric modern bedroom wallpaper. This arrangement has a pleasingly coherent vibe, thanks to a rich pink eiderdown that mimics the walls of the adjoining dressing room.


Thanks to industrial items, pared-back finishes, and surprising luxury, the iconic English style has been revitalized without losing its timeless charm. Exuberant patterns and rich colors are enthusiastically embraced via modern bedroom wallpaper, giving this country home bedroom a beautifully cosseting sense. The whole look is kept from becoming overbearing by modern art and a modest bed frame.  


The current twist on tropical design will transport you to warm Hawaiian coastlines with its simple blend of lively patterns and textured weaves. This cool bedroom wallpaper design, with its deep sunset pinks and fresh greens, is a bright accent wall concept that serves as an exuberant focal point for individuals wishing to indulge a love of color and pattern. A shell necklace hints to faraway coasts, but plain bedlinen keeps the appearance balanced. At OVON Design, we offer a huge variety of bedroom wallpaper, modern bedroom wallpaper, master bedroom wallpapers, bedroom wallpaper patterns. With us, you can choose from over 100 designs and more and get the perfect bedroom wallpaper for your needs. We also have most of our products in stock for you to feel and choose from! We give you the choice of buying from the comfort of your home or taking a stroll at our showroom!