10 Paint Colors Ideas To Refresh Your Living Room

Looking to freshen up the look of your living room with some new paint colors? We all understand the power of paint; we understand how it can transform a tired-looking and dreary place into a brilliantly trendy, fresh-feeling space. What we love about painting walls is that you can pick up a paintbrush this weekend and create your own delightfully gorgeous, fresh-feeling room. It may not be as simple as picking up a paintbrush and completely redoing your living room, but that’s where we come in. Whether you’re a fan of neutral wall painting ideas for living room and want to add some color to your area, or you’re a trend watcher who wants to know what color to paint your space this year, you’ll know just what to do. There is a practical aspect of wall painting ideas for living room color you choose — elements like size and how much natural light your space receives may influence what living room paint you can choose – but we’ve addressed that as well.


Painted window frames are a trend we have been seeing all over Pinterest for a while now. It’s a cute way of adding some color to a living room without fully committing to a full wall – a new version of the feature wall if you will. As a moody paint color for the living room, black works really well if your room is big enough to handle a dark color around the window, but experience with brighter shades too and bring them into the rest of the space with your soft furnishings and decor. 


If you are looking for a living room paint color that just work in all sized spaces, all levels of natural light, a pale warm toned grey is the way to go. This is our go to shade in fact. Grey living rooms are just so versatile and work with any style too from elegant, small living room paint ideas to more relaxed, rustic style.


Now this is a look, and we know it won’t be for everyone but we are obsessed. The colors are bold yes, but actually, because the space is kept so minimalist it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Plus even though orange and blue are technically contrasting colors, the orange here actually softens the blue living room, making it feel less radical, and that touch of blush pink only adds to that. And the rug! The rug brings the whole color scheme together perfectly. BRB while we go and order a pot of bright blue paint to experience with this weekend. 


Green living rooms evoke calm, and who doesn’t want to feel serene while watching Netflix?  Forest greens look gorgeous if your living room gets a lot of light. And don’t be afraid to layer up the green too, a green wall looks fab with a green sofa and of course a few of the lush green leaves of the best indoor plants to add some welcome texture.


Painting a living room a deep color might look a tad too traditional for your taste, but this kind of color scheme can be given a contemporary twist if the paint shade is carried through to the woodwork – doors, skirting and picture rails – too. Balance it with furnishings in paler colors, and add texture to the scheme with wooden flooring.



The hottest living room paint trend for the year ahead is to paint a color on your ceiling. Yes! So, swear off the white emulsion, and pick up a bold shade for your living room color instead. Carry the shade down to picture rail level to create a cohesive feel, and pick a light but warmer tone for the walls. Team with accessories and soft furnishings that have touches of your chosen ceiling color to complete the cozy living room paint colors look.


Black isn’t often a color we consider as living room color, but take a tip from the Scandinavians: it works. Here, a black living room looks fabulous contrasted with crisp off-white paint, but bear in mind that the key to getting the finish right is balance. In other words, break up the black with plenty of white: on ceilings, flooring, and other walls. Introduce texture and warmer tones, too, with accessories. In this small living room paint ideas, pendant lights, the artwork on the sideboard, and the white and wood tones of the sideboard itself all provide relief.


Can you believe we have got all the way and not mentioned white paint? best color for living room walls. White living rooms, while perhaps not the most practical are really dreamy spaces, so if you’ve got a lifestyle that can hack it – go for it. Paint the walls white, paint the floors white. Just give it a bit of a lift with some house plants, wooden accents and a few pieces of darker furniture.


There’s something so grounding about earthy tones and this stunning living room paint color idea is no exception. The textures anchor this look – the coir rug, the slubby linen cushions and the rattan blinds. Then some contrast is added with the black-framed furniture and the monochrome print. All the colors are neutral yet each one has its place to provide this room with depth and cozy living room paint colors


Need to take five from a stressful work or home life? Go for a green living room. is a fresh sage green that is a perfect living room paint color. It’s calming, relaxing and the perfect color to welcome guests into your home. In choosing a green, it really echoes what we’re seeing in the world. We want to capture the spirit of what’s in the air. Having a soft, gently-shaded sage felt really right. It’s approachable, organic and grounded – yet there’s still a dreamy, misty quality to it. When choosing your room’s color, consider its size, shape and lighting. Light colors will brighten up a poorly-lit room while dark colors will provide you with a dramatic look. Vibrant hues will give your living room a bright, cozy living room paint colors ambiance. In addition to selecting the best color for living room walls and products for your living room painting project, you have to assess how much paint your project requires. You can do this by measuring the surface area to be painted and dividing it by the paint’s estimated coverage rate.  If you are looking for living room paint ideas in Singapore, OVON Design is here to help. We have years of experience in interior design and we can help you choose the perfect paint color for your living room. We offer a range of services including modern wall painting ideas for living room, best color for living room walls and small living room paint ideas on a budget. With many years of experience in the renovation industry, we can help you create the room decorating ideas of your dreams.