Singapore Bedroom Wardrobe Designs Ideas for All Your Needs

Designing the perfect bedroom wardrobe can be both fun and overwhelming. There are so many aspects to consider when designing the perfect room. Whether it be style, budget, size, colour, fabric, function or just personal preference, it can seem like a never ending task. To help alleviate some of the stress, we’ve pulled together some great ideas on how to design a bedroom wardrobe that fits perfectly into your home. With a little bit of planning, it’s possible to create a wardrobe that looks chic and feels like home.

Essentials Bedroom Wardrobe Designs Checklist

Material Quality

Plywood, MDF, particle board, glass, and wood are the most common materials for bedroom wardrobes. These are all adaptable choices that require little upkeep. 


For bedroom wardrobe designs, drawers are categorized as embellishments, yet every designer will attest that they are requirements. Pull-out drawers in your wardrobe are perfect for storing little items like ties, underwear, and even makeup. 

Hanger Rods

Even more of an accessory, yet crucial in terms of bedroom wardrobe layouts. Your Monday morning ally who can prevent a carnage of wrinkly shirts is a hanger rod. 


Having a good idea of how much storage you’ll need is essential. It is, nevertheless, usually preferable to leave some extra room.

Types of Bedroom Wardrobe Designs 

Based on Choice

There are two different sorts of wardrobe designs available depending on preference.

Choose Free-standing

For renters or people who move around a lot, freestanding bedroom wardrobe designs are perfect. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and prices. They can fit snugly in a niche if appropriately measured. Additionally, they include fitted accessories like drawers and rods. 

Custom-make Your Bedroom Wardrobe

Designers frequently advocate for customized bedroom wardrobe designs since they may be made to meet the needs of the homeowner. It is a permanent investment that cannot be transferred. Although the consumer can have a say in every aspect of their design, these wardrobes have a history of being more successful in terms of both form and usefulness.

Based on Room-size

Built-in Wardrobe Designs

The designs of built-in wardrobes are personalized to accommodate every item in the bedroom and aid in decluttering it. For instance, in this design, the bed is surrounded by other furniture to accommodate its shape and act as a barrier between the bedroom and living area.

Walk-in Wardrobe

If your bedroom is spacious enough, carve out a spot for a walk-in closet that offers a luxurious experience. A dresser can also fit in if there is enough room.

Partition Wardrobe

Couples can neatly segregate their storage with a U-shaped structure. The couple now has personalized storage for their different needs. 

Contain Existing Bedroom Designs

The main advantage of a custom wardrobe design is that it can maximize storage while incorporating any current room designs or decorations. The wardrobe design shown above is a good illustration of this. 

Corner Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Designs for corner bedroom wardrobes make use of unused space. Corner wardrobes might perform wonders if you don’t have much wall space. 

Open Shelves Built-in Wardrobe Designs

Designs for corner bedroom wardrobes make use of unused space. Corner wardrobes might perform wonders if you don’t have much wall space.

Glass Doors Wardrobe 

A nice technique to make your wardrobe appear more open is with glass wardrobe doors. They also prevent dust from condensing on your belongings. Due to the fact that everything will be on display, they are more suited to those who are organized and neat. 

Opaque-Shutters on Your Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Glass is effectively replaced by opaque doors, maintaining the open appearance while protecting your privacy. They also give the room a less congested appearance. 

Mirror Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

With their reflected qualities, mirrored wardrobes are all about making the room feel airy. They can also serve as impromptu dressers. 

Wall-to-Wall Custom Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Custom-made wall-to-wall built-in wardrobe designs maximize the available space. For the same, you could also include a running loft. You might pay more, though.

Hinged vs Sliding Door

Doors in bedroom wardrobe designs with hinges open into the space. Designs for sliding wardrobes use sliding doors that are integrated into the carcass of the wardrobe, giving the space a more seamless appearance. Make your choice from sliding wardrobe designs if your space is limited.


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