Open Concept Wardrobe: The Right Way to Style and Mix Items

You may show off your clothing and shoes with an open wardrobe. There are no doors, so you can get to your favorite clothes faster. Hanging your clothing in the air keeps them fresher for longer, reducing the amount of washing you have to do. So, what are the advantages of having open storage in your bedroom? For starters, it will take up less floor and visual space than many dressers, making the room appear larger. It may also help you keep track of your wardrobe collection and keep your favorite things more easily available.

Open concept wardrobe size

In addition to the regular size of the depth of the open wardrobe, the remaining height and width have no regular size. Because the size of the room in each consumer’s home is different, the size of the open wardrobe will also be different. The hanging area of ​​the open wardrobe can also be divided into two areas for hanging coats and tops. The size of the short coat should be about 800 mm in height, and the height of the long coat should be about 1300 mm. If you use a wardrobe trouser rack, the size should be kept at about 650 mm. If you use a hanger to hang pants, the height should be about 700 mm, and the height between the clothes rail and the upper panel should be about 40-60 mm. , This distance should be based on the depth of the wardrobe as the standard, to take the intermediate value.

Open concept wardrobe depth

The depth of an open wardrobe is generally between 550 and 600 mm. Excluding the back of the wardrobe, the depth of the wardrobe is between 530 and 580 mm. This depth size is relatively moderate and will not cause clothes to appear because of the shallow depth. Folds. The depth of the open wardrobe is only a rough standard, but there is no stipulation that it must be at this size, because open wardrobes generally need to be customized, so the designer can customize according to the size of the room and the needs of consumers. The depth size of the wardrobe.

Open Concept wardrobe lighting

Smart closet lighting ideas will help you revive your space, no matter the size or style. To keep your closet well-lit, install lighting fixtures to provide different levels of illumination, such as ambient, decorative, and task lighting. To choose the right illumination or lighting, Sol Luminaire is your answer. Why Sol Luminaire? Cause we seek to engineer lights that combine innovation, form, and function to create the best for your space. Click here for our product catalog and more information. 

Advantages and disadvantages of open concept wardrobes

The open cloakroom is another name for the open wardrobe. It embeds the cabinet into the wall by using an empty space or a wall in the residence. It’s termed an open wardrobe since it takes up a little amount of space and isn’t totally enclosed. Generally, open wardrobes are customized wardrobes. Designers must work within the confines of the room’s dimensions. The style of open wardrobes may be mixed and matched with the room’s general dcor. The main color of the house is frequently associated with the master bedroom. The layers and patterns of the open closet are very distinct. When designing, geometric aesthetics needs to be used. When placing things on the closet, it will look very clean and tidy. It is very convenient to take the clothes, and the partition of the open closet The board can be removed and removed freely, so that consumers can design the wardrobe according to their own needs. The disadvantage of an open wardrobe is that it is easy to accumulate dust. Because it is open, there is no cabinet door to cover, so the dust is easy to accumulate on the clothes. If it is close to the bathroom, the clothes are more susceptible to moisture. One thing is that the clothes in the open wardrobe can be easily seen by others, and the privacy is relatively poor.

Tips for reducing open concept wardrobe from dust

Remove carpeting

It’s also a good idea to get rid of the carpeting in the closet. Carpeting collects a lot of dust, especially wall-to-wall carpeting. One pound of dirt per square yard may be hidden by the ordinary carpet. Vacuuming helps, but even the most powerful vacuum cleaners can’t get rid of everything. Hard flooring, such as tile or wood, has long been recommended by allergists for their dust allergy patients. This is due to the fact that hard surfaces are easier to clean and dust. Without carpeting, your closet and clothing will keep cleaner.

Air cleaner

Air filtration systems remove dust and pollutants from the air. They won’t get rid of dust and grime that is already ingrained in your clothes unless it gets free and enters the air, but they will keep additional from settling on your clothes through the air. It will also lower the amount of toxins that enter the room through your forced air HVAC system. Better still, keep a clean furnace filter on hand in addition to an air purifier. It is beneficial to your clothing as well as your breathing.

Separate footwear storage

The greatest method to keep dust out of your closet is to keep it out of there in the first place. That implies you’ll have to deal with your shoe problem. The bulk of dust and filth enters most houses via your shoes. The best approach is to leave all footwear at the door and never allow your shoes to come close to your bedroom closet. This will almost certainly need the installation of a separate shoe closet or mudroom organizer at the front entrance. Ovon-d specializes in open concept wardrobe Singapore that allows people to make the most of every inch of their ultra modern open concept wardrobe designs without having them look like a complete mess. We help you maximize your open wardrobe in Singapore while keeping everything organized so you can find what you need quickly and easily whenever you need it.