Renovation Contractor Singapore: How To Ensure All The Work Is Done Properly

House renovation is the process of renovating your house to make it look more attractive and comfortable for living. It is not just about painting or some structure changes, but it is the process of providing a new look to your house. The renovation will include all the work that you can do, to change everything in your home. From changing the flooring to installing a new kitchen countertop, everything should be considered for renovation including repairing and replacement of old furniture pieces Here are some tips that will help you ensure all the work is done properly. These tips are given by experienced renovation contractor Singapore.


Choosing A Contractor.

You don’t just hire any renovation contractor you find online or offline for your home renovation process. When hiring a renovation contractor, always check their work quality, and take a look at the past projects which they have worked on so that you can make a clear decision. You should always hire a renovation contractor who is insured and licensed to do this kind of work. This will ensure your insurance cover is not voided during renovations.

Get Insurance Coverage.

Renovation can be risky too as it requires removal of fixtures, demolition of parts, etc.   Choosing a professional renovator can cover your renovations under his policy and if something happens during the renovation process, it will be covered by him. You need to make sure that your renovation contractor has got insurance for his employees and equipment used in the process. This coverage will protect you against any potential accidents or risks involved in the renovation process.

Carry Out A Survey.

Before beginning the renovation project, carrying out a survey and an inspection of the place is necessary to determine any problems with electrical wiring or gas piping, etc so that they can be taken care of before initiating renovation work. Inspect every corner of the house to check whether there are termite infestations, damp flooring, or leakage in the ceiling. If you find any of these problems then you need to take care of them before the renovation process begins. This will help you avoid more expenses or damage that can be caused due to improper environmental conditions.   Not carrying out this step may create problems when rip-off companies try to dupe homeowners by offering them affordable deals without paying attention to basic amenities in a house.

Do Your Own Research.

Hiring the services of an interior designer is not compulsory for carrying out a renovation project. You can do your own research regarding techniques and methods to carry out renovations on your own. Choose the right materials suitable for the renovation, look up online tutorials for DIY projects, compare prices before buying any material to save money. Not getting to know about these products beforehand may lead to difficulty during renovations as you might have never used those particular products or tools before. Conducting research online will help you learn about the pros and cons of different renovation materials and items that are available in the market.

Inventory All Items Properly.

Before beginning renovation work, inventory all the items in your house so that you do not have to face any difficulties if any of these products are lost or stolen during renovations. Draw a list of all the items available in your house and keep it safe with yourself after taking photocopies. All the household furniture should be moved from your home to a safe place so that they don’t get damaged due to debris or machinery being used for renovation purposes. It is necessary to maintain a detailed inventory list of all items, which can be helpful if any item gets lost or misplaced during renovation work

Plan Wisely.

Once the plan of the whole renovation project is ready, planning your work properly makes it easier to complete a smoother and faster renovation. For example, during a bathroom renovation, if you begin with wall tiles before faucets and plumbing works are completed then it becomes difficult for plumbers to fix them later on. So, do not plan every step in an illogical manner that has more difficulties than advantages. You should concentrate more on designing when house renovation rather than changing it later on because if these changes are done after plans have been approved by the authorities and contractors, then there is a possibility of facing extra costs.

Make sure to set clear expectations for the contractor.

Believe it or not, all contractors are NOT created equal. There are good ones and bad ones. And most homeowners have no idea how to find the good one or bad one without getting burned. So you need to ask around (friends, family) and do some research online to find out which contractor is right for your project. Once you have your contractor chosen and signed a contract with them then it is time to start the renovation process. Make sure not to delay any work as this will not only affect the renovation process but might cause further damage or inconvenience to you and your family members.

Understand the process and timeline for your project .

Every project has a different timeline for completion, if you are adding an extra room or changing your kitchen layout then it will take more time to complete as compared to increasing living space by increasing ceilings height. So make sure to discuss with your contractor this timeline and expected completion date before signing the contract to avoid any further delays. Also, if you have a fixed timeline for completion of your project so ensure to check with the contractor on a daily basis about its status and be present while work is being done. This will save a lot of time in case there are problems or mistakes made during renovations.


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