Ovon Renovation Singapore

Renovating your home? Look no further! We are a well-established and reputable firm that provides high-quality, low-cost home renovation services. At Ovon Interior Design firm, We believe in providing you with unique living areas that are tailored to your preferences. We understand that the cost of renovation in Singapore or exceeding their budget is a key factor why homeowners are reluctant to remodel their homes. Lets work with you to renovate your home! We’ll create beautiful spaces that will help you feel like home. Ovon Design Interior is committed to quality and design, which is why we don’t sacrifice either of those for affordability.


Costs & Quality Of Renovation

Renovate your home with caution! Think about how much you’re paying for the renovation package. Are the materials, labour and workmanship worth it? Always remember, “you get what you pay for.” Low-cost renovation packages are typically upsells or scams. When you’re trying to decide between two different products, one of the best ways to do so is to compare the price and features for each. For example, if one product prices more than another but has a lot more features that you might find useful, then it’s worth paying the extra money because you’ll get a lot more value out of it. Some people believe that good products are not always expensive, in fact, the best products are usually reasonably priced. Compare that to affordable prices which can be used to mean that the company might have compromised the work process, workmanship or building materials in order to slash its prices. Good luck and we hope you will find the best renovation contractor whom you can trust and the best renovation package for your home renovation.

Factors affecting the cost of your renovation

The cost of the renovation budget depends on so many factors, including the size of the house, location, how much work is needed, and the expertise of the contractors. The more properties that are being renovated together, the less will be the cost for each property project.
  • Is the carpentry completed by someone else?
  • Do they have their own set of wet-works tilers?
  • Have you considered in-house graphic designers for concept sketches and 3D designs?
  • Was it a third-party platform that engaged them?
  • Did you discover them from costly media sources such as television, radio, and exhibition?
  • Are they giving out exciting “free” gifts or appealing “sure-win” lucky draws?

What are you really paying for?

With the cost of our renovations, we will need to include: All additional charges. If you answer yes and these are completed by an ID firm then they would have to outsource carpentry works which is marked up. They also pay a platform for reaching out so that needs factoring in as well with its exorbitant prices. Be cautious when it comes to expensive media marketing or the enticing of “free” items to pique your interest. We’re not talking about a free kitchen sink or the occasional complimentary cooktop hood or dishwasher here.. Who do you think will be liable for the prices of these lucky draws when it’s a free holiday or there’s a chance to win a 55″ OLED TV? Only one winner is chosen from the hundreds of participants.

Why Ovon Design Pte Ltd?

In the industry, there is a myriad of aspects to achieving great design. For us, we believe in one ASPECT our Brand Values: Assurance |  Sincerity |  Professionalism |  Efficiency |  Communication |  Teamwork We provide remodelling or renovation package solutions that fit a wide range of requirements and budgets since to our many years in the sector. We want to provide you with the greatest solution without hidden costs or breaking the bank. We provide you with a variety of renovation deals alternatives to meet the demands of various homeowners. Whether you choosing the right renovation package for a 3 room flat, 4 room or a 5 room home, a BTO (build to order) property or a resale flat apartment, we can help you! We don’t outsource carpentry, wet works, and other services. We have our own in-house graphic designer. And do not rely on third-party platforms for the promotion. We haven’t utilized expensive media advertising. We also don’t advise you to buy any of our products, since they are not free in the first place. We don’t use any third-party platforms or marketing gimmicks to reduce prices. We then pass on these savings to you, the user, as a result of outsourcing, third-party platforms, and other methods. If you’re seeking for low-cost price renovation needs that isn’t all about the gimmick, you’ve come to the right place.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) About Renovation Packages

1. What Does Our Renovation Packages Include?

We provide all of the services you’ll need to transform your basement into a more functional area, including professional design services, masonry work, plumbing works, electrical works, carpentry work, kitchen worktop as well as other miscellaneous jobs such as general cleaning and transportation of construction materials. You will not need to hire any independent contractors with these services. We will oversee the renovation process from beginning to end, so you can rest easy knowing that your house is in good hands!

2. Are there any Hidden Costs?

We promise that there are no hidden costs. We give the prices for building repairs that you will have to pay for. In addition, all of the prices mentioned are inclusive of GST. Please contact us for a discussion if you wish to customize any element of these remodeling packages; we will be happy to assist you.

3. Is it Better to Get a Renovation Package Instead of Buying Each Item as It Is?

If you want to move in immediately but don’t have any design preferences, we strongly recommend our renovation package since it is a more cost-effective alternative. We understand that some people discourage consumers from opting for a renovation package because the quality would be harmed. Fret not! At OVON Design, we take pride in our work. OVON provides a full range of services to ensure that we cater to each and every potential client, in all aspects of design. Our services include Interior Design, Renovation, Sketching, Consultation, Project Managementand many more. We guarantee that you will only receive the best quality work if you hire us. That being said, if you have any questions about the bundle, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be delighted to respond to your inquiries.