Types of HDB BTO Flats Available

Housing Development Board (HDB) Built-to-Order (BTO) flats are a popular choice among Singaporeans looking for affordable and modern housing options. These flats are built by HDB in response to demand and are sold directly to eligible buyers through a transparent balloting system. HDB BTO flats come in various types and sizes to cater to the diverse needs of residents, ranging from small, compact units to larger family-oriented apartments.  

Types of HDB BTO flats

A. 2-room Flexi flats

2-room Flexi flats are an ideal housing option for individuals, couples, or small families who prioritize simplicity and efficiency in their living spaces. These flats are intelligently designed to maximize functionality while minimizing unnecessary space, catering to the needs of modern urban dwellers.   Size and Layout: 2-room Flexi flats typically offer a compact yet well-utilized layout, comprising a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living/dining area. The efficient design ensures that every square meter is optimized for practical use, providing residents with a comfortable and functional living environment.   Variety in Size: One of the distinctive features of 2-room Flexi flats is the option to choose from two different sizes. Type 1 flats have a floor area of 36 square meters, while Type 2 flats offer a slightly larger space of 45 square meters. This variety allows buyers to select the size that best suits their lifestyle and preferences, whether they prioritize affordability or spaciousness. Flexibility in Lease Tenure: The term “Flexi” in 2-room Flexi flats refers to the flexibility offered in lease tenure. Unlike traditional HDB flats, which typically come with a standard 99-year lease, buyers of 2-room Flexi flats have the option to customize their lease period. Lease tenures range from 15 to 99 years, providing buyers with greater control over their housing arrangements and long-term financial planning. Tailored to Different Needs: 2-room Flexi flats cater to a diverse range of housing needs, accommodating singles, couples, and small families alike. Singles or young couples may find the compact yet cozy layout ideal for their lifestyle, while small families may appreciate the affordability and practicality of these flats as a starter home. Affordability and Accessibility: With their smaller size and customizable lease tenures, 2-room Flexi flats offer an affordable housing option for individuals and families looking to enter the property market. The flexibility in lease tenure also ensures accessibility for a wider range of buyers, including those with varying financial capabilities and housing needs. A realistic and vibrant depiction of a 3-room HDB flat in Singapore, showcasing its spacious layout, affordability, and suitability for small families. The flat includes two well-proportioned bedrooms, a modern bathroom, a functional kitchen, and a combined living/dining area. The living/dining area features modern, multifunctional furniture, ample natural light, and a cozy ambiance. The master bedroom is designed for comfort with a comfortable bed and smart storage solutions, while the second bedroom is perfect for children. The kitchen is equipped with essential appliances and smart storage solutions. The image should emphasize the versatility and practicality of the living spaces, highlighting the balance between space and affordability. The flat is part of a vibrant community with access to common facilities like playgrounds, parks, and community centers.

B. 3-room flats

3-room flats serve as an excellent housing option for small families or couples who seek a balance between space and affordability. These flats are designed to accommodate the needs of residents who require more room than a 2-room flat but still prioritize cost-effectiveness and practicality. Spacious Layout: Typically, 3-room flats offer a well-proportioned layout that includes two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a combined living/dining area. This layout is carefully designed to optimize space utilization while ensuring functionality and comfort for residents. The generous floor area of 60 to 65 square meters provides ample room for everyday activities and household necessities. Ideal for Small Families: The layout of 3-room flats makes them particularly suitable for small families with one or two children. With two bedrooms, families have the flexibility to allocate separate sleeping spaces for parents and children, promoting privacy and comfort within the household. The additional living space also allows families to gather and spend quality time together in a cozy and inviting environment. Affordability and Value: One of the key attractions of 3-room flats is their affordability relative to larger flat types. While offering more space than a 2-room flat, 3-room flats are still priced competitively, making them accessible to a wide range of homebuyers, including young families and first-time homeowners. The affordability of these flats allows residents to enjoy the benefits of homeownership without straining their finances. Versatile Living Spaces: The living/dining area in 3-room flats serves as a versatile space that can be customized to suit different lifestyle needs. Whether used for entertaining guests, family gatherings, or relaxation, this area provides residents with the flexibility to adapt the space according to their preferences and activities. With thoughtful interior design and furniture arrangement, residents can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing living environment that meets their unique needs. Community Living: Living in a 3-room flat also offers the opportunity for residents to be part of a vibrant and close-knit community. With neighboring families and residents sharing common facilities and amenities, such as playgrounds, parks, and community centers, residents can foster social connections and relationships within the neighborhood. This sense of community adds to the overall quality of life and enhances the residential experience in 3-room flats.  

C. 4-room flats

4-room flats stand as the most prevalent type of HDB BTO flats, designed to accommodate the needs of medium-sized families. These flats are highly sought-after due to their spacious layout and practical design, making them an ideal choice for families looking for a comfortable and functional living space. Spacious and Functional Layout: 4-room flats typically boast a well-designed layout that includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms (with one en-suite attached to the master bedroom), a kitchen, and a generously-sized living/dining area. The thoughtful arrangement of rooms ensures optimal space utilization and functionality, providing residents with ample room for various activities and daily routines. Ideal for Medium-Sized Families: With three bedrooms, 4-room flats are perfectly suited for medium-sized families consisting of parents and one or two children. The extra bedroom allows families to accommodate the needs of growing children or provide a dedicated space for guests. Additionally, having two bathrooms enhances convenience and privacy within the household, especially during busy mornings or evening routines. Spacious Living/Dining Area: The living/dining area in 4-room flats is notably spacious, providing residents with a versatile space for relaxation, entertainment, and family bonding. Whether hosting gatherings with friends and relatives or simply enjoying quality time with loved ones, the ample living space offers endless possibilities for customization and personalization according to residents’ preferences. Optimal for Family Activities: With a generous floor area averaging around 90 square meters, 4-room flats offer plenty of room for family activities and gatherings. Whether it’s movie nights, board game sessions, or indoor playtime for children, residents can enjoy quality family time without feeling cramped or restricted by space constraints. Comfort and Convenience: The layout and design of 4-room flats prioritize comfort and convenience, ensuring that residents can enjoy a high quality of life within their homes. From spacious bedrooms for restful sleep to well-equipped kitchens for preparing family meals, every aspect of these flats is tailored to meet the needs of modern families and enhance their overall well-being. Popular Choice Among Homebuyers: Due to their practical layout, ample space, and suitability for family living, 4-room flats are highly sought-after in the HDB BTO market. Many homebuyers consider them the ideal choice for achieving a comfortable and fulfilling family lifestyle while still maintaining affordability and value for money.  

D. 5-room flats

5-room flats represent a step up in size and spaciousness, catering to the needs of larger families or individuals who desire extra living space. These flats are renowned for their generous layout and functionality, offering residents a comfortable and versatile living environment that accommodates their lifestyle needs.   Spacious and Versatile Layout: 5-room flats typically boast a spacious layout that includes three bedrooms, a common bathroom, a kitchen, a living/dining area, and sometimes a utility room. The additional room compared to 4-room flats provides residents with more flexibility in space utilization, allowing for greater customization and personalization of their living quarters.   Ideal for Larger Families: Designed with larger families in mind, 5-room flats offer ample space to accommodate parents and multiple children comfortably. The inclusion of three bedrooms ensures that each family member has their own private space, promoting harmony and privacy within the household. Additionally, the extra room can be utilized as a study, guest room, or hobby area, depending on the family’s needs and preferences.   Master Bedroom with En-suite Bathroom: One of the standout features of 5-room flats is the inclusion of a master bedroom with an attached bathroom. This en-suite bathroom provides added convenience and privacy for the occupants of the master bedroom, offering a dedicated space for personal grooming and relaxation away from the common areas of the home.   Spacious Living and Dining Area: The living/dining area in 5-room flats is notably spacious, providing residents with plenty of room to entertain guests, host family gatherings, or simply relax and unwind after a long day. The open layout encourages social interaction and fosters a sense of togetherness among family members, making it the heart of the home where cherished memories are created.   Utility Room for Added Convenience: Some 5-room flats come equipped with a utility room, providing residents with additional storage space and functionality. This room can be used to house laundry appliances, cleaning supplies, or as a multipurpose storage area for household items, enhancing the overall organization and efficiency of the home.   Ample Space for Comfortable Living: With an average size of around 110 square meters, 5-room flats offer ample space for comfortable living and everyday activities. Residents can enjoy the luxury of spacious bedrooms, well-appointed bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, creating a nurturing and inviting home environment for themselves and their loved ones. A realistic and vibrant depiction of a 3Gen HDB flat in Singapore, designed to accommodate multi-generational families. The flat includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms (two attached to the master bedrooms and one common bathroom), a kitchen, a spacious living/dining area, and a utility room. A defining feature is a separate living area with a bedroom and attached bathroom for elderly parents or grandparents, ensuring privacy and independence. The main living area features modern, multifunctional furniture and ample natural light. The kitchen is equipped with essential appliances and smart storage solutions. The master bedrooms are designed for comfort with comfortable beds and smart storage solutions. The overall design emphasizes harmony, practicality, and comfort for multiple generations living together.

E. 3Gen flats

3Gen flats are purposefully designed to accommodate multi-generational families, allowing multiple generations to live together harmoniously under one roof. These flats are equipped with four bedrooms, three bathrooms (including two attached to the master bedroom and one common bathroom), a kitchen, a living/dining area, and sometimes a utility room. The defining feature of 3Gen flats is the inclusion of a separate living area with a bedroom and attached bathroom, offering privacy and independence to elderly parents or grandparents within the household. Spacious Layout for Multi-Generational Living: 3Gen flats are characterized by their spacious layout, providing ample room for multiple generations to coexist comfortably. With four bedrooms, families can allocate separate sleeping quarters for parents, children, and elderly relatives, ensuring privacy and personal space for each household member. The inclusion of three bathrooms enhances convenience and accessibility, allowing residents to maintain their independence and dignity. Separate Living Area for Elderly Relatives: One of the key features of 3Gen flats is the provision of a separate living area with a bedroom and attached bathroom. This dedicated space offers elderly parents or grandparents the autonomy to maintain their lifestyle and routines while still being close to their family. The separate living area provides a sense of privacy and independence, allowing elderly relatives to retreat to their own space whenever they desire.   Promoting Family Togetherness and Support: By facilitating multi-generational living, 3Gen flats promote family togetherness and support, fostering strong bonds and relationships between different generations. Living under one roof allows family members to share responsibilities, resources, and experiences, creating a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and cared for. Additionally, the close proximity enables family members to provide assistance and care for elderly relatives, enhancing their overall quality of life.   Adaptability to Changing Family Dynamics: The flexible layout of 3Gen flats allows families to adapt to changing circumstances and family dynamics over time. As children grow up and elderly relatives require more care, the spacious layout and separate living area can be reconfigured to accommodate evolving needs and preferences. This adaptability ensures that families can continue to live harmoniously and comfortably together, regardless of changing circumstances.   Creating a Multigenerational Home Environment: With their thoughtful design and amenities, 3Gen flats create a conducive environment for multigenerational living, where family members can come together to share meals, celebrate milestones, and create cherished memories. The shared living spaces, such as the kitchen and living/dining area, serve as focal points for family interaction and bonding, strengthening the family unit and fostering a sense of belonging and unity.   A realistic and vibrant depiction of a studio apartment in Singapore, designed for singles or elderly residents who prefer compact living spaces. The apartment includes a combined bedroom and living area with modern, multifunctional furniture and ample natural light. The kitchenette is efficient and equipped with essential appliances and smart storage solutions. The bathroom is modern and well-designed for practicality. The overall layout is around 35 square meters, maximizing efficiency and functionality while providing all essential amenities for independent living. The design emphasizes affordability, convenience, and a low-maintenance lifestyle.

F. Studio apartments

Studio apartments cater to the needs of singles or elderly residents who prefer a more compact living space. These units are designed to maximize efficiency and functionality while providing residents with all the essential amenities for independent living. Typically, studio apartments consist of a combined bedroom and living area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. With an average size of around 35 square meters, studio apartments offer a practical and low-maintenance housing option for individuals seeking affordable and convenient accommodation. Compact Living Space for Singles: Studio apartments are ideally suited for singles who desire a simple and manageable living space. The combined bedroom and living area serve as a versatile space for relaxation, entertainment, and sleep, providing residents with all the essential amenities within arm’s reach. The compact layout encourages minimalistic living and efficient use of space, making it easy for residents to maintain and organize their living quarters. Affordable Housing Option: One of the key advantages of studio apartments is their affordability compared to larger flat types. With lower upfront costs and reduced maintenance expenses, studio apartments offer an attractive housing option for individuals on a budget or those looking to downsize their living arrangements. The affordability of these units makes them accessible to a wide range of residents, including young professionals, students, and retirees. Low-Maintenance Lifestyle: Studio apartments are designed to promote a low-maintenance lifestyle, allowing residents to focus on their priorities and activities without the burden of extensive household chores or upkeep. The compact layout minimizes the need for cleaning and maintenance, freeing up time and energy for other pursuits. Additionally, the smaller size of studio apartments encourages residents to adopt a clutter-free and organized living environment, promoting a sense of tranquility and well-being.   Convenient Amenities for Independent Living: Despite their compact size, studio apartments are equipped with all the essential amenities for independent living. The inclusion of a kitchenette allows residents to prepare simple meals and snacks at home, reducing the need for dining out and saving money on food expenses. The attached bathroom provides residents with privacy and convenience, offering a comfortable space for personal grooming and hygiene routines.   Flexibility and Adaptability: Studio apartments offer residents the flexibility to customize their living space according to their preferences and lifestyle needs. With a blank canvas to work with, residents can personalize their studio apartments with furniture, decor, and storage solutions that reflect their unique style and personality. The adaptable layout allows residents to make the most of limited space, maximizing functionality and comfort without compromising on aesthetics.   A realistic and informative depiction of the eligibility criteria for purchasing HDB BTO flats in Singapore. The image should include representations of various factors such as citizenship status, income level, and family nucleus. Show diverse families and individuals, including Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Highlight different family sizes and relationship statuses, with visuals of income levels and family nuclei. The setting should be in a modern and vibrant neighborhood, with elements like HDB buildings in the background. The overall design should be clean and informative, emphasizing the diversity and inclusivity of the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria for different types of HDB BTO flats

Eligibility criteria for purchasing HDB BTO flats vary depending on factors such as citizenship status, income level, and family nucleus. Generally, applicants must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents and meet certain income ceilings set by HDB. Specific eligibility criteria for each type of flat are outlined on the HDB website and may include additional requirements such as family size and relationship status.

Comparison of sizes and features of different types of HDB BTO flats

Type of Flat Number of Bedrooms Number of Bathrooms Average Size (sqm) Suitable for
2-room Flexi 1 1 36 – 45 Singles, couples, small families
3-room 2 1 60 – 65 Small families, couples
4-room 3 2 90 Medium-sized families
5-room 3 2 110 Larger families, extended families
3Gen 4 3 Varies Multi-generational families
Studio apartment 1 1 35 Singles, elderly residents
A realistic depiction of the pros and cons of each type of HDB BTO flat in Singapore. The image should include visual representations of 2-room Flexi flats, 3-room flats, 4-room flats, 5-room flats, 3Gen flats, and studio apartments. Each type of flat should highlight its advantages and considerations. For example, the 2-room Flexi flat should show affordability and suitability for singles or couples but limited space for growing families. The 3-room flat should balance affordability and space for small families. The 4-room flat should provide ample living space for medium-sized families but be less affordable. The 5-room flat should offer spacious layouts for larger families but have a higher price and longer wait times. The 3Gen flat should cater to multi-generational families with separate living areas but limited availability. The studio apartment should be compact and low-maintenance but may not suit those needing more space. The overall design should be clean and informative, set in a modern, vibrant neighborhood with HDB buildings in the background.

Pros and cons of each type of HDB BTO flats

Each type of HDB BTO flat offers its own set of advantages and considerations:

  • 2-room Flexi flats are affordable and suitable for singles or couples, but may lack space for growing families.
  • 3-room flats strike a balance between affordability and space, making them ideal for small families or couples.
  • 4-room flats provide ample living space for medium-sized families, but may be less affordable than smaller units.
  • 5-room flats offer spacious layouts suitable for larger families, but may come with a higher price tag and longer wait times.
  • 3Gen flats cater to multi-generational families with their separate living areas, but availability may be limited.
  • Studio apartments are compact and low-maintenance, but may not be suitable for those requiring more living space.


make an informed decision that meets your housing requirements. From the compact and affordable studio apartments to the spacious and versatile 5-room flats, each HDB BTO flat offers unique advantages and amenities tailored to various lifestyles. Additionally, the eligibility criteria and application process for HDB BTO flats ensure accessibility and transparency for all Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. By exploring the options available and considering factors such as family size, budget, and location preferences, you can find the perfect HDB BTO flat to call home. Whether you’re embarking on your homeownership journey for the first time or looking to upgrade your living arrangements, HDB BTO flats provide a reliable and sustainable housing solution for Singaporean residents across generations.