Green Living in Tengah: Exploring Eco-Friendly Features in Housing Units

Singapore’s Tengah town is leading the way in eco-friendly and sustainable living. As the first HDB town to be fully integrated with its surrounding natural environment, Tengah offers a range of green features that make it an ideal place for environmentally conscious individuals and families to call home.

What Are The Eco Friendly Feature In Tengah?

Centralized Cooling and Energy Efficiency

One of the key features of Tengah is its centralized cooling system, which is powered partly by solar energy generated from photovoltaic panels on the HDB rooftops. This eco-friendly technology replaces inefficient conventional cooling methods, resulting in lower utility bills for residents and a reduced carbon footprint.

Car-Free Town Center and Smart Lighting

Tengah’s car-free town center and smart lighting system are designed to promote walking, cycling, and recreation while reducing energy consumption. The smart lighting automatically adjusts based on human traffic, further contributing to the town’s energy efficiency.

Community Farming and Biodiversity

In addition to its residential areas, Tengah features a Plantation District where residents can participate in community farming. The town’s focus on promoting and protecting biodiversity creates more opportunities for people to interact with nature, further enhancing its eco-friendly appeal.

Future-Ready Sustainable Design

Tengah’s development is a testament to Singapore’s commitment to sustainable urban design. With its extensive greenery, public gardens, and innovative eco-friendly features, Tengah sets a new standard for future residential developments in the region.

Why Should You Choose To Live In Tengah?

  • Nature-Infused Lifestyle: Tengah provides a special chance to live in the middle of nature while still enjoying all the amenities of a city. The ecological aspects and greenery are essential components that improve your everyday life, not merely passing fads.
  • Sustainable Living: Tengah’s dedication to sustainability is a way of life, not just a box to be checked. By selecting Tengah, you can make your home environmentally conscious and help ensure a more sustainable future for future generations.
  • Innovative Urban Planning: With inventive designs that put utility and environmental impact above aesthetics, Tengah redefines urban planning. It is more than just a house; it is an example of forward-thinking urban life.

In conclusion, Tengah’s eco-friendly features and sustainable design make it a model for green living in Singapore. From its centralized cooling system and car-free town center to its focus on community farming and biodiversity, Tengah offers a unique and environmentally conscious way of life for its residents. Contact Ovon for a complimentary consultation. Let’s discuss your unique needs and aspirations and take the first step toward creating an eco-friendly living space.