10 hack for interior design living room for small singapore house

Living room interior design is not as easy as it seems. There are so many things to take into consideration, like the space that you have to work with and what your personal style is. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 hacks for living room interior design in Singapore condominium! These living room interior design singapore hacks will help make your living room design more stylish without breaking the bank or taking up all your space.

1) Patterned Contact Paper for Tabletops

You can use self-adhesive patterned contact paper to update the look of tabletops, kitchen appliances, or even your workstation on your condominium. Give dated pieces of furniture a new look with a host of designs available including wood and marble options which are easy and foolproof home decor hacks!

2) Whiteboard / Chalkboard Drawing Wall

A wall that’s been painted with the special whiteboard or chalkboard coat not only makes a great idea for a child’s bedroom. It also works as an interactive piece of living room interior design on condominium decor, boosting your productivity and unleashing your creativity!

3) Washi Tape Makeover

Washi tape is a quick, simple, and vivid approach to make mathematical plans on your divider. You could even select to utilize it to frame enhancing borders around furniture and fittings as it tends to be effectively eliminated without harming the surface. 

This beautifying concealing tape is especially extraordinary in case you’re leasing a condominium and don’t need the issue of repainting the dividers when you leave.

4) Paint A Feature Wall

Searching for some little room thoughts that will give your room the figment of more space? Trial with tones and take a stab at painting or papering an element divider with a more obscure shade than the remainder of the dividers.  That will assist with adding profundity, however in the event that you need the space to seem more extensive, painting even lines across the divider could make the impact you need.

5) Mirrors

Mirrors are a great addition to small spaces like narrow hallways. They offer the welcome illusion of more space by reflecting your surroundings and giving you an opportunity to look at yourself from all angles. Consider utilizing a mirror to add more sensation of space and light. In the event that you are not occupied with having something put on the dividers, at that point putting up an expansive span of mirrors can make your living room seem bigger than it really is! Mirrors additionally have some other advantages: they help reflect sound so there’s less clamor, they help lighten the room by multiplying it and in addition act as a focal point for your living space. Mirrors are likewise not expensive to buy or ship home so you don’t need to worry about them taking up too much valuable space!

6) DIY Patterned Wallpaper Effect

For a quick and easy way to get the wallpaper effect without having go through all of that hassle, you can make your own textured paint roller.
  1. a) Stick pieces of old fabric onto the end using rubber bands or kitchen twine in order to create some texture on your new-fashioned rolling device. 
  2. b) Test it out before applying it directly onto any surfaces by painting a small space first where no one will walk into for now—you don’t want anyone’s toes squished!

7) Paint Patterns

A new twist in the way to create art! The use of masking tape is a fun and creative way that any person can do. Beginning with putting down some tape on your desired surface, you then get started creating shapes or patterns by painting them using different colors. Finally, remove the masking tap from one side so all there’s left is clean paint lines for people-watching enjoyment; it will be as if they are looking at an artist who just got done taking their masterpiece off of exhibition inside a gallery space without having to pay admission fees – only this time its much more interactive because not everyone has access into galleries like these but now with what we’re suggesting here anyone could have their own “gallery” experience being held.  Paint patterns on the walls is a great way to give your living room some personality, while also providing an opportunity for you to pick and choose where there are going!

8) Statement Pieces

Here’s a moment little room stylistic layout hack in case you’re actually sorting out your style, and forever painting all that will wind up being a blemish to you later on.  Get a couple of little, designed things like a pad or a toss cover, and discover various situations for them in your home.  In case you’re feeling courageous, get bigger explanation pieces like a piece of work of art or even an embroidery for the divider. It’s a home stylistic theme hack that is not difficult to turn around on the off chance that you don’t care for the impact!

9) Repurpose Preloved Fabric

This is an extraordinary method to give preloved sarees or sarongs another rent of life. Utilize these textures as drapes, decorative spreads, table cloths, or fold them over the pots of your indoor plants to give them that contemporary look.  You can likewise slice the texture to use as strips to tie your drapes back, or you can DIY your arrangement of draperies. Astute, speedy, and maintainable!

10) Go Rustic With Rope

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home with some nautical or rustic flair, then consider using ropes. And not just as decoration – think outside the box and get creative! For example, use rope around fittings like curtain rods (to create an artistic effect), wrap it in place of floor mats so that every step is comfortable on bare feet, or turn those old paintings into new masterpieces by wrapping them securely from back-to-front before hanging.  The possibilities are endless; go wild!If you’re a fan of the more rustic look, rope is your new best friend. The quickest and simplest way to get this effect in your living room would be by purchasing some thick ropes (or even tying several long ones together), then hanging them down from an exposed beam or just laying it on top of any furniture that needs to have some texture.

Many homeowners are looking for a design that can fit into their budget. We hope that we have given you some ideas for making your living room look bigger. We will continue to share more great tips with you in our future blog posts! Remember, if the first step didn’t work properly and none of these practical design ideas can do it by yourself and fulfil to your needs, then it might be time to start considering a consultation with Ovon-D