Example of a Simple Renovation Quote for Home Improvement

Home improvement quotes are an important part of a renovation. You might choose to purchase an existing home or look for a new property to renovate. Have you ever wondered about the amount you’re being charged for home improvement projects? Maybe you know how much a project costs, but still can’t figure out how much it will cost overall. Well, this is an opportunity for you to get an estimated renovation quotation Singapore that you can then compare to other bids.

Finding Renovation Quotations

The first and most crucial choice made throughout the renovation is to confirm the renovation quotation Singapore. It takes a lot of time and is usually exhausting. To obtain a sense of the pricing difference, it is best to compare the quotes from the interior designer and the contractor. We advise you to obtain three to five quotes to compare. Aim for no more than 10, as going above that can confuse you with their recommendations for materials and designs.  The way that different businesses type their quotes varies. It is typical for contractors to format it in a way that makes it challenging for you to compare to the interior designers. When requesting a quote. Make sure that 85% of the quotations are comparable to one another. Your comparison will be a lot easier as a result.

What is the average renovation cost in Singapore? 

From SGD20,000 for a very basic refurbishment of a 3-room apartment to more than SGD100,000 for a highly refurbished 5-room apartment. The average cost of repairs will be more if you’re remodeling a condo or landed property for a home.
Type of HDB Average Cost for a New Flat Average Cost for a Resale Flat
3-Room (60 to 65 sqm) SGD32,000 SGD43,200
4-Room (90 sqm) SGD43,600 SGD56,000
5-Room (110 sqm) SGD52,300 SGD63,500
  Here is an estimation of the price for a 4-room HDB apartment in Singapore. We based our calculations on a 90 square meter house because that is the typical size of housing for Singaporeans.  
Renovation Type Light Renovation Work Moderate Renovation Work Extensive Renovation Work
Hacking SGD400 – SGD2,000 SGD2,000 – SGD3,600 SGD3,600 – SGD19,000
Masony SGD600 – SGD5,400 SGD5,400 – $15,400 SGD15,400 – $59,600
Carpentry SGD700 – SGD14,000 SGD14,400 – $22,600 SGD22,600 – $84,300
Ceiling & Partition SGD200 – SGD1,400 SGD1,400 – SGD2,300 SGD2,300 – SGD8,300
Plumbing SGD200 – SGD600 SGD600 – SGD1,300 SGD1,300 – SGD5,600
Electrical SGD300 – SGD1,700 SGD1,700 – SGD3,200 SGD3,200 – SGD7,700
Painting SGD200 – SGD1,400 SGD1,400 – SGD1,800 SGD1,800 – SGD4,100
Cleaning & Polishing SGD300 – SGD1,100 SGD1,100 – SGD1,700 SGD1,700 – SGD13,900
Total Average SGD15,550 SGD39,950 SGD127,200
Surface Material Cost per square meter
Marble SGD322 – SGD753
Vinyl SGD54 – SGD86
Laminate SGD64 – SGD86
Ceramic SGD32 – SGD129
Parquet SGD322 – SGD536
  The expense of your payment and maintenance will increase as your home gets bigger. Additionally, don’t discount the tiny steps.  With 1,000 square meters to cover, the difference between SGD8 and SGD12 is substantial. not to mention the cost of installation, shipment (particularly if the materials are exotic), and transportation. Ask an expert for guidance if you’re having trouble deciding which material is best for your house. Your home renovation’s outcome will also be greatly influenced by the people you deal with! Making the wrong vendor selection could cause unneeded stress.

Renovation Quote Example

  • Provide labor and tiles to install 641 square feet of homogenous tile in the living room, dining room, hallway, and three bedrooms (not to exceed SGD3.20 per tile). 641sqft x $8.00 per sqft = SGD5128.00
  • Provide labor and tiles to run 260 feet of homogeneous tiles around three bedrooms, a hallway, a suggestion study, and the living and dining areas. 260ft x SGD6.00 per ft = SGD1560.00
  • Delivering materials, hauling supplies, clearing debris, using cement, sand, and W1. SGD850.00
  • Provide labor to erect bases for kitchen appliances and washing machines SGD400.00
  • Provide labor to install two spray gun sets at two toilets. SGD50 per set x 2 sets SGD100.00
  • Workforce to connect kitchen sink faucet. SGD90.00
  • provide and install L4-foot suspended vanity cabinet at the master bathroom, using plywood, white pvc on the inside, and laminate on the outside. Swing door with ABS edging and easy closure hinges. SGD120 per ft x 4ft SGD480.00
  • Provide personnel for floor acid washing following remodeling. SGD300
  • The installation of individual bathroom accessories is optional. SGD8.00


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