Home Renovation Singapore – Is it Worth It? How Much Is Enough?

Home renovations are not an easy task but it can be done as long as you have enough budget for it. You can always afford a home renovation if you have a strong budget and if you understand the benefits of doing a home renovation. You might think that you don’t have a budget for a home renovation. Are you planning to renovate your home in Singapore? Do you have a list of renovation projects that you want to take up? Or do you just want to renovate your home without making a big investment? If so, you might be thinking about starting your own renovation project in Singapore. However, Is 30k enough for renovation in singapore?

Home renovation costs in Singapore

Ranging from SGD20,000 for a 3-room apartment’s very basic renovation to more than SGD100,000 for a 5-room apartment’s extensive renovation. If you’re upgrading a condo or landed property into a home, the typical cost of repairs will be more.  
Type of HDB Average Cost for a New Flat Average Cost for a Resale Flat
3-Room (60 to 65 sqm) SGD32,000 SGD43,200
4-Room (90 sqm) SGD43,600 SGD56,000
5-Room (110 sqm) SGD52,300 SGD63,500
  Renovation costs per square meter will be higher for larger homes. Generally speaking, a second hand apartment costs more than a brand-new one. Keep in mind that the expenses of your renovations may range significantly from these averages. purely because fixtures, fittings, materials, and labor prices may have an effect on your estimations.  While remodeling your HDB apartment or condo, you can pick from a number of general designs. In this table, we examine some of the most common design and style alternatives for home renovation costs in Singapore.  
Style Average Range
Contemporary SGD70,000 – SGD90,000
Scandinavian SGD65,000 – SGD90,000
Eclectic SGD65,000 – SGD80,000
Vintage SGD60,000 – SGD75,000
Minimalist SGD60,000 – SGD$75,000
Modern SGD60,000 – SGD75,000
Transitional SGD55,000 – SGD85,000
Industrial SGD50,000 – SGD80,000
Traditional SGD40,000 – SGD75,000

Average Home Renovation Cost

An estimated cost for a 4-room HDB apartment in Singapore may be found below. Because Singaporeans typically live in homes measuring 90 square meters, it is the size on which we based our calculations.
Renovation Type Light Renovation Work Moderate Renovation Work Extensive Renovation Work
Hacking SGD400 – SGD2,000 SGD2,000 – SGD3,600 SGD3,600 – SGD19,000
Masony SGD600 – SGD5,400 SGD$5,400 – SGD15,400 SGD15,400 – SGD59,600
Carpentry SGD700 – SGD14,000 SGD14,400 – SGD22,600 SGD$22,600 – SGD84,300
Ceiling & Partition SGD200 – SGD1,400 SGD1,400 – SGD2,300 SGD2,300 – SGD8,300
Plumbing SGD200 – SGD600 SGD600 – SGD1,300 SGD1,300 – SGD5,600
Electrical SGD300 – SGD1,700 SGD$1,700 – SGD3,200 SGD3,200 – SGD7,700
Painting SGD200 – SGD1,400 SGD1,400 – SGD1,800 SGD1,800 – SGD4,100
Cleaning & Polishing SGD300 – SGD$1,100 SGD$1,100 – SGD1,700 SGD1,700 – SGD13,900
Total Average SGD15,550 SGD39,950 SGD127,200

Surface Material Cost per square meter
Marble SGD322 – SGD753
Vinyl SGD54 – SGD86
Laminate SGD64 – SGD86
Ceramic SGD32 – SGD129
Parquet SGD322 – SGD536
  The expense of your payment and maintenance will increase as your home gets bigger. Additionally, don’t discount the tiny steps.  With 1,000 square meters to cover, the difference between SGD8 and SGD12 is substantial. not to mention the cost of installation, shipment (particularly if the materials are exotic), and transportation. Ask an expert for guidance if you’re having trouble deciding which material is best for your house. Your home renovation’s outcome will also be greatly influenced by the people you deal with! Making the wrong vendor selection could cause unneeded stress.

Is 30k enough for renovation? 

You may be asking yourself: Is 30k enough for renovation? Check out some of the advice below if you’re someone who wants to reduce the cost of your renovations.
What You Can Do Approximate Cost Savings
Design It Yourself SGD10,000
Have Fewer Built-In Furniture SGD10,000
Buy Big-Ticket Items at a Discount SGD6,000
Getting Your Lights and Fans From Malaysia SGD2,000
Omit False Ceilings SGD1,680
Choosing Vinyl Flooring SGD3,000
Use Paint for Your Feature Wall SGD2,000
Use Bulky Item Removal Service by HDB SGD50
Use Cards to Maximise Cashback/Miles SGD500
Total SGD35,230
These renovation quotation Singapore costs are merely approximations. Depending on the size of the house and the materials used, these costs may change.

Home Renovation Ideas Under 30K

Here’s an example of a house remodel that could cost under SGD30,000 to help you understand those exorbitant renovation prices.

15K budget

This cozy condo unit shows that remodeling doesn’t have to be extremely expensive unless you need to conduct some big structural work. Within this SGD15,000 makeover budget, the interior designer was able to fit woodwork work for the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Even with a limited budget, a brick-effect feature wall in the living and dining room was still feasible, proving that renovations may benefit greatly from careful planning.

20K budget

Condominium units can be remodeled for about SGD20,000 and given a brand-new look. The majority of the funding was spent on woodworking, painting, and wallpapering projects to improve the home’s looks and provide the 463 square foot condo’s residents with additional storage space. In order to give this compact area more depth and character, an accent wall was also constructed.

25K budget

You can add a few thousand dollars to your renovation budget to obtain some extra bells and whistles. New carpentry was installed in the living room and bedroom of the 689 square foot unit, but the additional funds also allowed for the addition of some interesting new amenities. A full-height, mirrored storage cabinet with a secret door leading to a bathroom is one of these unique elements. A sliding glass door that opens out into the kitchen area gives the apartment unit a more open feel. Additionally, the entire house was painted, bringing new life into each space.

30K budget

The 3,444 sq ft condominium unit’s somewhat larger budget of SGD30k allowed for bathroom upgrades, which are frequently impossible with low-budget renovations. There were other areas of the unit that needed new wallpaper, electrical repairs, and better lighting. The funding also allowed for extensive furniture buying, so the entire apartment was furnished with brand-new items that complemented the homeowners’ own taste. On the balcony, an artificial wall was built, creating a unique and completely private outdoor space. These homeowners altered the layout of their 1,216 square foot condo with new carpentry work and even some hacking on a SGD30,000 budget. Additionally, the budget allowed for painting, plumbing, and tiling throughout the entire unit.

Should you hire an interior designer or contractor?

The cost you pay and the level of involvement you have in the project are trade-offs. Both vendors will manage the remodeling, but there may be a big difference in the value-added services they provide.


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