What To Do Before Meeting an Interior Designer in Singapore?

When you’re looking to meet up with an interior designer in Singapore, you want to make sure that you’re prepared. The truth is, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to make the meeting go well and that includes finding the right interior designer for you. This guide will give you some good ideas about the types of questions you should be asking to help you find the perfect interior designer for you.

Should homeowners already have a budget in mind for their renovation?

The amount of labor required to carry out a design project and the budget that homeowners have allocated for it are not aligned. This could lead to the sad situation when homeowners are unable to build the home of their dreams because of financial restrictions. When creating your budget, keep the following things in mind: 
  • The degree of remodeling you want to do and the style of design you want for your new house. For instance, a highly customized job frequently entails a complete renovation of the house, which will undoubtedly cost much more than simply renovating the building.
  • While design and build firms frequently offer that as part of the remodeling package, design consultant firms typically charge a design fee for their services. 
  • Get price quotes from design companies ideally before you even buy a house. By doing this, you will prevent spending the majority of your money on the actual property acquisition while leaving insufficient finances for the design and refurbishment.

What design style will suit our existing furniture?

To begin, we examine the website or its images to identify any current details that can be included into the new design. Therefore, it is an excellent idea for homeowners to utilize their current furniture in the new house. We can completely repurpose your old furniture to give your house a brand-new look!  Who among us does not have a favorite style that they enjoy working on as an interior designer in Singapore? However, when creating your home, our designers will set their own interests aside to learn about your vision while also sketching up potential interior design options.

Can you tell us about the process of renovation?

You will be given a thorough explanation of the renovation process as soon as you enter Livspace. You have the option of updating your home’s interior decor with new paint, wall finishes, lighting, and plumbing. Some homeowners also want to leave their own distinctive mark on their homes by tearing down walls and rebuilding them as they see fit. You can decide to renovate the masonry and tiling or keep the kitchen and bathroom as is.  After getting the required permissions, your home remodeling may take between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the extent of the work. Additionally, costs vary according to how extensive the renovations are. You will receive a preliminary quotation and a breakdown of the charges once the design is complete.You will only be required to pay 10% of the tentative quote once you have spoken with your personal designer and started the process. This is the deposit required. Additionally, you can pay 50% of the total to place your order once the design, materials, and modules have been decided upon. We favor openness so that you may understand what you are purchasing.  Your house remodeling may take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete, depending on the extent of the work. Additionally, costs vary according to how extensive the renovations are. You will also be given a breakdown of the prices after the design is complete. Price transparency is something that Livspace takes great pleasure in.

What about the warranty?

When it comes to interior house design, Promise offers you a first-rate experience. The warranty and insurance are included in that. Our one-year warranty, which is valid for a year from the date of handover, covers carpentry and civil services. Make sure that you don’t forget about the warranties when you are installing the products. The warranty will ensure that you will have a hassle-free installation process. This is an added advantage because you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get the problem solved.

Are there any documents or files that homeowners should prepare in advance?

The most important documents are the scaled plans of the house since they illustrate the size of the area and the placement of walls, buildings, amenities, etc. This knowledge is essential for having an informed conversation about the proposed design, especially if space planning is involved. Planning for a new home can be difficult. You don’t know where everything should go. If you have a budget, you may want to work with a contractor to draw out the plans for you so you can see exactly where everything should go. If you are on a budget, you will need to keep this in mind. Your contractor will likely charge you extra for drawing out the plans. It may seem like you are paying for a lot of work for doing very little. If you have to go somewhere to get some money, ask around to find out what other people paid for similar plans.

What should homeowners expect from an interior design consultation?

This will depend on your needs and the type of service you need done. The interior designer should suggest space planning options that fit your needs while taking into account the current layout, structures, and services if you’re considering a significant makeover involving spatial reconfigurations. The end design should maximize natural light and ventilation in addition to improving the overall utilization of space.  Your top priorities should be renovation and styling; the designer should work with you to develop a plan for how to furnish and decorate your new house. This involves suggesting the ideal arrangements for your furniture and décor as well as giving you advice on colors, textures, and materials. Everything ought to come together into a well-rounded, tasteful whole that suits your preferences.

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