Is There A Difference Between An Interior Designer And an Interior Decorator?

You’ve decided to make some changes at home and you think you might need help. Some interior designers describe their work as interior design while others are interior designers. “What’s the difference?” and “Which one do I need?” are some of the questions you are faced with. It’s important to distinguish between interior design and interior decorating. They are not the same thing. There are a lot of similarities between the two jobs — so many, in fact, that opinions vary on exactly where to draw the distinction. There are some differences between the professions. Some are subtle, and some are quite significant. Decorating is one of the most important things that you can do to improve the comfort of your home and make it more attractive. Interior designers and interior decorators are often used together. Each one has a job description. The two professions are different. Here is everything you need to know about the different scope of work between interior designers and interior decorators:

What is an interior designer?

If you work as an interior designer, you’ll need to understand your client’s work or living spaces and apply a systematic and coordinated methodology to satisfy their needs and resources.  Interior designers create spaces that are functional, beautiful, and that meet the needs of people who use them. Interior designers often have a background in architecture or architecture, but they also may have degrees in art, engineering, fine arts, psychology, sociology, anthropology, or business. Interior designers can be found working in many areas of the country. They are employed by real estate developers, interior decorators, architects, general contractors, furniture manufacturers, building suppliers, home builders, and other businesses. Interior designers are also commonly self-employed.

Interior designer education

You should get formal training in interior design from an accredited program. Education includes studying color and fabric. Education also includes drawing, space planning, furniture design, and architecture. Many designers apprentices with established interior designers before taking up their own practice or joining a firm. Education in interior design is available through local colleges and universities. Colleges and universities often offer courses in interior design. Some universities have specialized interior design programs. 

Credentials for interior designer

To have an interior decorator career, you must first become a registered interior designer. Some states require interior designers to be licensed or registered. Some states also require that designers have a certificate to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field of interior design. The people who design and build homes need to be certified by a recognized organization because many home buyers will consider only those who have been accredited. 

Interior designer scope of work

What does an interior designer do? An interior designer researches their clients’ needs and plans interior layouts to make them both physically and aesthetically functional. They use technology to create virtual plans before they coordinate with construction teams to do the design. Interior decorators have to adhere to building codes, which usually involve structural and mechanical elements. They also need to be able to have solid problem-solving skills. Many interior designers offer interior design services. These professionals not only design your house but also decorate it and give your home the finishing touch. Interior designers may specialize in one aspect of a space such as architecture or color, or they may have a broad range of skills. They may also be responsible for recommending furnishings, art, lighting, and other decor elements. Some interior designers work on one project at a time, while others work as freelancers or staff designers for a firm. The pay rate for an interior designer is generally based on experience, education, and professional design certification. 

Who interior designers work with

Architects work closely with designers, contractors, and developers to create their plans for the client. Some may work directly with homeowners, while others work with businesses to find potential customers.

\What is an interior decorator?

Decorating your home is a fun activity. You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful things that you can use to give your home an attractive look. Interior decorators don’t work with architects to create new interior spaces. They embellish interior spaces that already exist.

Education for interior decorators

How to become an interior decorator? You don’t need formal training to be an interior decorator because they’re primarily focused on aesthetics. However, you can get an interior decorator course. They have no involvement in renovations or structural planning.  A decorator looks at the space’s surface details, like how a room might be painted or decorated. It’s not easy to enter the interior decorating business, but many people have done so as a career change or as a hobby that turned into a business. 

Credentials of interior decorators

Interior design is not regulated by licensing or credentialing. Professionals in this industry are self-regulated. But there are courses focused on color and fabric, room layouts, space planning, and furniture styles, and offer decorators formal certifications to authenticate their training. If you’re a professional interior decorator and you want to get more work, there are courses that can help. 

Interior decorator’s scope of work

Interior decorators help their clients determine a style, choose a color scheme, and purchase furniture and accessories. Hiring a stylist is often the best way to update a space quickly and inexpensively. The interior decorator can: Decide on a color scheme that will work for your home. Select furniture that works with your color scheme. Select and coordinate rugs and curtains, which you can use as the background for your pictures. Select wallpapers and paint colors. Paint the walls and trim to complement your color scheme. 

Who Interior Decorators Work With

Homeowners and business managers call on decorators for their work. They are not involved with contractors or architects, but they often partner with interior designers, upholsterers, painters, and other industry professionals that provide services for home decoration.

Interior designer Vs. interior decorator

Interior decorating and design are not the same. To satisfy the aesthetic, emotional and psychological needs of people in a space, interiors are designed. Many ways can be used to decorate. Design is a craft. A person who knows how to make space look good is a person who knows how to make rooms more interesting. The role of the interior designer is to interpret the client’s vision, translate it into a project that will achieve the client’s goals, and create a design that is visually cohesive. Interior design and interior decorating are different. To satisfy the aesthetic, emotional, and psychological needs of the people in a space, interiors are designed. There are many ways to achieve the desired effect. Both decorating and designing are crafts.

Should you hire an interior designer or an interior decorator?

Someone who specializes in design is the best person to hire. You will get the results you want from this. A designer may be able to plan for structural changes. If there are no structural changes, you do not need an interior designer. If you want to make sure everything matches, it’s best to use the services of an interior designer. Follow the rules if you want your customers to enjoy your house. It is possible to modify a room to fit your customers’ needs. It is not about the title of the professional. A lot of people have training in what they do. The same training and experience as a designer can be applied to work with contractors and builders. You will get the best result with less stress if you work with an interior designer. Before hiring a professional, understand your own needs and look for someone with a proven reputation for meeting those needs, regardless of what their job title is. Decorators are usually more in charge of the final design of the space than architects, but they don’t have the expertise or experience to execute design plans. But you should always be cautious when hiring an interior decorator. If you have a good rep for hiring good designers, you can use their expertise and skills.

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