13 Tips For Kitchen Design Ideas On Singapore HDB Flat

Kitchen design is one of the most important things to consider when renovating a flat. There are many factors that affect kitchen design, and it’s important to take them into account in order to create a modern kitchen space that works well for you. In this post, we will discuss 10 tips for designing your new kitchen on singapore hdb flats!  

1. Eliminate wasted steps.

Organizing your kitchen can seem like a daunting task, but the key to making it less stressful is knowing where you typically use certain items. For instance, if breakfast foods are mainly used at one location of the house – say in front of the TV or on an outdoor patio- then store these near that spot and place them away from other food (unless they’re being eaten right there). This way when guests come over for brunch everyone knows what’s available without having to hunt through all cabinets!

2. Interior Design wide walkways.

Although kitchens are often thought of as a private space, it is important to remember that they need ample room for movement. For the most efficient use of your kitchen’s floor plan and amenities such as islands or peninsulas, be sure there is enough distance between them so people can easily move through the area without having to squeeze past one another. A general rule advises paths throughout should also have at least 36 inches wide with 42-inch widths in cooking zones while two cooks may require 48 inch walkways depending on how many cabinets you include around these areas.

3. Direct traffic through the kitchen.

Kids may not be the only ones accidentally causing a mess in your kitchen. The placement of cooktops and fridges can also lead to spilled food, burns, or other accidents. It’s important to keep these items out of traffic areas so children don’t catch handles on their way through while you’re cooking or cleaning up after dinner. This will help make sure they are safe from injury as well as keeping your house clean!

4. Stay clear of corners.

Focus on corners when choosing where to put cabinetry and apparatuses. To make cupboard and apparatus entryways completely useful, plan space for the entryway’s leeway and swing bearing in your kitchen plan. Get apparatuses far from corners, and ensure entryways will not slam against one another if open simultaneously.

5. Find the right height for the microwave.

The right stature and area for a microwave will differ contingent upon the culinary expert or the child agreeable nature of the kitchen. For grown-ups, 15 creeps over the ledge level are decent microwave tallness. On the off chance that children will utilize the apparatus, an underneath ledge arrangement may be more secure and more appropriate.

6. Determine the island’s function.

When it comes to the kitchen island, form and function should go hand-in-hand. It is important for the design of a custom kitchen island in your home’s space to reflect how you intend on using this area. For example, if I am seeking an intimate cooking experience where my cooktop will be just feet away from me as I prepare food with friends or family gathered around at bar height tables then we need more than enough counter space so that no one ends up getting burned by hot dripping oil accidentally coming out of their pan while preparing dinner! If however desired functionality includes including sinks within easy reach when washing dishes or even laundry machines built into these spaces then kitchens can have dishwashers conveniently placed below the sink hidden behind cabinet doors – it’s all up to what your needs are and how you intend on using them! If I am looking for an area that can serve as a gathering place where friends or family will be able to sit around and chat then there is no need for such amenities – just enough counter space so people have room while they enjoy each other’s company. If however, I want to have a more formal kitchen then I would want to be sure that there is ample room for guests and the kitchen island should ideally contain an additional countertop or bar height table so people can easily sit while chatting.

7. Plan landing space near appliances.

Landing space around apparatuses gives a spot to put things while cooking or getting ready fixings. When planning your kitchen, permit 15 creeps of ledge on each side of a cooktop and cooler. Landing space is likewise significant close to the microwave and other little machines, for example, an espresso pot or toaster oven.

8. Consider the countertops.

Thoroughly consider your requirements for dinner planning to assist with directing your ledge decisions. Culinary specialists who like to cook require all the more counter space (in a perfect world between the reach and sink) than the individuals who cook rarely or who get ready straightforward dinners. Furthermore, fusing two ledge statures can make heating simpler and help kids who are engaged with feast arrangements.

9. Double up kitchen appliances.

Adding a second microwave oven and refrigerator drawer can help to spread out the workload for cooking, keeping snackers away from where your recipes are being prepared. If you have kids who will hang around after school, add a bar with stools so they know not only how to cook but also eat what is made by themselves or others in their family!

10. Arrange the range area.

Plan to store important cooking essentials near the range. Place a shelf beside or behind the range to keep cooking oils, utensils, and spices handy. Hang S-hooks on side of over stove for most-used pots and pans that are frequently in use while you cook!  

11. L-shaped kitchen

Two adjacent walls are perpendicular and perpendicular, form an ‘L’ shape. This arrangement works best with medium-size kitchens. For larger surfaces, the L-shaped kitchen can contain an island – perfect for those who need space for work or storage. Due to its ergonomic characteristics, this kitchen configuration brings many advantages such as the following: This layout brings many advantages in terms of its. This arrangement is most suitable for small to midsize kitchens and larger spaces. Please visit Design 4 for more information. The arrangement is consistent to create an output from the process at this point.

12. Galley Kitchen

The Galley Kitchens design for compact and practical for HDB owners with limited space. The goal of this room is to be as comfortable as possible. Maximise the space you possess with the most included items. Ensure that the base colour is darker but the higher cabinets and the top colour is lighter. It can help ease the feeling that you’re stuck in the corridor. Maximize storage because you keep your storage on one side, not on both. Stick to an oven is preferable rather than putting the device under the counter. A built-in oven is more preferable to an appliance placed on countertops.  

13. Open concept kitchen

This includes the extension of BTO’s open kitchen. Moreover, such kitchens are expected soon to turn into a standard in HDB flats. 7 of 10 residents opted to use this scheme after HDB conducted a 2012 trial run. A good appliance hood helps you to prevent the unpleasant smells from being trapped inside the house by reducing the foul flavour and keeping your residence fresh. Put your hob beside the wall. That way a backsplash in the kitchen can contain grease splatter during cooking. A tiled wall for the wall backsplash is chosen which makes cleanup extremely easy.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in singapore

In Singapore, home renovation costs range from S$3 to S$8 for every $100 spent. A basic renovation costs as little as $200, while an extensive renovation can cost as much as $27,000. Simple renovations include painting and re-tiling, whereas a complete kitchen makeover requires a lot of work. On average, an upgraded kitchen is about $5,000. The typical kitchen renovation package includes a cost breakdown of typical items found in a typical kitchen renovation. Replace work surfaces, re-tile floors, and upgrade kitchen cabinets.
Renovation Work Average Cost (Basic to Extensive)
Dismantling and Hacking Work $500 – $3,200
Kitchen Flooring and Wall Tiles $9 – $15 per sq.ft.
Renovation of Kitchen Cabinets $150 – $450 per sq.ft.  (depending on material)
Renovation of Kitchen Countertop $2,500 – $8,000 (depending on material)
Plumbing Work $200 – $2,000
Painting Work $200 – $500 
Installation of Kitchen Appliances $500 – $1,200 (excluding the cost of appliances)
* The prices are just estimates and might be different from the actual renovation prices.

What are the 6 kitchen style?

There are six basic kitchen layouts: island, parallel, straight, l-shape, and U-shape. It is important to consider the size of your home, the layout of the space, and the number of work surfaces you will need in a kitchen renovation. Before you make your final plan for your master kitchen layout, you can choose from 6 basic shapes. This is going to be the heart of your home for a long time, so make sure you choose wisely. Here are the benefits of each type of these 6 kitchen styles:

Island modular kitchen design

All functions can be accommodated in an island-shaped kitchen. It has a variety of comfort options for both hosts and guests.

Parallel modular kitchen design

A kitchen designed to fit into a larger space doesn’t need to be hidden away in a little space in your house. This particular style allows enough space for movement, so you can display them proudly.  This kitchen shape allows light to pass through it and make the space warm and cozy for cooking.

Straight modular kitchen design

It is easy to use the straight modular kitchen. They are convenient and usually well priced. The best kitchen design allows you to fit your accessories, appliances, and storage items while keeping the room free of mess. This layout is simple. It’s a must-have for those who like minimalist decor, cook, and eat.

L-shaped modular kitchen design layout

It is the best shape for small to medium kitchen spaces. If you want to design an L-shape modular kitchen, you need to plan carefully. An L-shaped kitchen has more depth than a T-shaped kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen facilitates a work triangle for preparation, cooking, and cleaning. Any décor can be matched to the home office. The kitchen should be at the center of the house to make guests feel part of the family. The corner where the two walls meet at a 90-degree angle is where the L-shaped kitchen must be built. One part of the wall must be longer than the other.

U-Shaped modular kitchen design

U-shaped kitchen island countertops are available in many materials. They are often built as separate islands. The efficient design of this type of kitchen saves floor space. It is the most practical kitchen layout in a family, providing lots of space for storing and appliances, compared to a U-shaped design. Your fridge, sink, and stove are located in the same location, so it makes sense to use a U-shaped modular kitchen. The biggest advantage of a U-shaped modular kitchen is that it’s safer to cook in. It makes traffic flow without disrupting work.

Open modular kitchen design

This open-concept kitchen is ideal for smaller homes because it makes the tiny spaces feel larger.

Galley Modular Kitchen Design

In the UK, the word “galley” usually means a large cooking area that is part of a larger kitchen. Kitchen equipment can work well for every kitchen style, as the galley layout can enhance both safety and efficiency while cooking. A drop-in kitchen is an ideal solution for the new homeowner, as it requires no demolition, remodeling, or moving. 

What are the 4 basic kitchen plan

There are four basic kitchen layout patterns:

One Wall Kitchen

The modern kitchen should be designed to meet the needs of today’s families. The best kitchens provide efficient work space, ample storage, and easy access to the appliances needed for the typical meal preparation and serving.

Galley Kitchen

It is a two-sided parallel lineup of kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and a corridor walkway.

L-Shaped Kitchen

Both screened space and openness can be offered with a kitchen island. A double L shape with two work triangles is great for kitchens.

U-Shaped Kitchen

A modification of this uses four sides in more of a C-shape or G-shape, but still has one work triangle.

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