Industrial Design For Small Apartment

How to Design a small apartment that is clean and comfortable for you. Introduction: An industrial design student has been assigned to find an optimal design for a small apartment. The problem is that the room is only 800 square feet. He needs to find a design that is both clean and functional. The space will be used for two separate living areas, a bedroom, bathroom, and office space. The kitchen will be placed in the middle of the room. So, how will he create the perfect industrial design? Let’s find out industrial design ideas for small apartments.

Exposed Pipes

This small apartment’s design is contemporary, bright, and lively. Hardwood floors, exposed ceilings with white panels and sapphire blue highlights to liven up the area, raw concrete walls with a brick accent in the living room, and glass walls that let natural light in.

Metal Pendant Lights

Due to the boom in industrial design, the vintage metal pendant lights are once again fashionable. The recognizable lighting is made of iron mesh and comes in a variety of old-world charm forms, but it is always metal black, copper, or silver. It also emits a warm yellow light.

Rustic Lights

Authentic, endearing, and captivating! This gorgeous lighting element is do-it-yourself. A solid piece of recycled wood, a few lightbulbs, electrical lines, iron beam straps, and cable hanging are required. Before hanging the entire arrangement, attach the clasps and iron and wind the bulb and wire around the wood many times. For your safety, get expert assistance with the electrical installation if necessary.

Monochrome Kitchen

Even a kitchen in a small apartment can be stylish and well-designed. The U-shaped kitchen’s efficient use of space is complemented by its cool monochromatic palette of white, black, and grey. Stylish white herringbone backsplash, black pipes and pendant lighting, and grey worktops and cabinets.

Concrete Bath

A concrete bathroom is anything but sterile and uninteresting. The room has a new, contemporary appearance thanks to the concrete slab wall design, wood-lined shower enclosure, sleek white countertops, and contemporary white tub. The steel towel rack, the wood cube stools, and the antique chandelier are accent pieces.

Color Distinction

It gives the impression that the bed area is on a completely different planet by painting this mezzanine premise with fashionable and distinctive wall accents that visually distinguish the premises. It is a unique and artistic way to base the design composition on a duality of space concept: the deep rich green walls that highlight the ceiling half of the space and divide the bedroom with its lush plant selection from the rest of the interior design with its vintage hints. With its rich accents and nuances, this composition of dualism has a mystical aesthetic effect.

Rock Wall

monastic, fascinating, and impressive. This common bedroom is transformed into something special, imposing, and extraordinary by just one element: its rock wall. The room’s one dominant wall is made of rough, raw rock, which gives the space a tough, edgy feel.

Sliding Staircase

Since the sleeping area is typically only utilized once per day, it is a good idea to make the stairs leading to the bed nook mobile so that it may be removed as needed to make room for daily activities. Smooth white surfaces and a black frame with wooden accents make a timeless mix that never gets stale. The Olympic rings exercise installation is a fun design element.

Black Brick

magnificent, imposing, and very contemporary. Sleek steel, black bricks, and wood accents are used in this modern industrial interior design to create a distinct rustic vibe. The small apartment space is warm and inviting thanks to vintage lighting and plush sectionals.

Bed Platform

This contemporary and edgy bedroom would be ideal for a teenager or single man. The small apartment room has a harsh, monastic appearance due to its empty, bare walls, floor, and ceiling. The only décor is a massive light feature on the wall. The large bed platform and bed, however, make the small apartment space cozy and comfortable.

Storage Under the Stairs 

Beautiful industrial interior design with wood and black is also roomy. Drawers and storage shelves are installed in the area under the stairs. The area beneath the stairs might serve as a home office, entertainment hub, or showcase area depending on where it is located. 

White Industrial Design

Bright, open, and roomy. This white, industrial-style residence had exposed ceilings, bare concrete flooring, and whitewashed walls. Additionally, it has elements of industrial design like a leather sectional, antique pendant lights, and large exposed windows.

Pops of Colour

Industrial interiors and designs tend to be somewhat monochromatic, with the exception of warm terracotta brick walls, monochromatic white, black, and grey, and monochromatic monochrome. By including red and blue steel chairs and painting its box shelving green, this quirky and trendy dining area is able to add some color.   If you are looking for an industrial home design in Singapore, Ovon-D will be a good place to start. We’re an accredited business, based on our reputation and the customer reviews we’ve received. We have many years of experience in industrial renovation design and can help you create the perfect industrial design for your small apartment space.

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