How to Create an Industrial Home Design Style With Modern Trends

The industrial home design style is one of the most popular styles that you can choose to make your dream home. But not everyone is aware of the industrial home design styles. So let’s start by discussing some basic Singapore home design things about this trend.

History of industrial interior design

The factories constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries serve as inspiration for industrial interior design. buildings made of durable materials like brick, concrete, iron, and steel. These spacious, uncluttered areas were designed to accommodate more people so they could complete more work.  With the introduction of globalization, these factories were finally abandoned. Innovative architects made the decision to renovate existing structures into residential areas in order to avoid wasting such important space. They created this interior design trend by celebrating the structure of the building by leaving its unfinished, natural components exposed.

What is industrial interior design?

The architectural features found inside a space determine how it is industrially styled. Other designs conceal the plumbing and ducts, while industrial home designs embrace them and make them the center of attention. Industrial interior design offers a relaxed, almost unfinished atmosphere that makes it a pleasure to live in. This design is hospitable and unpretentious since it keeps the room functional and uncluttered.

Genres of industrial design

The adaptability of industrial design is one of its best features. It can be artfully combined with components of various design styles, including rustic, modern, and vintage.

Contemporary industrial design

As time goes on, contemporary fashion continues to change. The use of both straight and curved lines, as well as sporadic bursts of color, are typical elements of this motif. Intriguing geometric patterns are combined with the textures of steel and brick in this modern industrial HDB design. The vibrant yellow sofa and potted plant give the room extra liveliness.

Rustic industrial design

The rustic industrial look is a lovely fusion of the urban and pastoral. Warm earth tones are used in this HDB flat’s design to give it a rustic appearance, while metal pipes and factory-style lighting highlight its industrial side.

Retro industrial design

Vintage furnishings and offbeat pop culture allusions go particularly well with the industrial design’s aged appearance. This HDB flat design blends industrial and retro ideas, and the outcome is interesting enough to spark a discussion. The designer highlighted the owner’s vibrant anime collection while including exposed pipes and industrial-style fixtures.

Advantages of industrial interior design

Easy to execute 

The fact that industrial interior design is typically simple to implement is a big benefit. The majority of the colors are neutral or warm, and raw materials are used. For this topic, there’s no need to go overboard. Even your home’s infrastructure may be included into the overall design.


The industrial style is pleasantly versatile and goes well with numerous interior design motifs. Because of the range of textures, the combination of lines, and the neutral color scheme, it may easily blend with different designs without causing any conflicts. Incorporating certain styles depends on your personal tastes and way of living. 

Friendly to the environment 

For this type of decorating, you don’t need to spend a fortune! Objects that are no longer useful can simply be recycled. You could make a coffee table out of an old suitcase and it would look great! Additionally, this pointer lowers the expense of the industrial design aesthetic.

Disadvantages of industrial interior design

Needs to be consistent 

Although mixing industrial design with various types is possible, rooms shouldn’t be starkly contrasted. This implies that you shouldn’t decorate one area in an industrial design while decorating another in a minimalist style. Design inconsistency can quickly transform a lovely home into a disorganized mess because of the distinctive appearance of industrial design. 

Possibly ineffective in smaller homes 

Due to the abundance of exposed textures and design elements that are influenced by factories, this type of architecture typically works better with larger homes that have open spaces. As a result, it might not work with smaller homes because, if done improperly, it might give them a cluttered appearance.

If not well maintained, could appear unclean

The exposure of elements is a key aspect of industrial design. However, if your exposed ductwork and pipes aren’t cleaned, your modern house could come out as tacky and unclean. You must set aside time to clean your exposed surfaces if you want to avoid this.

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