Modern Urban Home Design Ideas In Singapore

Urban home design Singapore is a type of architectural design in which a house is placed on a plot of land in close proximity to a busy urban environment, such as an inner-city area or a suburban neighborhood. A modern urban home design in Singapore is an ideal solution to create a stylish yet comfortable and functional living environment, and it would provide you with a sense of balance, harmony and relaxation. However, creating an urban home design with feng shui is not always an easy task, but by following the Singapore home design ideas, you can still make it happen.

What is urban interior design style?

Urban interior design combines elements of contemporary, modern, and industrial designs to produce a distinctive look that is ideal for apartment living in the inner city. Urban design includes loft and warehouse conversions as its base, giving it a softer, cozier appearance than industrial design trends. It makes the most of limited space to design living environments that are useful and practical.  Exposed beams, raw materials like concrete, brick, and wood, and untreated surfaces are important architectural elements in urban architecture. Urban design elements include minimalistic and large pieces of furniture with sleek lines, vintage decor, geometric designs, and a color palette consisting of a neutral base combined with colors reminiscent of nature. Urban design is characterized by clear open space, light colors, and clean finishes.

Urban interior design ideas

Urban-style flooring 

The ideal basis for an urban-inspired interior design style is provided by wood and stone flooring. You have access to a variety of urban-style flooring solutions thanks to Tarkett’s wood collections and natural-looking wood and stone patterned vinyl collections, which are designed in accordance with current interior design trends. For example, the flooring materials in our Bohemian Explorer-inspired collections blend the traditional with the contemporary to create a look that is the ideal complement to urban interior design.

Statement piece

Urban interior designs frequently incorporate statement elements. An urban sanctuary is made more interesting and textured by patterned rugs, substantial artwork, unique floor to ceiling window treatments, and vintage decorations and furnishings. Just one or two prominent pieces can give your room a chic, industrial edge while yet maintaining a minimalist look.

Comfortable furnishings

Urban style interior furnishings are softer and more comfy than their industrial counterparts. Large, comfortable sofas, natural-colored throw pillows and cushions, and warm-toned, natural-material rugs all contribute to the ambiance of the room. Create a more rustic style by choosing cozy pieces in earthy tones like brown, green, and yellow, or go for an eclectic look by selecting statement pieces made of opulent materials like a velvet sofa in a more vibrant color.

Set the tone

Reduce the glitter and opt for more laid-back materials and patterns if you want a space to be more relaxing, like this family room. Increase the use of more opulent materials, such as a velvet sofa, and add some metal finishes when the area is more of an entertaining place, such a formal living room. The beautiful thing about the urban modern style is that you can combine different design elements to create a chic but cozy atmosphere.

Complementary components

Soft furniture can be paired with materials that are opposite but complementary, including metal stair railings, gold and bronze picture frames, and metal-framed mirrors.

Create continuity

Too much “matchy” decorating should be avoided in urban modern areas. Have a consistent hue (in this case, blue and gray) quietly play throughout, but also include other colors to keep it interesting, like splashes of chartreuse and lavender, as well as the pop of green in the lamp on the bar. Take note of the steel stair rails as well; they are another typical urban modern architectural component.

Play with scale

To make objects stand out in a room with minimalist furnishings, play around with “size.” For instance, the great size of these simple-shaped pendants on this kitchen’s island produces a dramatic appearance. Use a combination of oversized pieces and clusters of smaller items like paintings and mirrors for various effects.

Don’t forget the details

Small touches make a big difference when you have minimalist furniture. Drapery with a bold design would have been too overpowering in this space. Instead, to offer a fitted finishing touch, plain gray curtains were used combined with a blue graphic applique accent. This gives the big windows, a typical component of urban modern design, the ideal frame.

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