7 Ways to Make Your Luxury Home Design Stand Out

You probably have heard about the home design trend called “luxury.” The idea behind it is to create rooms that feel like they are separate spaces within your home, not one big space that blends together. You might have seen it as a trend in magazine articles, TV shows, or even the movies. One example of this trend is a home where you have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even a little patio outside. How can you make yours stand out? Here are 7 ways to make sure your luxury Singapore home design is different.

Clean lines

Another feature of contemporary luxury interior design in Singapore is a preference for simple, straight lines over curved or intricate ones. These are demonstrated by contemporary furniture, handcrafted cabinets, and sturdy architectural features like bare rafters and cantilever brakes.  This is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of your space. If your cornices have exposed beams, you can paint them a neutral color like beige or white to give them a more contemporary appearance. Then, polish it to make it appear sleek. In the living room, rectilinear tables and L-shaped couches are examples of furniture with little decoration. Choosing these items will help with interior construction and provide you suggestions on what to pair them with.

No clutter

“Less is more” is commonly applied in today’s high-end furnishings, despite the fact that most décor has even more details and themes as distinguishing characteristics. In this case, less distraction and frills led to a stronger first impression.  Before you start decorating your room, place your accessories and ornaments on the floor. Check what fits best next, much like when you put on clothes. Always choose for the more practical features because they can make a house genuinely one-of-a-kind. Then throw away everything that is unnecessary.

Colour plan

As you would with any room, start with a basic color scheme. Because you’re combining the two styles, you’ll also need to be aware of the colors that go with each. Modern hues include neutral shades like gray, charcoal, white, tan, taupe, beige, and even graige (a combination of gray and beige). Metallic colors like those of iron and palladium are also an option.  The word “luxury” is generally linked with strong colors like red, purple, teal, and even jewel tones like emeralds and topazes. Additionally, there are metals like gold and rose gold. To get an opulent appearance, choose a color combination of 3:2, with 3 representing contemporary hues and 2 reflecting pricey colors of your choice. In essence, you’ll want to keep the remainder of the color scheme current while adding at least two rich hues as accent or signature colors.  Given that the colors are less expensive and more current, any proportion would be advantageous. You might also make a mood or concept board as a guide. For instance, you might pair modern leather couches with red accessories and an off-white paint color.

Enchanting lighting

Without a matching set of lights, in this case, beautiful illumination, a room’s interior will fall short of perfection. Modern chandeliers or drop lamps that blend straight and overlapping sections to form a one-of-a-kind display can be seen in the majority of contemporary luxury residences.  The most popular types of lighting for use in this interior include cove lighting, which exudes a subtle yet sensational feeling; pin lights strategically placed throughout the space to brighten specific areas of the hallway; a pendant hangs or important functions luminaire which binds the whole look together; and even some floor lamps for that delicate peaceful environment.

Unique furnishings

Modern luxury residences must have sparse but striking furniture. A full living room display with an armchair, a three-seater sofa, or even a sectional sofa that makes up the entire lounge area, coffee tables with solid or glass kitchen counters supported by metal or iron structures, evenly spaced tables and chairs, high back bar stools, and a room display with fully upholstered bed frames or built-in headboards are the most common elements seen in this type of decor. When it comes to planning and refurbishing, use furniture that is a practical substitute for the aforementioned components. There are several sofas available that are high quality, moderately priced, and have a similar clean, crisp appearance. Keep in mind the width and length of your sofa. Try to find a chunk that is in the middle—that is, neither too large nor too small.  For house decor, dining tables with traditional table or glass surfaces and straight legs are also available. High-back chairs come in plain or fully upholstered varieties. You can also use well-known modern chairs. Buying furnishings in a uniform style, excluding one accent piece, is a more covert strategy.


The use of textiles related to the topic is a key factor in traditional lux Singapore home design. You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, including silks and linens. In pricey luxury style, resilient materials like cotton, linen, and satin, as well as leather and colored textiles, will be used.  Try using traditional patterns like animal print and geometric accents on your furniture, including armchairs and couches, draperies, and cushions. Simply place a couch or console chairs on top of a gorgeously woven fiber rug or carpet and place it on the floor. A really subtle yet nice addition would be this.

Organic materials

Modern luxury interiors make heavy use of natural fibers like stone, wood, quartz, marble, and even cement in addition to dazzling and gemstone accents. An earthier, more appealing appearance is produced by using stones and other natural materials. The benefit of having these items is that they will last longer and may be used in many various design styles. Why not substitute fake marble or silica rock for real granite, two materials that are comparable? Both their durability and their sleek, modern design are impressive. There are several alternatives, including polished stones, sculpted wooden figures, built-in cement pots, and marble-colored ornaments like platters and pitchers. By employing wooden separators as a space separator and an accessory, you may go even further.

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