Commercial Renovation Price Guide 2022

You’ve heard the saying that you should always leave things better than when you found them. Well, that applies to renovating commercial buildings too. If you’re considering commercial renovations, it’s critical to get estimates from experienced contractors and stay away from those who’ll overcharge you for subpar work. We put together a complete guide to commercial renovations, including everything you need to know about estimating, selecting the right contractor, negotiating, and getting a great deal on your next renovation project. ​​Here is comprehensive pricing information on undertaking a commercial refurbishment in Singapore to aid you in developing a budget.

Commercial renovation consultation services

Renovations should be designed and executed by professionals. Therefore, in order for your ideas to be properly realized, you need the assistance of a skilled contractor and interior designer. They are also necessary to determine which of your plans are workable. We can all be overly enthusiastic, which occasionally results in costly initiatives. As a result, these experts may assist in keeping your ideas in control and onto something doable.  The consulting costs for contractors vary widely. Carpenters would want to be paid $60 per hour, whilst electricians may charge $50. Hiring a designer who has already secured these contractors is the most realistic course of action. You could expect to pay at least $80 to $100 per hour of consulting for these kinds of designers.

Material costs

The most painstaking aspect of creating a budget for a business makeover in Singapore is now. Make sure you stay within your budget in this area without sacrificing quality. The breakdown of the materials you should take into account when remodeling a commercial area is provided below.


Most businesses typically choose to go with the most basic and affordable tiling selections. However, this shouldn’t always be the case because an office makeover aims to improve the current environment of the building. Therefore, keeping with a standard, lifeless flooring would be detrimental to your goal. Marble and Granite are by far the most expensive kind of tile, costing between $10 and $20 per square foot. With prices ranging from $6 to $14, vinyl and parquet tiles are among the more cost-effective options. The final expense is lamination, which comes in at least $4 per square foot. You should be prepared to pay tile installers at least $50 for each day’s labor.

Carpentry services

You must also build things if you demolish some things. To determine the quality of your office, you must get the best carpentry service. Finding highly qualified individuals is essential because your employees’ safety depends on them.  It would cost roughly $25 to $30 per foot run to create new dividers (pfr). Furniture prices range from $240 to $400 for a wardrobe, $100 to $300 on average for cabinets, and $90 for tables. However, if you have other requirements, this can take longer.

Electric services

Workstations are typically moved about during workplace renovations, and new electrical outlets and wiring may need to be installed. Therefore, hiring an electrician would be beneficial.  Electrician services are typically compensated based on the amount of work you require rather than an hourly rate. Installing outlets would cost at least $50, while rewiring telephone, cable, and landlines would cost between $40 and $120, depending on how complex the prior wiring project was completed. You should budget at least $45 for a set of light installations in terms of light fixtures.

Painting services

The most obvious modifications in every office makeover are the paintings. Your interior paint color selection must be appropriate because it determines the mood of the room to a large extent. The following costs might be associated with painting your commercial facility again. Costs for minor scraping and a primer coat range from $400 to $600. Regular scraping and coating costs between $600 to $1900, while a comprehensive job would cost at least $2000.  In Singapore, paint costs typically start around $20. Varnish prices range from $16 to $18, while priming prices have a wider range, starting at $10 for a pint and going up to $50 for the most costly.

Wall hacker services

Wall hackers cost a lot of money. Tearing your way through inches of hard materials requires the right knowledge because, if done carelessly, it could cause an accident. Because of this, it is crucial to delegate the task to an expert.  For every foot run, wall hacking would often cost you $50 to $70. Additionally, it’s important to know if the service already includes debris cleaning; if not, you might have to pay an extra $30.

Costs for temporary office space

Before a space is habitable, renovation projects take months to complete. Employees are typically relocated into a temporary office as a result, incurring additional costs. You must account for the price of hiring a moving crew and renting space for your temporary office.  Most businesses would often transfer personnel to any sibling firm if they were looking to cut costs. If this is not an option, you might be able to create a short-term work from home program.  Be prepared to lease office space for $2500 to $5000 per month. To assist you with the transfer of documents, you must also pay a moving agency, whose hourly prices often range from $100 to $150.

Renovation deposit

Verify that you have followed the conditions outlined in your leasing agreements. Singaporean structures frequently need a renovation fee before allowing you to replace the office space in a building. You would have to make restitution otherwise.  It’s essential to abide by the lease agreements’ terms to prevent pointless legal conflicts that could end up costing a fortune.  Building deposits in Singapore typically cost a third of the monthly rent. Therefore, confirm that your landlord is aware of the renovation process and accepts any modifications it may bring. You don’t need to be concerned since, provided no irreparable harm is done, the deposit will eventually be reimbursed after the job is finished.

Buying furniture

Last but not least, new office furniture is a necessity for every business renovation. Make sure your new furniture will enhance the beauty and opulence of the room. The following are the typical furniture prices in Singapore: 
  • $40 to $500 for lighting 
  • $60 to $600 for coffee tables
  • $55 to $1200 for shelves 
  • $150 to $1600 for television 
  • $300 to $1500 for a sofa 
Almost all remodeling specialists would advise selling any furniture that is meant to be replaced. It can assist pay for the purchase of new furnishings and lower the costs associated with the refurbishment. If you are looking for a guide commercial renovation price, Ovon-D is the answer for you! If you are looking for a cozy yet functional commercial place, then the home you choose should be the best in every way. Your home should look good, but it also should feel good.

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