Small Kitchen Design Ideas: The Most Popular Trends

You can start by choosing a design theme that best reflects your personality. This might include a rustic, urban, contemporary, minimalist or retro theme. You might also choose a theme that incorporates a color scheme of your preference or one that has a neutral color scheme.  When it comes to designing a small kitchen, keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure that your space fits your lifestyle. Some people like to cook and entertain in their kitchen while others prefer to keep the space clean and uncluttered. A good way to narrow down your choices would be to decide what type of cooking and entertaining will be done in your small kitchen and how much space you want to dedicate to these activities. Once you’ve chosen a theme or color scheme, you can start looking at various HDB small kitchen design ideas.

What is the best design for a small kitchen?

Planning a small HDB kitchen design Singapore layout can be tricky, as finding the best layout can make or break a compact kitchen. While you might think options can be limited for small kitchen ideas, these smaller spaces often turn out to be far more ergonomically efficient. No traipsing miles to gather ingredients, or circumnavigating a monolithic island unit to reach the sink. When space is tight, everything is meticulously placed for convenience and is exactly where you need it.

Small HDB Kitchen Design Ideas

Open Concept Kitchen

An open concept HDB kitchen not only uses considerably less room, but it is also popular right now. Your entire apartment or condo will appear open and big if there are no obvious walls separating the kitchen from the living room. Observe how the countertop in the HDB kitchen below, which we restored, may also be used for dining. This open design has a sophisticated appearance and offers the additional functionality of dining without requiring any additional room. Particularly for smaller residences and studio apartments, this sort of HDB kitchen design is arguably the most prevalent. It occupies comparatively less area. Despite covering less surface space, it does not appear crowded because of its open design. Additionally, it makes it possible for more light to enter the kitchen than would have been feasible with a standard one. If you have young children, this kind of design is extremely helpful. It enables you to monitor your surroundings while cooking.

Small Modular Kitchen Design in an L-Shape

We would recommend an L-shaped tiny modular kitchen layout. The L form is caused by one of the walls being longer. Furthermore, by arranging bookcases across the two walls, considerable floor space is freed up for smooth and flexible mobility. The storage possibilities are also varied; with the right cabinets, the corner where the two walls meet can be effectively utilized. Professional interior designers play an important part when laying out a small modular kitchen design idea. You can develop an L-shaped kitchen when building a new house with compact space.

Island Layout 

Planning a small modular kitchen design that makes your apartment look spacious and comfy? Island layout HDB kitchen design is our recommendation. You can add an island counter to an existing HDB kitchen design if you have a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped kitchen with extra space for workstation development. This extra kitchen space can be used as a breakfast nook, baking area, bar counter, chopping area, or more counter space.   Your kitchen’s efficiency could be increased with an island layout. Also, you can use the bottom area of the table to place convertible chairs, stools, or design a compact shelf and storage cabin beneath. 

Small Cabinets Design

Having a small kitchen forces you to pare down and prioritize your possessions. Because there isn’t much room, you’ll just keep the things you use and love. Small cabinets can be mounted anywhere: on the ceiling, over a window, or even on bare walls. This would also make your small modular kitchen design very unique and spacious. While you can keep your belongings perfectly.

Open Shelves Design

Adding open shelves allows you to easily access all of your commonly used products. Open shelf is reasonably inexpensive, enabling you to display all of your fine china, and improves the appearance of your kitchen. It is the best way to keep all the cutlery on display and it would not even take up a lot of your space. We would recommend using such open shelves for a small modular kitchen design.

Kitchen Flooring

Although a kitchen’s operation and arrangement of items are its primary concerns, the floor also plays a significant role in the room’s interior design. If the kitchen’s other components are flawlessly constructed but the floor falls short, the entire room will appear terrible. The floor should ideally be tiled in very light colors to help the room appear larger.  The backsplash tile color could be replicated in the floor tiles, or they could be a little darker or lighter. To match the other components of the kitchen, you can even choose tiles with a wooden appearance and feel. Again, there are several possibilities available for kitchen flooring.

Use Kitchen Vertical Space

Making the most of vertical space during a kitchen makeover is a crucial and practical tip for making the room appear spacious and uncluttered. For example, full-length cabinets and shelves may be used. To make use of this vertical space, you can stack the dryer on top of the washing machine.  The vertical shelves of the cabinets can also be used to store and fit the various kitchen appliances. Exactly this was carried out in the remodeling that came after. Utilizing as much vertical space as possible gives the HDB kitchen a roomy, practical appearance.

Breakfast Counters

A tiny breakfast counter can help give your HDB kitchen design a fresh and elegant appeal. No matter if the kitchen is open concept or a traditional area, a breakfast counter or corner can be installed.  It is simple to seat guests on one side of the counter if it is attached to a wall. If the kitchen has a counter in the center, individuals can sit at each of its four corners. If your kitchen is small and you don’t have a dedicated breakfast counter, you can easily convert one of the kitchen counters to serve that purpose. Any building material, such as wood, aluminum, PVC, metal, or fiberglass, can be used to make a breakfast counter. Depending on how much room you have, you can either set it in the middle of the kitchen or simply attach it to a wall.

Scandinavian Theme Kitchen

When it comes to renovating a HDB kitchen, a Scandinavian theme is among the greatest options. Scandinavian interior design emphasizes simplicity, a decluttered environment, and extremely light colors. Install simple, white cabinets and shelves to keep things uncomplicated.  Open shelves should be avoided as they might make the room appear cluttered. So that there are less objects on the countertops, keep the majority of your possessions stored away in storage. Naturally, you can add a little color to the kitchen to make it more exciting. This could take the shape of countertop color that contrasts with the remaining light-colored items or dark kitchen appliances.

Cool Color Themes

To create such magnificent interior design themes that are sure to attract the attention of anybody who enters, choose calm, deep, and serene colors for your kitchen. The use of cool colors makes meal preparation and cooking more enjoyable for you, preventing you from feeling like it is a chore.  In the picture below, a kitchen that we renovated is a fantastic illustration of one such kitchen. The counter is white, while the cabinets and shelving are a dark, serene blue. Through the use of accent and recessed lighting, the color scheme is well balanced in this design. The ash grey color of the walls and floor adds to the overall aesthetic.

Kitchen Tiled Backsplash

The cabinets, counters, and floor are the main components of a HDB kitchen that should be kept simple. This does not preclude, however, adding a bit of excitement and surprise to some aspects of the kitchen while it is being renovated.  Utilizing backsplash tiles with distinctive patterns is one way to add a touch of fashion and pop. These tiles can be arranged in geometric patchwork or other patterns to produce striking designs. shown in the accompanying picture of a HDB kitchen that we restored. Observe how various tones of brown and gold tiles are set up to provide a distinctive fan-tiled backsplash. This design delivers beauty and elegance in addition to giving the kitchen a unique character.

Bright And Functional Kitchen

Having a kitchen with a white theme instantly makes the space brighter. A white theme would be especially helpful if your HDB kitchen is small because it will make the room feel large and roomy. You can add white cabinets and a backsplash made of light grey or beige. To complement the overall white concept, the floor tiles can also be white or pastel-colored. While cleaning a kitchen with a white theme might take more work, it does it neatly and beautifully. Try to maintain the kitchen’s usability. To avoid wasting space with extraneous objects, just include components that you will actually use. To add the most functionality, give counters plenty of space. If you have room, consider adding a bar and seating.

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