Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your HDB Flat in Singapore

As many of you may not know, HDB flats in Singapore have small kitchens which are usually less than 700 square feet (63 sqm). It’s difficult to cook a delicious meal in such a small kitchen without some sort of equipment, but in Singapore, HDB flats don’t provide any cooking equipment. Here, we’ll go through a few suggestions you might use to update the look of your 4 room HDB kitchen. Whether you need a tiny or large kitchen, we offer unique kitchen design ideas Singapore that will work for you!

What is the best design for a small kitchen?

Designing a compact kitchen Finding the ideal layout may make or break a small kitchen, making Singapore layout challenging. Small kitchen ideas may seem to have few possibilities, but they frequently end up being far more ergonomically effective. There is no trudging miles to get ingredients or negotiating a massive island to get to the sink. Everything is carefully positioned for ease and is available where you need it when space is limited.

What kitchen layout is ideal for small apartments?

It’s advisable to compile a list of your “must-haves” while thinking about how to organize a compact kitchen layout, especially in terms of appliances as they can eat up a lot of storage space. Spend some time considering your cooking style, who else requires access to the kitchen (even just to the refrigerator), and the location of the dining table in relation to the dishwasher.  Consult a trained kitchen designer before making any decisions. They may frequently recommend ways to fit more into kitchen layouts without crowding because they are trained in spatial design and the newest space-saving innovations.

What are the best ideas for small modular kitchen designs?

People are accustomed to having a modest modular kitchen in their home. These kitchens are adequate in size and take up little room in your house. However, it’s probable that your small kitchen will occasionally be inconvenient.  The best course of action in this situation is to come up with some small modular kitchen design ideas that will make your kitchen appear spacious. You can also include contemporary designs, roomy cabinets, etc. Continue reading to learn more about HDB small kitchen design ideas.

Systematically Built Small Cabinets

Having a small kitchen forces you to pare down and priorities your possessions. Because there isn’t much room, you’ll just keep the things you use and love. Small cabinets can be mounted anywhere: on the ceiling, over a window, or even on bare walls. This would also make your small modular kitchen design very unique and spacious. While you can keep your belongings perfectly.

Island Layout 

Planning a small modular kitchen design that makes your apartment look spacious and comfy? Island layout kitchen design is our recommendation. You can add an island counter to an existing kitchen design if you have a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped kitchen with extra space for workstation development. This extra kitchen space can be used as a breakfast nook, baking area, bar counter, chopping area, or more counter space.   Your kitchen’s efficiency could be increased with an island layout. Also, you can use the bottom area of the table to place convertible chairs, stools, or design a compact shelf and storage cabin beneath. 

Small Modular Kitchen design in an L-Shape

We would recommend an L-shaped tiny modular kitchen layout. The L form is caused by one of the walls being longer. Furthermore, by arranging bookcases across the two walls, considerable floor space is freed up for smooth and flexible mobility. The storage possibilities are also varied; with the right cabinets, the corner where the two walls meet can be effectively utilized. Professional interior designers play an important part when laying out a small modular kitchen design idea. You can develop an L-shaped kitchen when building a new house with compact space.

Design Open Shelves 

You can have quick access to all of your frequently used products by adding open shelves. You may put all of your fine china on show with an open shelf, which is fairly priced and enhances the look of your kitchen. The cutlery would be kept in the finest possible way, and it wouldn’t even take up much room. Such open shelves are something we’d advise utilizing in a compact modular kitchen design.

What is a 10×10 kitchen layout?

A term you might see while shopping online for new kitchen cabinets is a 10×10 kitchen layout or a 10×10 kitchen cabinet collection. Both of these indicate a base set of cabinetry that can fit many kitchens, however, the 10×10 kitchen cabinet serves a specific purpose one that will help with budgeting for your new cabinets. The 10×10 kitchen layout is a standard dimension that cabinet retailers use to help you estimate and compare the cost of new cabinets for your kitchen. The 10×10 represents the square footage of a kitchen, 100 square feet in total the size of most small to average kitchen layouts. This 10×10 cabinet pricing estimate can help you focus your search to a cabinet collection that suits your budget, practicality, and preferred design even though your own kitchen may be more or less than 100 square feet.  Despite the fact that a 10×10 kitchen provides a decent starting point for pricing, the majority of 4 room HDB kitchen design ideas restoration projects will need a custom cabinet quote and design from a professional to ensure that the cabinets you purchase suit the exact measurements of your kitchen. Designing your 4 room HDB kitchen from scratch can be daunting. From picking out cabinets, and countertops, to designing your tiles, you may feel overwhelmed. Ovon-D is an interior designer who can help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams with amazing designs! All you need to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest!

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