What to Look Out Before Buying 3 Room Resale Flat

For young couples thinking about buying their first home, is a tough choices. The typical Singaporean norm of applying for a 3 room resale flat Singapore and temporarily living together with parents or in-laws may no longer work as well. Thinking of buying a 3 room flat, 3-room resale flat Singapore price, but not sure what to look out for? Here are the tips to consider when looking at potential or affordableest 3 room resale flat – location, lease and layout.

1. Location

One of the advantages of purchasing a affordableest 3-room resale hdb flat in Singapore is the variety of HDB flats available on the open market. How then do you choose the location that suits you best? For a start, it might be useful to think about what is important to you and your lifestyle. If you love being close to nature, you might want to look for a flat located near a park, for instance. If you have school-going kids, you may need to check out nearby schools. If living near your parents or in-laws is important, consider looking at resale flats near them. For this, you may also want to check if your potential home would qualify you for a Proximity Housing Grant. Transport options are also important to consider. While living near an interchange, main road or major transport node would bring convenience, fringe neighbourhoods provide respite from the hustle and bustle.

2. Lease Length

Unlike BTO flats, 3-room resale flat Singapore price resale flats sold on the open market come with varied leases. This is important to consider since the length of lease remaining on the flat would impact the amount of CPF money you can tap on to finance your flat purchase. It can also impact the Enhanced Housing Grant amount you can enjoy (if eligible). Both the CPF usage limit and the grant amount will be pro-rated based on the extent the remaining lease of the flat can cover the youngest buyer up to the age of 95. Don’t worry if that sounds like too much math for you – the budget calculator on the affordableest 3-room resale hdb flat in Singapore portal is a great resource to consider when purchasing a affordableest 3 room resale flat.  

3. Layout

A 3 room flat come in a variety of layouts, so it can be daunting to evaluate all the options. Again, ask yourself – what fits your lifestyle? If you’re a family with kids, you may prefer a bigger flat, but if you’re a senior looking for a comfortable place to retire, consider cosy spaces that are easier to maintain.

Look out for signs of a loan shark problem

Ah-longs are not just the stuff of Jack Neo movies. They’re true-blue nightmares, and you wouldn’t want one to hound your doors with pig blood and aggressive scribblings–just because the former owner couldn’t pay up. Even if you don’t see any obvious “O$P$” around, look closer—especially at new coats of paint which might cover telltale signs. Also, be alert for special CCTVs installed that must have something worth monitoring… don’t limit yourself just to your unit: check out units beside or up or down a story; trouble neighbours will typically be right in front of their buildings waiting for help!

Find out if your unit is facing the sun

Bring a compass when you go unit visiting, and not because of your Boy Scout/Girl Guide past. It’s a useful tool to suss out the direction of the sun’s rising – and remember this: avoid the West! If your unit faces that direction, that means it gets the brunt of heat when the sun sets; even in evening hours. Do not exercise blind faith when it comes to agents’ words – use an app on your own phone or tablet device instead- check if walls are warm for confirmation or observe how cool breezes caress our face. You’ll thank yourself next time there’s no Singapore gets a heat wave. This is important for both residents and buyers: if you’re a resident, it’s good to know what your living quarters will be like in the coming days. If you’re buying a3-room resale flat with balcony, then please make sure that there are cross-ventilation sources (windows or door) near the bedroom; this way, when you’re sleeping, you won’t feel as hot.

Take note if the place is in a livable condition

The Kardashians are known for their glamorous lifestyle of designer clothes, 3-room resale flat with balcony lavish homes and exotic vacations. But when you take a closer look at the family’s life on TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it looks as though they have just been running around wasting time – not doing anything more than taking selfies all day long! If we want to see if there is actually any truth in what Kim says about having an expert cleaner come into her home every week or two weeks (often with cameras rolling!), then now is the perfect chance to find out how often she really needs help keeping things tidy. Here’s my list of tasks that will give us a quick overview:
– Bathroom –
  • Test the water pressing factor of taps and showers. 
  • Post for watermarks on roof/dividers – this could mean a spillage. 
  • Ensure the latrine’s working by giving it… an imperial flush.
– Flooring and Walls –
  • Check for mushrooms underneath the wooden ground surface. Truly, parasites fills in this stickiness. 
  • Ensure your dividers are without break and have no bloodstains that signal kissing bugs. 
  • Note the current tile design. In the event that you disdain that old fashioned plan, it’ll be costly to hack it all away.
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