Simple Wardrobe Organizer to Maximize Space

In the nineteenth century, the wardrobe began to develop into its modern form, sometimes incorporating a hanging cupboard at each side, a press in the upper part of the central portion and drawers below. The modern wardrobe differs in one respect from the historical one in its partitioning: there are often smaller compartments on either side with shelves as well as a middle space made up of hanging pegs and drawers – the latter being a modern addition. The penultimate step in the evolution of the wardrobe organizer ideas was taken when the central doors, which had previously enclosed merely the upper part, were carried to the floor, covering the drawers as well as the sliding shelves, and were often fitted with mirrors. In ikea wardrobe organizer, a more affluent option is custom-made wardrobes, which are designed and built around the size and shape of the room.

Wardrobe organizer ideas for a tidy space

If you are fed up with getting rid of clothes or shoes because of a lack of storage space, then we’re here to tell you that this ends today. How? We consider ourselves to be storage experts, and thanks to these handy wardrobe organizer ideas, you can be too! Not only can they help utilize otherwise empty, unusable space in your wardrobe, but they’ll also assist when it comes to categorizing your clothes. Just to make your life a little easier at 6 am when you’re struggling to put an outfit together. From foldable and stackable boxes to space-savvy clothes hangers, there’s everything that you could think of on our list. All of which is easy to fit and use, whether you are renting your bedroom or you own your home. Investing in some clever ikea wardrobe organizer is just one of the wardrobe storage ideas we’ve got up our sleeve. But rest assured these buys below are budget-friendly and a great alternative to spending money on an entirely new built-in wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Make way for a neat and tidy bedroom.  

Dresser Drawer Organizer Storage Box

Use these storage boxes inside your wardrobe to separate your jeans from your trousers and leggings, and your smart t-shirts from your chill ones. Pop them in a drawer inside your wardrobe, or sit them atop a shelf for easy access. Not only do they make organizing your wardrobe a dream, but they will make your space look oh-so aesthetically pleasing, too. Each box offers enough space for 7 different pieces of clothing, and they are lightweight and flexible thanks to their nonwoven fabric and cardboard construction.


Magic Clothes Hangers

These space-savvy ikea hanging are a must-have for anyone who has a few too many clothes (us included). Each hanger can hold up to 5 pieces of clothing, maximizing the space on your rail by 5 times. These ikea hanging a reinforced with a strong plastic frame, and they ensure you’re using up all available space in your wardrobe. Organize your clothes so that the ones you wear the most sit at the top of the hanger, descending to the items you wear the least or seasonal stuff. They’re so smart, you’ll soon wonder why you ever bothered with normal hangers.  

Hanging Grey Shoe Organizer

Not only for holding shoes, but this ikea hanging organizer makes use of all wardrobe space, from the floor to the ceiling. Use it to hold folded clothing or even your favorite handbags, and to separate your wardrobe. Perhaps you could use it to separate your clothes from your partners’ stuff?  

Dividing Shelf System

These clever shelves are brilliant for doubling your storage space inside your wardrobe. This way, you can maximise the amount of useable space, to store more shoes and foldable clothes. Place them atop shelves or on your wardrobe floor. With non-skid feet, they should stay put.  

Shelf Shoe Storage Rack 

This solid wood shoe rack is brilliant for making use of the floor space in your wardrobe, to store your shoes and handbags. At a very reasonable price tag, this rack offers two fixed shelves and if you buy another, they can be stacked atop one another.  

Closet Tension Shelf & Rod

Available in a range of colours, these clever ikea wardrobe organizer racks are adjustable via tension rod to slot into your space seamlessly. They avoid wasting valuable wardrobe space so that you can make for more available space for your shoe collection and more. They’re great for renters since there’s no drilling required, and they are sturdy thanks to their stainless steel construction.

Under Shelf Storage Basket

Handy for holding anything from knickers to tights and socks, these baskets simply slot in with your wardrobe shelves to make use of the space underneath them. They’re super simple to take on and off, plus they’re open for easy access. You could also use them to hold small shoes or neatly folded clothing.  

Symple Stuff Plastic Organizer Box

An elegant way to organize your wardrobe, these plastic storage boxes stack with ease and they make an easy job of making your wardrobe look neat and tidy. You could either use them for shoes or folded clothes, and they definitely look the part in case you leave your wardrobe open whilst guests are over.

Cube Wire Storage Shelves

These storage cubes are a super popular option when it comes to organizing a wardrobe. Why? They are completely personalisable to suit the size of your wardrobe. Stack them whichever way you like to use otherwise empty space, plus their steel construction makes them sturdy enough to hold shoes. Choose from a pack of six or four, and from black or white depending on the colour of your bedroom.  

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