7 Ways To Freshen-up Your 3-Room Resale Flat Singapore

Thinking about doing or re-working on the interior design for 3-room HDB flat?  Well, there are a lot of options to explore! Most homeowners prefer to strike the balance between comfort and functionality. If you are looking to freshen-up your 3-room resale flat Singapore design ideas, Here are X ideas you should try:

Using dark color palettes for dark tones

You’ve probably heard that working with dark colours can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Flush to the walls makes a lot of sense for narrow or dark homes as well. When working with dark walls, it’s important to consider how the colour will look against the other colours in your home and what you want the space to feel like. If you’re not sure about painting dark walls.

Create bigger space with contemporary design

To make your home appear bigger and brighter, and create a sense of spaciousness, one hack you can use is to place Sol Luminaire lighting into a smart location such as the dining room or living room. Light is always an important consideration when designing a room. This includes using light to illuminate your room. You can also use natural lighting to add some ambient light. The large, open-plan living and dining area offers space for a TV, home cinema, home office and plenty of seating. There are plenty of natural light and a beautiful view out over the city as well. There are many ways to make a room look bigger and more spacious. Adding a mirror also makes the room look more spacious than it actually is and creates the illusion of depth that draws the eye to the center of the room.

Apply santorini vibes to your 3-room resale flat

No more expensive trips to Santorini when you can bring Santorini to you. You can make all your walls a serene, white background by applying blue accents that resemble the Grecian seas and skies. It is possible to elevate the look and feel of a typical Santorini-inspired space with a darker shade of blue. It will give the space a modern and contemporary feel. A light-toned wood adds to the island-like atmosphere of the home, but it should be used lightly. Don’t add too much because the blue and white theme will be overshadowed by it.

Muji aesthetic look for your 3-room resale flat

The key to success is styling. If you want to change your 3-room resale flat into a muji style, you should consider buying wooden furniture, storage solutions, and décor. Anyone who would like to give their space a flexible layout is encouraged to use this tip. You can put all the furniture wherever you want, and there will be no restrictions.

Using industrial design for more masculine style 

Minimalist design might sound like the go-to theme if you are looking for a clutter-free and spacious look, but that doesn’t mean that other interior design themes can’t give you the same effect. You can still make your home look clutter-free and feel spacious even with an industrial interior design style It’s not necessary to specify any particular key color for a successful masculine decoration in 3-room flat HDB, but there are still a few essentials. The old club chair has seen a lot of use. Both are worn out and magnified. The leather in the seat is essential to me. It can be very intense.

Using glass cabinet to show collectibles to add more personality to the room

If you collect anything then it’s definitely worth setting up a cabinet for your collections so you can display them elegantly, in an organised manner. An all-glass kitchen island will make your living room look sleeker, because it takes up less space than an all-wood island. It’s a nice touch to have an art piece that guests can pore over and admire while they’re waiting for dinner.

Using soft colors with geometrical pattern

Those who love the visual style of the films of director Wes Anderson will appreciate this book. This is a smart use of pastels and geometric shapes to get your creative juices flowing. To make this graphic pop, you have to choose a specific colour scheme. A bright colour for baby girls. She’ll see the colour on the walls and furniture when she’s in her nursery. Don’t forget the curves and other unique shapes if your table is rectangular. It makes your home different. This look will also perfect if you want to create a affordableest 3-room resale flat.

Design your 3-room resale flat HDB with Ovon-D

In order to make your 3-room flat look more attractive, you need to put in a lot of thought and effort for a 3-room HDB resale flat for sale. You must understand that there are three main components to a house; space, comfort and design. The way you put together these three elements determines how much money your flat will cost to buy. This is where Ovon-D comes in. We help you design a beautiful, functional space that makes sense for you. Our professional team can help you get the best out of your 3-room HDB flat. With Ovon-D, you’ll get great ideas from our team of professional interior designers, architects, and construction engineers. What are you waiting for? contact us for more information.