7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Color Trends For Your 4-Room HDB 2022

The kitchen is probably the most immediately noticeable component of your home, but your kitchen cabinets are also very functional. Kitchen cabinets are a central part of the home’s overall style. That’s why the colors of your kitchen cabinet is crucial. To figure out what kitchen cabinet colors will be the most popular in 2022, we asked industry experts, who took part in a larger study on kitchen trends, to tell us what colors they thought would be seen most frequently on cabinets in the coming year. Here’s the list of colors people believe will be the most popular cabinet paint color choices for the next two years, with the percentage of people who voted for each color.


Green will be the most popular 4 room kitchen cabinet color in 2022. From deep green to rich sage and light minty shades, this color is showing up everywhere, especially in makeup and clothes. You can change your kitchen cabinets to look amazing, and give them an upgrade that will last years.

Black domination

Black cabinets are a popular trend in a 4-room HDB, especially in the kitchens of celebrity chefs and trendsetters. They add visual interest and contrast to any kitchen. With a white kitchen trend in full swing for so long, it may seem challenging to consider a black kitchen. Black is a big trend for exterior siding, fashion and more. In contemporary and luxury homes, dark woodwork and metal finishes are very popular. You might be wondering if a black kitchen design will make the room appear smaller. Black is able to make a room look bigger if the design is strategic and natural light is available. You can also create a bigger look from a great artificial lighting from Sol Luminaire. Click here to get your best lighting.

The classic natural wood

Wood is a really cool material and timeless. It’s an old HDB kitchen design ideas and colors that never out of the option. It’s made in an incredible range of different species, grain patterns, and tones for your 4-room kitchen cabinet HDB. You might have already started to see your new cabinet colors in your kitchen cabinet. However, you can try to can mix neutral and wood colors with a variety of countertop materials and colors.

Navy blue

The old 4-room kitchen cabinet design color is one of the most popular colors this year. If you want to use color effectively, use this bold color. The perfect shade of navy blue is beige or white with antique gold hardware. It’s elegant and timeless. They can make any room feel more sophisticated. They’re simple, classic, and stylish, and they’re not just for men.

Two colors combination

Another common design trend for kitchen cabinets is the two-tone look. Two-tone cabinetry can add a lot of depth to the kitchen design. There are lots of different ways to use it, too. Put a green or blue island in the center, surrounded by the natural wood cabinet, or pick different color schemes for your bathroom and kitchen. Mixing your own paint colors gives you more control over what’s going into your home. You can turn your kitchen cabinets into a whole new look with this cabinet paint that can last a long time and looks so good. It’s best to get this right, otherwise, there will be no matching of different elements throughout the kitchen. 


This kitchen color trend will be around for a while, so if you plan to get a resale HDB kitchen design cabinets in 2022, consider a bright shade of yellow. Dynamical and geometric properties of superparamagnetic colloidal monolayers. The perfect kitchen color is yellow. It’s the perfect kitchen color to pair with white walls and appliances. It also looks great with cream-colored walls and light-gray appliances.


Gray kitchens are still a very popular choice for kitchens in 2022. You can add some brightness and warmth to your kitchen by choosing a light gray paint color for your walls. Gray is a perfect match with beautiful quartz countertops and white walls.

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The color of the kitchen cabinet is very important. It is what makes the difference between whether your kitchen is warm and inviting or cold and sterile. When choosing a new color, it is worth your time to make a trip to interior design firms and have the proper samples brought over to show you the range of options. You may be surprised by how much you can do to customize the look of your kitchen with Ovon-D. Ovon-D gives you the ability to match your cabinets to any existing colors or choose your own new colors that are perfectly coordinated and complement each other. Call us for more information.