10 Stunning Kitchen Backsplash Tiles You Should Definitely Try

Kitchen renovations are challenging, but choosing the right backsplash will help to ensure that your kitchen is beautiful and functional for years to come. There are many things to consider when choosing the right kitchen backsplash tiles. Budget, material, size, and cleaning are some of the most important factors. But don’t be fooled; it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. You can easily find the perfect backsplash tile that adds visual interest to your cooking area. Just take some time and make an effort to be creative! If you are looking to make a statement with a tiled kitchen backsplash, here are some stunning backsplash kitchen ideas 2022 for tiles to consider.

Subway tiles

Herringbone tiles are often used in kitchens, and the herringbone effect can be accomplished with different types of materials. If you just want to shake things up and not keep things traditional, consider having the 90-degree arrow lay in either an up or down direction. The arrow in this recipe pointing left or right offers up a little something else in your kitchen.

Using rustic panels as your kitchen backsplash

The rustic kitchen looks great, as the wood panels create a cohesive look throughout the room. This kitchen is the perfect setting for a cozy cabin in the woods. The sun coming through the windows will brighten the space up.

Using teal-colored tiles

If you’re planning a dark kitchen, you may want to add other shades of color besides black, dark grey, or brown. A deep teal is a perfect color to complement the most important colors in your wardrobe – black, dark blue, and charcoal grey.

Using your backsplash tile as a kitchen focal point

If you just want to protect your walls against grease stains from cooking, you might not need to run your kitchen backsplash along the entire length of the wall. If you don’t have enough counter space, there’s always the option to add a cooking bar behind your stove.

Playful pattern kitchen backsplash tiles

A playful backsplash pattern, boasting a blue-and-white palette, steals the show in this kitchen. With this style, you can give the touch of your personality. This kitchen is a perfect example of a kitchen that blends function and fun. 

Using shimmering tiles as your kitchen backsplash

Shiny tiles like mosaic tiles are a huge visual treat that turns an ordinary all-white kitchen into something very dramatic. It should be kept to just a small part of the overall kitchen because it will look tacky otherwise. This will also create a modern kitchen backsplash for your kitchen space. However, you need to be careful with your lighting option. You should look to Sol Luminaire for the right lighting style to match your kitchen tile backsplash and design here. They have all sorts of indoor and outdoor lighting you ever need in your home.

Try a simple look with basic backsplash tiles

White square tiles are the most basic, yet they are versatile. They can make a great statement when used as a simple backdrop. They are built into the ceiling. This makes them a wonderful centerpiece of the kitchen. You can also mix them with dark, contrasting grout to make a striking statement.

Use a pattern and textured tile as your kitchen backsplash

Patterns are fun, and there’s nothing like them for giving a space a younger vibe. The blocky puzzle is for everyone who wants a fun challenge to keep them mentally sharp. The matte finish gives these tiles a retro feel. Randomly place them to give a dynamic space, or use them between plain tiles for a clean look.

Slate tiles as your kitchen backsplash 

Kitchen backsplashes usually use tile. But slate is an option that can be installed in a kitchen or bathroom. You can try white laminate flooring that complements the dark grey cabinets very well, and the textured finish makes it easy to walk across. As opposed to aligning the tiles in straight lines, they were set slantways for additional interest.

Basic blue tiles for a simple look backsplash kitchen

Whether you’re looking for a home remodel project or thinking of getting a new kitchen, you may want to consider navy blue for your new backsplash kitchen Singapore. With these tips and ideas, you can start living your best life. Just choose the right color scheme, and rock this look.

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