11 Important Facts You Should Know About Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Everyone knows that cooking for the whole family takes a lot of planning and skill, and the kitchen is a must-have. Homeowners love their kitchens and are moving toward energy-efficient options that don’t require a lot of maintenance. For that reason, you should consider using aluminium as your kitchen cabinet material. Here are 11 important aluminium kitchen cabinets pros and cons you should know about:

Why choose aluminium as a kitchen cabinet material?

When it comes to kitchens and cabinets, the latest trend is aluminium which has been making it to the top of most people’s choices. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are the best choice for kitchens that need lightweight but want to look elegant. You can choose from different styles and features. A full aluminium kitchen cabinet limits not only to an aluminium kitchen cabinet door or front panels. Aluminium is used in the manufacture of most kitchen cabinets, it’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant and very durable.

The Advantages of using aluminium kitchen cabinet

Easy maintenance and durable

It is best to use an aluminum kitchen cabinet that doesn’t show stains and does not need frequent cleaning. You can easily wipe off spills using a damp cloth, and can also wash the cabinet with just water alone. 

High-temperature resistance

Aluminum is the metal used for aluminum foil, aluminum siding, and other items. It has a much higher maximum operating temperature than wood, so when you use it to heat up things it can hold heat better.

Fire resistance

It is the superb feature of aluminum that it is fire resistant and provides extra safety to the house. It can easily withstand high temperatures without burning while wood is opposite to it and catch fire. This metallic characteristic gives a plus point to being king of kitchen cabinet materials.


One of the main causes of wood degradation is the amount of humidity in the wood. It’s no longer able to support heavy loads of use after it’s been damaged. When it comes to strength and resistance to chemicals, aluminum is the best material for kitchen cabinets.

Pest free

Aluminium offers no shelter and food for the pests and makes us carefree from pest infestation, unlike wooden kitchen cabinets.

Great quality

Many people are choosing cabinet materials like hardwood as a result of a widespread problem with aluminum standard levels, which cause them to be less durable. In order to avoid that, make sure your professional contractor or interior designer uses aluminium that has been rigorously examined and verified.

Odourless and clean

When you have wooden or fiberboard kitchen cabinets at home, you are probably familiar with the odours that come from them. Aluminium kitchen cabinets however are not susceptible to the same sorts of problems as wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets. Aluminium is the best material for interior doors because it’s odourless and more hygienic than other materials. Aluminium doesn’t attract bacteria and doesn’t allow them to breed, so it’s easy to keep it clean. You surely don’t need to worry about mould or mildew growing on your kitchen cabinets.

Modern kitchen look

Using an aluminium kitchen cabinet will surely give a sense of modern style to your kitchen. With the right lighting, your room will not only be the sanctuary for your family but also serves as a great view of your home. You can choose many styles of lighting for your kitchen at Sol Luminaire here.

The disadvantages of aluminium kitchen cabinet

Loud noise

Many people are against aluminium because of the noise it makes. If you use the cabinet that was installed by unskilled professionals, you might have to do some major rework later. Many manufacturers don’t consider the installation demands of their products when designing them. You should only proceed with caution when hiring professionals and choose a knowledgeable, skilled architect for any of your home projects. With the Ovon-D, this type of event will never happen in your kitchen.

Scratch prone surface

It is an excellent heat-resistant material, but not scratch-resistant. If the doors are kicked in the wrong direction, they can be damaged. The smallest nick can be painted over. The door must be replaced because of the damage.

Little bit pricey

It would be wise to invest in aluminium although it’s more expensive than wood. Home remodelling is a lengthy and pricey project that requires careful planning and preparation to have an awesome finished product. A good aluminium kitchen cabinet that lasts for more than 10 years is a good investment. You’ll love the look and feel of aluminium kitchen cabinets. They’re durable, easy to keep clean, resistant to moisture, and versatile.

Alumunium kitchen cabinet finishing

The quality of the cabinet’s finish can be affected by the type of paint used. Most paints available today are water-based, which can cause a reduction in the structural strength of the metal. The best option for kitchen cabinets with an aluminium base is to use high-quality stainless steel paint. Stainless steel paint is much more durable than other types of paint. If you choose paint that is not suitable for the application, the finish will peel and flake off over time.

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