How To Designing a Small Kitchen That Has a Big Impact

If you’ve found your way here, you’ve almost probably been blessed with a small kitchens and you’re trying to figure out how to make it work for you. Well, we can assure you that you’ve arrived at the correct location. Because as you scroll down, you’ll be shown how to make a compact kitchen design work for you in a variety of space-saving, space-enlarging, and practical methods. While some are tried-and-tested, so without wasting any time, let’s look at the small kitchens ideas that you must absolutely try for your home.

Utilize gleaming and reflective materials

As you must have noticed so far, the trick is to create an illusion of space. And what works better than glass and mirrors? In thevery small kitchen ideas on a budget, large glass doors make the kitchen seem like it doesn’t end right there. You could also incorporate glass in your wooden cabinetry or go for metallic finishes like those seen in modern kitchen cabinets. You could also install a backsplash using reflective tiles or glass.  

Let in ample amount of light

If you’re renovating a closed kitchen area, see if you can incorporate a window that takes your eye out into the open and lets light stream in in abundance. Small kitchen designs photo gallery. You might skip on some additional storage, but at least your kitchen won’t seem claustrophobic.  

Replace kitchen cabinets with drawers

Install pull-outs inside your cupboards. Reason: Cupboards can’t store as many things as drawers or pull-outs can. In fact, a lot of space gets wasted above stored items in a cabinet. On the other hand, all contents of a drawer are easily seen and accessible. Plus, 3-4 drawers can fit in the space of one cupboard, creating a much more organised arrangement.

Create a lot of open shelving

Open shelves are not only a very small kitchen ideas on a budget idea for small spaces, but also give an illusion of space, open up your walls, and make the kitchen look airier. Closed wall cabinets, on the other hand, can make your tiny kitchen seem engulfed and lacking in space.  

Infuse life through plants

Here’s a simple small kitchen designs photo gallery idea that you can work on right away: Decorate your space with houseplants and potted herbs. Even in the dullest of kitchens, little doses of green add freshness, colour and life instantly.  

Include a dining corner & bar

Small kitchen design pictures modern. If the space of your entire home is small, and it’s just not your kitchen, you can ditch a separate dining space and instead incorporate one in your kitchen itself. How? The easiest way is to just add two stools or chairs to the peninsula (the half wall that separates the kitchen from the living space) or bar. You could also add an extra level to your kitchen peninsula, so that one side can be used for dining or as a bar, while the other lower side can be used for meal prep. Simply adding a table or a bench at one end of the kitchen with sleek, light chairs will also do the trick!

Create a smart kitchen

This means three things. Small kitchen design pictures modern have as few appliances as possible to make way for space. Do this by opting for double-duty or multi-purpose appliances like an oven-cum-microwave. Make these built-in as much as you can, so that they don’t occupy counter space. You will thank your stars every day. So, that is it from us. In what ways have you made your small kitchen work for you? We’re eager to know! Meanwhile, you’ll love our collection of ideas for small kitchens. Check it out for some small kitchen design pictures modern inspiration! And to execute your ideas, you can hire OVON Design. OVON Design provide you small kitchens designs catalogue, small kitchen designs photo gallery and very small kitchen ideas on a budget with a quality service that is affordable, efficient and always customized to your needs. Our team has years of experience in modular kitchen interior design Singapore.