4 Simple Decorating Ideas For Your Small Living Room

Have you ever thought about decorating your small living room in a way that makes it look more spacious and inviting? It’s pretty much a given that if you live in a tiny apartment, then your small living room is going to be pretty much the size of a closet. If that is the case, then you may be wondering what you can do to make the space feel more spacious and inviting. If you live in an apartment or even a condo, then your small living room is probably one of the rooms that is used most often. And so, people often end up spending more time there than anywhere else in the house. If this is the case for you, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will spend more time there than you want to. So if you want to make it feel more inviting and spacious, then you need to start thinking about ways to do that now. In this article, I’m going to show you 4 simple decorating ideas that will help you transform your small living room into a space that feels more inviting and spacious. So if you want to start transforming your small living room into something that feels more inviting and spacious now, then read on…

Pay more attention to the lighting for living room

Light is the most common source of light. As a matter of fact, the sun is the main source of light. Light naturally comes from the sun and is a very strong source of energy. Try sheer window treatments or install white wooden blinds or shutters to let the natural light flow into your room during the day, while simultaneously providing nighttime privacy. With this trend toward open-plan spaces, lighting is one of the ways you can enhance the space. Positioning light sources to enhance a space is an effective way to increase the sense of space while avoiding visual clutter.

Use mirror for decorating your room

Mirrors help to reflect light. If you want a large feeling room, hang a mirror on a wall opposite a window or very near one to reflect the outdoors, broadening the feel of your room. You can also try placing mirrors on your walls and directing them towards a focal point, which will give the illusion of a 3-D effect.  Mirrors do exactly what their name implies. They reflect natural and artificial light to make the small living room brighter. Mirrors also bounce light deep into the room, making it appear larger. Mirrors create the illusion of a larger room than it really is, as well as making it look more inviting and open.

Hang art to level up your living room decor!

When planning your living room’s feature wall, it can be tempting to go big. Wall coverings can make a room feel closed in, narrow and busy, so try to stick to hanging one or two large artworks on your walls to make the room feel wider and more spacious. Hanging art high above the couch or the bed, or in front of tall windows, will not only draw attention to the length of the room, but it will also take up the majority of the available floor space.

Connect two rooms

If you’ve got a long narrow room that’s divided in two, maybe it would help to pick a favorite color and use it as a key tone to coordinate the one space. This will also work to make a small dining room feel bigger, too. For example, linking a dining room’s navy blue walls to the same colors in the living room will help the space feel more unified. If the dining room has an off-white or tan wall, you could do the same with the living room, which is painted a deep red. The easiest way to do this is by using the same colors on your furniture, like a sofa or armchair. 

What can Ovon-d do to help you?

All in all, there are a lot of ways you can do to help you make your small living room feel more inviting and spacious. Just try to implement one of the ideas above. And if you need any more ideas, then feel free to contact us at Ovon-d and our professional designers will help you out! We will give you the best price without breaking the bank.