What materials can I use for kitchen backsplash on a Budget

Do you believe that small kitchen ideas on a budget don’t exist, or that they can only be trendy if you spend a lot of money? Think again. Small kitchen designs can be among the most daring and inventive, since they lend themselves to mini statement features like colorful splashbacks and vividly patterned flooring. Installing a modern faucet, for example, can instantly update your little kitchen. There are a slew of basic – and economical – interiors strategies to depend on to make the most of your space, from choosing streamlined, handleless cabinets and clever storage solutions to keeping colors light on top and brightening dreary nooks. Below are some of our favourite examples of diminutive kitchens that pack a design punch.  

Kitchen backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is a design opportunity to use color and pattern, experiment with materials, and add a dose of personality to the most frequently used gathering space in the house. It’s also a relatively small canvas that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to renovate if you change your mind and want to try something new. Whether you are looking for a custom-designed tile pattern, a gorgeous piece of stone, peel and stick, an unconventional material, a jolt of color, a metallic finish, or a classic finishing touch like subway tile, a backsplash can be more than just a practical piece of kitchen armor against unwanted splashes and splatters. Think of it like a great necklace or a pocket square—that finishing touch that brings the whole ensemble together. Check out these inspiring modern kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget to spark your own creativity and turn your kitchen into a conversation piece.

What materials can I use for kitchen backsplash?

Backsplash kitchen designs are available in a variety of materials and patterns. From simple minimalistic ones to bold designs there are a bunch of different options you can choose from! But what makes a backsplash design durable and a perfect addition to your modular kitchen interiors is the right material.  We recommend you to choose materials, patterns and colours of the cabinetry, flooring, countertop and the backsplash together to create one cohesive look.

1.Ceramic Tile Backsplash 

The most common and durable material for backsplash kitchen is ceramic tile. This type of tile stands up well against moisture and can be very cost-effective. The downside of this ceramic tile is the learning curve needed to install it.

2.Stone Backsplash

Natural stone backsplashes are stylish, timeless, unique and can be inexpensive. Since stone is a natural material, each backsplash is a one-of-a-kind. On the negative side, stone is porous, which makes stone backsplashes prone to stains and difficult to clean. The shapes are irregular, which makes installation difficult, too.

3.Glass Tile and Glass Mosaic Backsplash 

These types of tiles are fashionable and add brightness to your space. Glass tile does not fade, which makes it able to stand the test of time. It also doesn’t need to be sealed (just the grout) and is extremely durable. The only downside is how fashion-forward it is – it may not be in style forever.

4.Metal Tile Backsplash 

Metal tile backsplashes are very easy to install and do not require mortar or grout. This makes them one of the easiest backsplash installations, but is not as sturdy as other options. Additionally, metal tiles are easy to wipe down, but can easily be scratched and are unable to be repaired. You can also use faux metal tiles, which are also easy to install but can’t be placed near stoves because they are made out of plastic and can melt.

5.Brick Backsplash

Brick is extremely durable, easy to install and gives a timeless look. Unfortunately, this type of backsplash is very porous, difficult to clean and requires a special saw for installation.

What is the most popular backsplash for kitchen?

Adding backsplash tiles to your kitchen gives you an opportunity to have a focal point that’s both functional and beautiful, too. Below, you’ll find the popular kitchen backsplash ideas.

1.Handmade and Organic Materials

Alternative to cement is handmade and organic backsplash kitchen tiles. With handmade tiles there’s variation with each piece, therefore creating a depth that’s often missing with a more unified look. If the tile looks like it was handmade in the back of a chateau in France, it should work well.


A beautiful marble counter and backsplash is a classic look that will withstand the test of time, It lends itself to so many different styles ranging from ultra-modern to traditional.

3.Out-of-the-Box Shapes and Textures

Use a three-inch hex tile in a layered glaze that looks as stunning up close as it does from the next room over. Like subway tile, [hex tiles don’t] overwhelm the kitchen backsplash design. Create a kitchen backsplash with much more depth, character, and detail than standard subway tile. The glaze quality also expresses the craftsmanship of the installation.

4.Enough Tile to Reach the Ceiling

Whatever your material choice is for the backsplash, be it slab or tile, take it all the way to the bottom of your upper cabinets. If no upper cabinets; a minimum of 18 inches of splash should be operating procedure.

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than countertop?

Typically, a backsplash is lighter than your countertops. Bright kitchens are vibrant and inviting, so consider white, beige, light grey, and pastel colors for the backsplash. Go with a marbled design, shaped tiles, or contrasting grout to add contrast if you prefer a bold look. Does white subway tile go with everything? White subway tile pairs well with almost any decor and allows plenty of freedom to play around with other materials and textures.  

Kitchen tiles design for your inspiration

  Kitchen tiles design can feature an endless combination of colors, patterns and textures, and what you choose needs to complement the kitchen cabinet ideas you are considering, too. For a very practical finish, choose tiles for kitchen walls and floors – for a more homely feel for a room, limit them to one surface only.  Below, we bring you some of the most on-trend looks kitchen tiles design, plus dispense advice along with the ideas.  


While wood is one of our favorite types of kitchen flooring (despite the fact that it is higher maintenance than tiles), it isn’t the most practical choice higher up in a kitchen.  However, porcelain kitchen tiles can be created to convincingly mimic other materials – even wood. So, if you want to add warmth to your kitchen with wood, but do so in a way that will require no maintenance, this is the way to go.


If your kitchen is stuck in neutral territory, one of the best ways to create instant wow factor is with a striking backsplash. As well as being ultra practical and easy to clean, a tiled feature area brings color, pattern and even unusual shapes to these hardworking zones.


If you’re looking for kitchen floor tile ideas for a farmhouse, country or cottage kitchen, terracotta is a wonderful material to use.  From baked clay tones that warm up any room to an earthy texture that’s just the right balance between rugged and refined, terracotta is a forever trend. Lay them in a kitchen to really add warmth to your space.” The beauty of terracotta is that it will gain a patina over time, so the longer you have it, the more characterful it will look.


Eye-catching tile shapes can create a wonderful feature within a kitchen – triangles and hexagons are big  tile trends for this year, while scallop-shaped tiles have endured for decades.  The beauty of these tiles is that they can look wonderful without the need for adding color – but choosing a stand-out tile shape and accent color is a great way to create impact. As with every project, proper planning will help you save money, get the best design, and a timeless look that you can enjoy for years to come. If you are not a DIY-er be sure to access your professionals for design and installation services, contact OVON Design. As an interior designer firm, OVON Design we will stand by you from the birth of an idea to the completion of your project, whatever the budget is, and however massive your dreams are. To us, nothing is impossible.  
Project Location : 177 Coastal View Residences
Property Type :Condo Penthouse
Bedrooms : 3
Area Size :2120 Sq Ft
Style : Modern
Budget : S$85,000
Renovation Duration : 8 weeks
Designer : Wai Tuck
Works Included : Hacking, Masonry Tiling, Flooring, False Ceiling, Plumbing, Electrical Rewiring, Painting, Feature Wall, Carpentry, Wallpaper