Home Renovation: A Simple Renovation In Singapore Without A Building Permit!

Home renovations are expensive and time-consuming. It’s not easy to find the right contractor, and it can be hard to get a permit for your renovation project. We’ve got you covered! This guide will teach you how to do a comfort home renovation Singapore without a building permit! You’ll learn about what permits are required, where to go for them, and how much they cost. Plus we’ll show you some of our favorite Singapore-based contractors who specialize in singapore home renovations so that you can hire one with ease.

Why you may want to renovate your home

Singapore is ranked as the second safest country in the world after Japan according to Numbeo which makes it an ideal place to live in. The good climate, employment opportunities and safety are only some of the reasons why people want to move to Singapore. Home buyers prefer upgrading their existing homes rather than opting for new properties. Home renovations can be cost-saving solutions for homeowners with limited budgets. Home buyers have the option of renovating parts of their home or updating all aspects of their home design. Home renovation Singapore companies are also providing full property maintenance services that include fixing leakages, electrical issues, ventilation problems, roofing problems and more. These service providers offer competitive rates and convenient appointment schedules which can suit busy households that have tight schedules. Renovating the exterior of your home is also a good idea along with other exterior renovations. Although it will be more costly than renovating interior areas, it can increase the resale value after you want to sell your house off. You can try out different exterior paint colors to give your property that perfect look that matches its environment and architecture. You have a clear vision. You already know what you want. However, getting that gleaming new kitchen or spacious master closet isn’t as simple as making a wish and snapping your fingers. Your project is predisposed to numerous pitfalls and missteps from the start, and nowhere is this more evident than during the permitting process. If you skip a permit in the hopes of a smoother project, you may face serious consequences.

What is a building permit for home renovations in singapore

In Singapore, a building permit is a document that grants the holder the right of occupation and use of a designated building. Building permits for home renovation in Singapore can be obtained from the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) through their website here. A new application for a building permit may be submitted to HDB with or without an application for property inspection. A building permit is a document that Singapore residents need to submit in order to begin construction of a new building or alteration of an existing building. A singapore resident must also ensure that any safety requirements are met before getting their singapore home renovated.

Why do you need building permit for home renovations in singapore

The Singapore government is concerned about the cases of foreigners who are only in Singapore only for the purpose of undertaking renovation work with the help of unqualified persons. The Singapore government has determined that it is in their best interest to ensure that foreigners do not become problematic in Singapore with the aid of unqualified persons. Building permit is required before any renovations can be done on properties within singapore. Building permit singapore is a document that provides permission, singapore version of a building permit singapore. Building permit singapore is needed before any renovation work can be undertaken on properties within Singapore. The most serious risk of noncompliance is bodily harm to the occupant. During a bathroom remodel, we discovered a fully exposed electrical wire running beneath a steel bathtub. It was left there by a previous homeowner, and it doesn’t take much imagination to see how this do-it-yourself project could have easily resulted in electrocution.

When a permit is required and when it’s not

When is a permit required

Any addition or structural modification to your existing living space always necessitates a permit. Electrical modifications, plumbing work (even replacing that rusted old water heater), window modifications that enlarge openings, and mechanical system installations all require a permit.  If you are modifying your home’s roof line, you will always need a permit. Other types of work that typically necessitate a permit include sewer modifications, major demolitions, and the addition of fireplaces.  

When is a permit not required

Interior cosmetic changes such as new carpet, hardwood flooring, new paint, paneling, and the installation of trim such as crown molding, baseboard, and casing are typically exempt from the need for a permit. Exterior work such as adding a deck, removing trees, and erecting new fences or retaining walls may or may not necessitate a permit, depending on the design, location, and scope of the work.  Repairing siding and repainting your home’s exterior may or may not necessitate a permit, which can only be determined in the context of your community’s rules.  Replacing light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and appliances are all examples of work that did not previously necessitate a permit but may now technically necessitate one in some cases. You must be as specific as possible in defining the scope of your project. It could be simple. A repainted bedroom with new crown molding almost never necessitates a permit. However, if you find yourself contemplating work with ambiguous permit requirements, consult with a professional or your local building authority.

Hiring a professional will alleviate your concerns about permits

If you want to do a comfort home renovation, but are not sure what you need to do about permits, hiring a professional contractor will make this easier. A contractor will know what they need in order to get the proper permits and ensure that your project is done in accordance with the law. You will be able to relax knowing that you are in good hands. You can also be sure that if you hire a contractor, he will work within the confines of the law. If you do not like doing paperwork or are unsure what permits you need to get for your comfort home  renovation project, then hiring a contractor is the right choice. Hiring someone who knows what they are doing will give you the confidence that you are in right hands.

Home renovation loan

By far the best renovation loan way to finance your comfort home renovation in Singapore is to obtain a renovation loan from a bank. This is due to the highly competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms available, making it easier to obtain the loan amount required.

What is a renovation loan and how does it work?

When looking for a best renovation loan, the most important factor to consider is the total cost of the loan. This includes the processing fee as well as the interest expense. We have compiled all of the renovation loan offerings from Singapore’s major lenders by cost above. To calculate the total cost, we assume a loan of S$15,000 over 5 years for a borrower with an annual income of at least S$30,000. Given that the average cost of a home renovation is S$55,000, this loan would cover approximately 25% of the total cost of your home remodeling.  
Renovation Loan Fee Interest (Rest Rate) Monthly Payment Total Cost
Maybank Renovation Loan 1% 4.2% S$278 S$1,697
DBS / POSB Renovation Loan 2.0% 3.88% S$275 S$1,826
OCBC Renovation Loan 1.5% 4.18% S$277 S$1,873
CIMB Renovation Loan 1.0% 4.40% S$279 S$1,898
RHB Renovation Loan 1.0% 5.80% S$289 S$2,466

Is renovation loans differ from personal loans?

The flexibility of use is one of the most significant differences between home renovation loans and personal loans. A personal loan can be used for any purchase, whereas a home renovation loan can only be used for a home renovation. Furthermore, the amount of money that can be borrowed in Singapore varies greatly. Most renovation loans have loan amounts of up to S$30,000, whereas personal loans can have loan amounts of up to S$250,000.

Common renovation services list

There are general contractors who can oversee all types of renovations, or you can hire specialists such as kitchen or bathroom remodel specialists. Check out the generalist and specialist options for design and renovations listed below.
  • General contractor services
  • Interior design services
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Multiple room renovation
  • Handyman services
  • Furniture assembly

Hire a contractor that has experience with home renovations

It is important to hire a contractor that has experience in home renovations. This will ensure that the end result meets your expectations and is built to last. A good contractor should be able to provide you with adequate references, including past customers who can attest to their customer service skills. If they are unable to do so, it would be wise not to hire them for the project. They should also offer a warranty on their workmanship. This is not usually applicable for small jobs such as painting or plastering, but it can be useful if they are repairing structural damage to your home. Ovon-design is Singapore’s number one choice for home renovation. They have many years of experience and knows all the processes to work with the singapore government process, saving you valuable time and money. Ovon-design for Singapore home renovation. We can help you save money by looking at your project holistically. By combining our expertise with your needs, we can get an accurate estimate of what it will take to get the job done and cut costs along the way. Our services include interior design, renovation, sketching, consultation, project management, and many more.

40 St Patrick’s Road

CONDO 3 bedder
Project Location : 40 St Patrick’s Road
Property Type : CONDO 3 bedder
Bedrooms : 3
Area Size : 1335 Sq Ft
Style : Contemporary, Modern
Budget : S$66,000
Renovation Duration : 14 Weeks
Designer : Wai Tuck
Works Included : Flooring, Hacking, Tiling Works, False Ceiling, Plumbing, Electrical Rewiring, Painting, Carpentry, Lighting


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