What Makes Scandinavian Interior So Special? 10 Characteristics To Look For

Have you ever wondered why Scandinavian interiors are such a popular choice for many homeowners? Well, there is actually a reason for it. Words to describe Scandinavian interior design are modern, minimalist, open, airy, clean, simple, modernist, classic, minimalist, spare, elegant, and simple. Scandinavia has a distinct interior design. The look and feel is warm and inviting. There is a lot of natural light and it feels clean and fresh. It is a very welcoming space. You can’t help but be inspired by it. It’s a concept that’s been spreading all over the world for the last few years. But what exactly is it about Scandinavian interior design that makes it so special? The question can be answered in ten Scandinavian interior characteristics that define the special design:

Neutral Colors and Materials

Scandinavian interior design characteristics can be seen by the use of neutral colours and materials. The typical Scandinavian interior design colour palette consists of white, black, grey, beige and brown. In some cases, a bit of colour is added to the palette. The materials used in Scandinavian interior design are natural and simple. Wood, metal, glass and stone are commonly used. Natural materials such as wood and stone have been used for centuries in Scandinavian interior design. To maintain the light and bright aesthetic of Scandinavian design, the use of Scandinavian wood color and Scandinavian wood types often includes light woods such as beech, ash, and pine with natural colors. In the 1950s, Scandinavian interior designers started to use modern materials such as steel and plastic. Today, the trend is to combine natural materials with modern ones.


Another Scandinavian interior design characteristic is the simplicity and functionality of the design. They are simple and minimalist. Scandinavian designers try to create a space that has only the things that are necessary for everyday life. The Scandinavian design aesthetic is based on the idea that less is more. It means that everything in a room should have its purpose and place, and every item in the room should be there because it has a function. It also means that the interior design should be simple and easy to understand.


Scandinavian interior characteristics design is simple. It has characteristics of Scandinavian design patterns, which is simple and natural for their Scandinavian interior color palette. There is a clear division between the living room and the dining room, for example. In some cases, the living room and dining room are combined in one room. This means that the living room and dining room have a similar layout. The simplicity of Scandinavian interior design is also a consequence of the Scandinavian design aesthetic. It means that the interior design should be simple, and it should not be overloaded with details. The Scandinavian design aesthetic is based on the idea that the less the better.


Scandinavian interior design is functional, but it does not mean that everything in a room has to have a function. Scandinavian designers use furniture and objects that are multifunctional. For example, a chair can be used as a footrest or an extra seat. A lamp can be used as a reading light or a decorative object. A rug can be used as an extra seat or a decoration. Scandinavian interior design is also practical, which means that it takes into account the user’s needs and preferences.


The influence of Scandinavian modernism is obvious in many of the furnishings and fixtures used in these homes. Therefore, Scandinavian modernism was a popular style in the 1940s. Emerging in the 1950s alongside the modernist movement in Europe and America, Scandinavian modern style prioritized democratic, affordable, and sleek furnishings in their interior design. Clean lines, functional furnishings, and a neutral palette were hallmarks of modernist style everywhere. But the Scandinavian design of the era was also heavily influenced by the Nordic region’s cold, short winter days and a desire for interiors to be cozy yet bright. Open-plan spaces and white and neutral palettes, their style is also practical and democratic. They favor lighter colors, simple furnishings, and open-plan spaces that can be used for multiple purposes.


Another Scandinavian interior characteristic is that it takes the idea of space-saving to the extreme. It is important to have a minimalist interior design. But at the same time, the interior design should not be too bare and empty. Scandinavian designers are able to create a balance between space and simplicity.

Wooden Furniture

Wood is the most common material used in Scandinavian interior design. The roofs are made from clay and the windows are often made from wood. The main purpose of the Scandinavian style is to blend the home with the natural surroundings. Also, the use of wooden furniture that is common in Scandinavian interior design is because it is a sustainable and beautiful material. Wooden furniture is also very durable and can be used for many years. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Inorganic Materials

Inorganic materials are used in Scandinavian interior design because they are more durable and long-lasting. Inorganic materials are usually made of steel, glass and stone. The materials give a clean, sleek, and modern look to your furniture and design.


One of the characteristics of Scandinavian interior design is contemporary, but it is not an age-old design. It is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines. The Scandinavian contemporary interior design style of decorating is about the space and using it to showcase your style and personality. It is to showcase space rather than things.


Scandinavian interior design is timeless. It is based on timeless design principles and aesthetics. What’s more, Scandinavian interior design is a style that is popular throughout the world, and it has many of the qualities of a classic style. Scandinavian interior design is not a style, per se, but a way of designing spaces. In other words, Scandinavian interior design is not about being trendy. It’s about being timeless. It is based on the use of natural materials and materials that are easy to maintain.

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