Hot Items You Should Never Keep In Your Storage Room

Whether you’re a professional organizer or someone who simply wants to stash away some of life’s clutter, it’s important to use storage space wisely. Here are 10 things you should never keep in your storage room.

What is a storage room?

A storage is a room or space used for storing things. A storage room is a room whose main purpose is to store things, and which may be rented or owned by an individual or company for the purpose of storage. It can be a space that stores a whole house’s worth of furniture and belongings, such as that found in a self storage warehouse. It can be a more specialized space, such as a walk-in closet, attic, basement, etc., where people store their belongings. Or it can be a smaller space where people keep items they use regularly.   

Why is storage room Important?

– Keeps your stuff safe and dry, always good to have on hand – Helps you avoid getting “stuck” with nothing to help get you out of trouble – Keeps you from having to make split second decisions without all the relevant info available – Helps you avoid being a “mag-packer” who carries around a ton of useless junk that only weighs you down and gets in the way – Plus it gives you more freedom to concentrate on what’s really important… your dive! – To put on or take off gear without fumbling – To hold your own and other’s gear while having a conversation – In case you get separated from your gear while underwater – Keeps your stuff organized and easy to find

Top items to never keep in and must Keep in your storage room!

#1: Expensive Items

It can be tempting to put that new blender or high-end pair of shoes in the back of the closet and forget about them for a while. But it’s not worth the risk – if you need something that valuable, either use it regularlyor store it in a safe place.

#2: Important Documents

It’s easy to forget about important documents like birth certificates and passports. But if you need them, you’ll be glad you have them. It’s a good idea to keep your important documents in a fireproof safe or a bank safety deposit box. If you need to store documents that are too big for a safe, use a climate-controlled storage unit. Your passport is a document that you will need if you are traveling out of the country. If you are going to be in an area where there is no cell phone service, keep a copy of your passport and driver’s

#3: Plants

Your plants should be kept out of the dark and cold storage room. Plants are an example of what not to put in storage units during a move. Plants need natural light, water and fresh air in order to grow, and you would deprive them of all three if you did that. The end of your plants would be the result of such a thoughtless act. It’s also important to make sure all your boxes are tightly sealed. And, if possible, get a friend or family member who is good at doing heavy lifting to help move. Also, be sure to remove all packing peanuts before your movers arrive. Must Keep in Your Storage Room (while Moving)  


It’s no secret that furniture is one of the most common items in storage units. What is it about this that causes it? Most furniture pieces are very heavy and take a lot of space. It’s possible that you won’t have enough room in the new home for all the furniture items you want to take with you. If your current pieces don’t match the interior of the new place, that’s a problem. Since the new house or apartment is fully furnished, some of the furniture you are moving may have already been made redundant. If you want to keep the sentimental value of your furniture pieces, you may want to sell them at a garage sale. It is a good idea to put furniture in storage because you think you will need it again.

Seasonal items

During the first part of the year, many people tend to accumulate articles they know they won’t need until the next season (such as clothing and accessories), and they put these items into storage. However, since they won’t need these items for at least six months to a year, they often end up selling these items at a huge discount before the next season even arrives! When you’re moving house, you can do the same and put some of your seasonal items in storage: Clothes and shoes to wear. When you decide what to do with your out of season clothes and shoes, you can store them away. During a summer move, your winter clothes and heavy boots can be stored away. There are various equipment during the season. You can put your ski gear in temporary storage during the summer if you don’t need it during the winter. Depending on the season, summer or snow tires are an example of things that you can store away.  

How much is a storage room prices in Singapore?

 It is not possible to do a comparison of storage space based on a unit of measure. The price per sqft is related to the fact that not all storage spaces are the same. Storage companies charge different prices for their storage units.
  • Location (centralised locations are more expensive)
  • Type of storage unit (e.g. aircon vs non aircon, ground floor direct access)
  • Duration of the storage contract (shorter durations are more expensive)
  • Storage unit condition (etc. pillar within storage unit, distance to lift)
  • Storage unit size (typically a larger size space will have lower unit costs)
The cost of renting a storage space in Singapore depends on the size of the unit, from 200 to 400 sqft. You would be get around $1,355.60 for 6 months until $2,394.76 for 6 months      


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