10 renovation ideas you should consider before starting your renovation home

You’re about to start a renovation project, but you don’t know where to begin. This is the perfect time for you to ask yourself what your goals are and how much money you want to spend on this project. The more specific your goals, the easier it will be for us to help you find a solution that fits those needs. We have 10 renovation ideas that we think will fit most budgets and styles of renovations! These singapore renovation ideas range from small projects like painting or installing new flooring, all the way up to big projects like adding an extension or building a pool in your backyard. Let’s get started!


Now that you’ve determined which areas you want to renovate, it’s time to consider a budget. Obtaining quotes from tradesmen and architects is a good way to get an idea. Most builders will gladly come to your home and provide you with a free quote. I recommend soliciting three bids. Remember that affordable doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best deal. Work with a reputable builder you like and respect. Even if it means spending a little more money and conducting your own background checks. Your project may encounter some difficulties, and you will need to maintain good relations with the builder in order to resolve them!  Once you’ve established your budget, consider a contingency surplus that you can tap into in the event of a setback, such as burst pipes or blown circuits. Now that you’ve included an emergency injection, you can rest easy. This is something that people often overlook, and when things go wrong, panic mode sets in, so it’s better to be prepared.


The importance of visual references in the process cannot be overstated. In addition to project drawings, tearsheets from magazines and inspiring images from Pinterest will ensure that you and your contractor are on the same page. A thousand words are worth a thousand pictures!


This one is self-evident, but there are a few things you should be aware of when project planning. A renovation project can take a long time to complete, especially if you are working on multiple areas at the same time. When speaking with your builder, it is critical to obtain realistic timelines from them. Builders may shorten timelines to lull you into a false sense of security, so set deadlines with them.  Make your own project plan in a spreadsheet and keep track of the builder’s deliverables versus the agreed-upon timelines. Take note of any slippage or delays. Examine your calendar for the coming year; is there anything that requires your undivided attention, such as getting married or having a new baby? I strongly advise you not to undertake a renovation project during a major life event!  If you are knocking down walls, you will need to leave windows and doors open for ventilation and to remove dust and dirt from your home. Consider whether you mind having your house windows and doors open in the winter or in the summer. Many people miss out on renovating in the summer because it is better to have your home open to the elements in the summer than it is on a cold, rainy day.


A construction project follows a set of events, and many trades are involved. The contractor functions similarly to an orchestra conductor, directing all of the players in a logical order to ensure that everything runs as smoothly, efficiently, and economically as possible. Attempt to estimate how long your project will take so that you can plan to move out, eat out, or be present for critical decision-making along the way.


Consider which structural aspects of your home require the most attention. That should take precedence over everything else. This could include anything from leaking pipes to new windows. Then consider the rooms that get the most use/traffic, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. It is a good idea to run your list by the builder, who may suggest that certain areas be prioritized first or last.


Renovation projects have the potential to literally turn your world upside down, which can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and mental health. Getting organized now will help you reduce your stress levels later on.  Begin thinking about how you will live in your home while the work is being done. Do you need to find alternative housing for a short period of time? If you’re brave enough, you might need to rent for a few months or move in with your parents! If you have children, the impact on your lifestyle will be especially important. Consider how you will cook, bathe, and relax if you are able to stay at home while the builders work. Consider allocating one room where you can get away from it all if any of those are affected.


However enjoyable renovating may appear at first, it is a lengthy process, and clients are not always mentally prepared for all of the upheaval. That is not to say that all renovation projects are stressful, but you must be mentally prepared for when things go wrong and approach it without the monkey inside.  This can be difficult, especially if it means spending more money. If this is the case, the contingency injection I mentioned earlier will come in handy. We all react differently to challenges, and having the right people around you will help you get through it all. Call a friend and invite them over for a chat or dinner; this works like a charm!


Even if you are embarking on a minor renovation project, it should be viewed as a component of the larger picture, a step toward the end goal. I always have one-year, two-year, and five-year renovation plans in place, which I work toward so that efforts are not duplicated later and the sequence of construction projects is logical. Making a priority list like this gives you something to work on, budget for, and plan for.


Start working on your designs before or while your project is running to help you finish it. By the time people consider interior design, they have either run out of money or have lost motivation.  Here are a few things you can do if you are going to work on the designs yourself:
  • Mood boarding images, colours, textures
  • Collecting samples
  • Visiting showrooms
If you want to hire a designer, bring them in earlier in the process rather than after the builders have left. When a designer is held accountable for delivering the design, you are more likely to complete your project. Someone who will motivate you when you’ve run out of steam!


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