10 Tips for Organizing and Cleaning Up Your Kitchen: A Step by Step Guide

If you’re like most people, your kitchen is a cluttered mess. It’s no wonder that so many Singaporeans are following this trend of having their kitchens designed to be as small as possible because it means they have less room for mess! If you can’t beat them, join them – but first, take a look at the 12 tips below to help organize and clean up your kitchen today.

1) Remove Items from Your Kitchen That You Don’t Use All The Time

Remove items from the kitchen that you don’t use all the time, don’t need rames or have duplicate copies of. Wipe surfaces down to remove any grease deposits before storing.

2) Clean Up After Yourself Every Day

It’s important to clean up after yourself every day. Food spoils and bugs can spread quickly if food isn’t stored properly, so be sure to clean counters and cupboards after preparing any food. You should also try your best to keep your kitchen organized and free of clutter – this will allow you find items more easily, and save time spent searching for them!

3) Get Organized With A Place For Everything And Put Everything In Its Place

If you want to really stay organized in your kitchen, designate a specific place for dishes, utensils and pots. And don’t forget about the drawers! Spoons, tongs and spatulas live with bowls, plates and mugs in one drawer.

4) Create A Cleaning Routine To Help Stay On Top Of Things

Start your morning routine by helping out in the kitchen. Be sure to unload the dishwasher or dry any dishes that would otherwise just sit and collect dust. While you’re at it, be sure to wipe down any surfaces as well as tidy up those countertops and cupboards.

5) Make Space By Purging Unused Items

Kitchens that are well organized and tidy free up a lot of space because there’s less stuff to keep track of. One way to maintain an organized kitchen is by purging unwanted items from your kitchen drawers, cupboards and countertop daily. Everything from unused utensils, casserole dishes or baking pans can be donated or given away to a neighbor who might need them more.

6) Make Sure You Have Enough Counter-Top Space

We recommend looking for a kitchen island or working table that is of an appropriate size and shape to accommodate what you need. If your kitchen design has counterspace that is adequate, consider adding items such as an island, desk or worktable to increase your counter space for tasks like food preparation and meal cleanup. If you don’t have the space altogether then think about transforming an alcove into a small project desk or desk with shelves above it for added storage.

7) Don’t Overload Your Cabinets

Many people have a cabinet for dishes, one for food storage and one for the other random stuff that ends up in the kitchen. Once these cabinets become overfilled, it can be hard to find anything without emptying out half of them first. It’s also important to note that every time you open a cabinet door you’re not only making a mess – you’re wasting energy as well! While many people don’t realize this, each time you open the door an electric circuit engages and stops when your hand touches it or objects closes the path of electrical current. By opening and closing cabinet doors often this shortens their life span because eventually they will need replaced due to age-related damage from all those closures/openings. So what’s the solution? Keep your cabinets organized and clutter-free with a few dividers, boxes and baskets to help control the chaos.

8) Use Wall Space To Store Appliances And Other Things You Use Often

A kitchen island or a work table can often free up a lot of precious counter space in your kitchen – this is especially helpful if the remodel is small, and you don’t have room for another appliance. You should consider adding an elevated surface such as an island with open cupboards, or a full-height pantry unit to house your pots and pans over the fridge area. If you’re short on wall counterspace, create use it up by installing tall cabinets beneath rarely used appliances like the dishwasher that may only need to be pulled out once every week or two. This can give you enough horizontal space to store small appliances like blenders and coffee makers under them where they’re unlikely to get knocked down and broken when someone leans on a cupboard door.9) Make Use Of The Door Area Kitchen pantries in particular, benefit from a little extra attention when it comes to storage and organization. Keep plastic containers in place with a bungee cord or two then add some hooks on the inside for your oven mitts, pot holders and other accessories you use often.

9) Create A Functional Work Area To Do Simple Tasks Such As Measuring, Mixing and Cutting

One great way to create a functional work area is by using your kitchen countertops as the cool part of the kitchen. The spice cupboard near the stove, for example, can be designed to meet all your needs with flip up doors or if space may be an issue consider adding saver baskets with clear lids for tight storage on shelves below. Another idea would be utilizing side counters on either side of the fridge by creating a three-sided island where running dishes under hot water before loading into dishwasher is no problem plus you have easy access to oven mitts and pot holders while cooking. For some people, having some added storage in their busy lives is enough incentive to maintain an organized kitchen while others are already enjoying this success and want to keep up the momentum of staying neat and tidy. While we can’t get inside your brain, we’ve come up with some suggestions that may help you get on track and get back to enjoying life in a clean and organized kitchen:

10) Use A Wall Mounted Pop Up Trash Can

Another good idea is opting for a pop-up trash can that mounts on the wall instead of having an inconvenient garbage can on your countertop crushing your kitchen design possibilities with unnecessary clutter. It’s also easier to use when it comes to quick clean up in


The kitchen is a place that requires organization and cleanliness. The following ideas should help you get started in the right direction: use dividers, boxes, and baskets to control chaos; add an elevated surface such as an island with open cupboards or full-height pantry units to house your pots and pans over the fridge area; opt for pop up trash cans instead of garbage cans on countertops; utilize side counters on either side of the fridge by creating a three sided island where running dishes under hot water before loading into dishwasher is no problem plus there’s easy access to oven mitts and pot holders while cooking. Kitchen renovation can be a hassle, but if you have enough money to spare then it’s best that you hire a reputable service provider who is going to get the job done as quickly as possible without causing too much trouble. But if you don’t have the time or patience for this project, then why bother dealing with the hassle when it’s better to have professionals take care of whatever problems you’re having? If you’re looking for a kitchen renovation contractor Singapore to do your kitchen overhaul, then let us know.  We have been in the industry for a long time and can help ensure that everything goes as planned from start to finish. Call today to get started on your project with one of the best service providers in town.