Designing A Master Bedroom: Hacks That Will Double Your Room Space

If you’re looking for master bedroom design tips, then this article is the one that you need to read. In it, we’ll discuss how to get more space in your master bedroom without having to spend a lot of money. We will talk about some hacks and tricks that will make your master bedroom look larger than ever before! Close quarters can be claustrophobic and, to be honest, unlivable. However, there are occasions when we have no control over the size of our bedroom. The good news is that with a little strategic decorating and imaginative organizing, your little home will feel almost palatial. Okay, so it’s not exactly palatial, but it’s big enough to be your retreat at the end of a long day and trendy enough to flaunt. Simply copy these designers’ strategies, and you’ll see that size doesn’t really matter. Here are 30 game-changing little bedroom ideas to get you started.

1.Clear away the clutter

Clutter is unattractive in any area, but bedrooms, in particular, must be tranquil and stress-free in order to get a good night’s sleep. “When there isn’t a clearly defined space for all of your belongings, clutter tends to creep in,” Claire explains. Take a close, honest look at your bedroom right now…what items float around, making it appear untidy? Make sure these items have a definite ‘home’ in your new bedroom decor. Ottomans at the foot of the bed are a lifesaver for individuals who require more storage. There are a plethora of economical options in a range of styles that may be used to store things like extra linens or towels. These days, even some dressing table stools have hidden storage – perfect for storing your hair dryer! When thinking about storage, don’t forget to consider vertically. You can turn your walls into excellent storage options while keeping as much floor space as possible clear. Open shelves can solve the problem and be installed in a weekend! Bespoke fitted furniture usually works wonders, but for a more affordable option, open shelving can solve the problem and be installed in a weekend! To keep your shelves appearing tidy and attractively decorated, use opaque boxes like as rattan to store bits and bobs out of sight. An underutilized storage space is above your door frame. It may be really useful for storing stuff that you don’t need on a daily basis, such as off-season shoes and clothing. Install mirrors with built-in storage in your bedroom if you want to keep your makeup out of sight yet within easy reach. They’re traditionally utilized in bathrooms, but with so many attractive options on the market now, we incorporate them in our clients’ designs when space is limited.

2. Define zones

The need for rooms to be multifunctional is one of the emerging themes of post-pandemic interior design, and our bedrooms are no different. No, we’re not referring to installing a bathtub in your bedroom! We’ve noticed a significant increase in requests from our clients for seating areas in their bedrooms. This can be a safe haven for stressed-out parents, as well as a relaxing place to read a book or listen to music. Make sure your new reading nook is clearly zoned with dedicated illumination and, if possible, a rug. Otherwise, the chair can end up being a glorified clothes horse and dumping ground! Because we don’t get dressed as often as we used to, we’ve converted numerous dressing tables into home office workstations. However, the designers of My Bespoke Room do not believe it is a passing fad: Dressing tables that double as desks could be here to stay post-lockdown as well, as working remotely becomes more common. As people grow older, homes will have to become more adaptable and adapt to their needs. It’s critical to clearly demarcate the various zones or roles in a space. Paint is a fun and inexpensive way to do this. You may rapidly build a unique and colorful feature over the back of your headboard or around your dressing area to make it look purposeful, as seen in the image below.

3. Maximise space

If you have a limited bedroom area to deal with, there’s no need to feel restricted with some careful design and stylish storage. You should, in fact, embrace it! Rather than white walls, choose a deep, warm tone to complement the homey atmosphere that a smaller area may provide. Use ingenious optical illusions to create the appearance of space in smaller bedrooms, such as ceiling to floor length drapes. They’ll not only give your room a hotel-like feel, but they’ll also give the impression that your ceilings are much higher than they are. Picture ledges are also a common feature in my compact master bedroom design.They don’t protrude as far into the room as conventional shelves because they’re not as wide as standard shelves, but you still have the benefits of a wonderful design feature and greater storage. It can be difficult to find wall space for a full-length mirror in a compact bedroom, and freestanding mirrors are out. As an alternative, the back of your bedroom door or even the inside of your wardrobe door might be very useful.

4. Set the tone with lighting

Finally, but certainly not least, illumination! It’s easy to get carried away with furniture and soft furnishings in a bedroom, but trust us when we say that a well-thought-out lighting plan will completely improve the space’s vibe. Ambient lighting is ideal for bedrooms and may be done by introducing lights at various levels, such as a ceiling light, a floor light, and finally bedside table lamps. To create a mellow glow, choose warmer-colored bulbs and dimmable alternatives whenever practical. Use lighting to create’moments’ within a space. Placing a warm-bulb floor lamp next to a cushy recliner wrapped in soft materials, for example, screams to be napped in! However, keep in mind that you’ll need task lighting in some locations, such as where you get dressed and ready for the day. Installing spotlights around or within your closet can be a great method to get enough light to see clearly without sacrificing the room’s overall ambiance. The ideal light for putting makeup is natural light, so try to place your dressing table near a window. This dressing table blends in perfectly with the rest of the room, with the mirror tucked nicely between the two windows and so without blocking the view.

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