Reasons We Love To Renovate Our Bathroom In Singapore

Reasons we love to renovate our bathroom in Singapore

In Singapore, the demand for bathroom renovations is on a steady rise. There are many reasons why it’s time to start planning your next renovation! The first reason is that bathrooms are used more than any other room in the house which means they need to be functional and stylish. Secondly, bathrooms have a tendency of becoming cluttered with storage items like shampoo bottles and towels which can make them feel cramped. Lastly, there are new technology trends emerging such as smart toilets so you may want to keep up with these innovations by renovating your own bathroom!

What are the benefits of renovating your bathroom in Singapore?

Some of the main benefits to renovating your bathroom, are that it can give you more space for a new sink or shower. It can also provide a cleaner space because sometimes renovations include the removal of mold and mildew from your walls and floor. Renovations often also have the effect of increasing the resale value of a house, so it could prove to be an important investment for families who want to sell their home in the future. Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages to renovating your bathroom. The cost of a bathroom renovation is very high because many materials need to be replaced and this includes labour costs too. This is why it’s important for homeowners to choose renovations that maintain the integrity of their house and keep original features intact so that the home remains worth as much in resale as possible. By taking care while planning your renovations, it can save you from having some major headaches down the line. It’s important to consult with professionals before making a snap decision about what renovations to make and how extensive they will be. Renovations can often provide creative ways to utilize existing space more efficiently or update a room without tearing out all of the walls which could prove to be costly.

Why is it important to keep up with new technology trends

A lot of businesses and industries are coming to the realization that it’s time to start investing in new technology trends, or they’ll be left behind. This is especially true for newer, technology-related industries like mobile technology. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – there’s a good chance that new technologies will help your business grow and keep your employees engaged and happy.

How long does a bathroom renovation Singapore typically take

It usually takes around 3-4 weeks to complete the renovation for a bathroom. The renovation can be done in phases to allow you time to get used to the new look You can spend more or less time renovating depending on how many major changes you want or need to make Some people end up spending longer just because they keep changing their minds! If this is the case, try and stick with one plan before deciding what your next move is. This will also save you money if you’re doing it yourself. For more information about bathroom renovations, contact us today. We’ll provide a free estimate from our professionals at your convenience. Don’t wait – call Ovon Design now.   Budget for the project: $2500-$8000 (varies by size of room)

Toilet Renovation in Singapore Package

There are toilet renovation package companies in Singapore including renovation packages for toilet floors in particular but also renovation packages for toilet walls. Both types of renovation packages can be performed using overlaying techniques or hacking techniques. The construction and remodelling cost may vary based on the need for the property to be replaced and the size of the replacing wall and tiles of toilets. The package also uses tile coating methods approved by HDB which will make your tiles look new and much more durable. The price for this package ranges from S$1280 – S$2480. This renovation will only take about five days on average.  

What are some easy ways to make your bathroom more functional and stylish?

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom more functional and stylish is by installing a new bathtub. Another option would be to replace the flooring in your bathroom. You can also choose to paint your bathroom a different colour from the rest of your house.

Steps to Installing a New Bathtub in Singapore

  1. Clean the surface that you will be installing the bathtub on by removing any peeling paint, old wax and dirt.
  2. Make sure you measure the area where the new bathtub will be installed and make note of all of your measurements so that you can buy the right size bathtubs for your 2 room bto.
  3. Drill holes into the floor in order to install brackets that will support the weight of your new tub. You’ll need to drill four holes in (S) 1ft from each other in order for the brackets to be secured properly.
  4. Add adhesive to each of your brackets and then apply it to the top of the floor.
  5. Slide each of your brackets into the holes that were drilled in step 3 and then secure them with a screwdriver.
  6. Add plumber’s putty to the four holes and then slide pipes through them which will be connected to a faucet once attached on the other end.
  7. Place bathtubs inside your 2 room to, making sure they’re level using bubble leveler or string lines for reference if necessary.
  8. Secure your tubs to each bracket by drilling screws into each bracket and tub, being careful not to let any water seep inside your walls!

When should you start planning for a bathroom renovation project

Bathroom renovation projects are a great way to update the look and function of your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as new fixtures or a total remodel, there are many reasons why it’s time to start planning for your next bathroom renovation!  

Step 1: Figure out the scope of your project

If you’re home is more than 10 years old, a bathroom renovation isn’t too far off in the future. As homes age, they may need everything from new fixtures to plumbing and even new cabinets or countertops. Consider the items that are most important to you when thinking about your bathroom remodel project. [How/why would my readers know what’s important?] Do you need something that looks great? Are there certain functions of your current bathroom that don’t work as well as they once did? Is it time for an update? What changes do you want to make to accomplish these goals?  

Step 2: Assess the state of your current bathroom

Once you’ve decided on the changes you want to make, it’s time to take a look at your current bathroom. Determine whether there are any hidden problems that could cost more than you’re expecting if left unattended. [Provide examples e.g.: peeling paint or broken tiles] If you haven’t remodeled the bathroom recently, you may be surprised by how much things have changed in 10-15 years. These days, most homes include new fixtures and cabinetry when they sell which means if you don’t know what work was done by previous owners, it might look as though yours is outdated! Take some pictures of your bathroom so that you can compare them to similar bathrooms during a renovation project when planning for updates like painting or tile replacement that require removing the flooring.

Step 3: Choose your bathroom renovations carefully!


Step 1: Take Measurements

Once you’ve decided on the style you want, or if you already have a specific idea in mind, start by measuring your bathroom. This is necessary because certain features might not fit with the existing space and others are standard size so that they can be made as easily as possible. For example, if you’re looking to install a new tub or shower, it’s best to know the dimensions of the room before shopping for one. Also note whether and how much clearance you need around any fixtures like the toilet.  

Step 2: Plan Your Budget

Once you know what fixtures and features you want to add during renovation, it’s time to figure out what your budget will be. Many people make the mistake of leaving this to the end and only considering how much they want to spend, but you’ll need a firm number in order to get accurate quotes. To find your costs, you need to know how many materials are required and whether or not you will be hiring someone for the installation. Choose fixtures that are easy to install if necessary, but don’t make this a priority.  

These are some of the materials to consider when deciding on your budget:

Fixtures – Faucets, showers, vanities, lights and more can be added to any bathroom renovation project. The cost will vary based on the size and quality of what you want installed as well as whether or not it has to be customized in any way. It’s smart to compare prices on your fixtures before deciding where to purchase them. If you’re going high-end, it might be best to shop for them online so that you can find the best deals on higher quality products. If you’re not sure what would look good with your bathroom style and bathroom space, visit your local home improvement store or check out pictures online. Create a list with the prices of your fixtures to see how much you’re willing to spend on each one. If you do decide to shop online, make sure there’s a reputable company that has reviews and allows for returns in case something doesn’t look right once installed.

How can you save money during a bathroom or toilet renovation services project?

  There are many ways you can save money on a bathroom renovation project. One way is to buy fixtures, tiles, and other materials when they’re on sale. This will allow you to save plenty of cash in the long run because it takes time for items to go on sale again. Another way is to do most of your shopping online which will help you find the absolute affordableest prices possible.

Tips on how to stay organized while doing bathroom renovations around the house

  • Before you start furniture moving, label furniture with their new placement
  • Take a photo of the room before so you have reference to the layout
  • Figure out what will be moved for each part of the process
  • Take pictures and measurements as you go
  • Find an organization system that works best for you or find a temporary one (ex. use magazine wire racks)
  • Ask for a set time to remove furniture if possible
We hope these tips will help you stay organized and efficient while renovating your bathroom. If you need any more information about how to get started, feel free to reach out to our team of experts for a consultation on what would work best for your home!  

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