Makeover Ideas For Minimalist Interior Design HDB That You Can Copy

Have you ever thought of doing a makeover for your home? Or are you currently planning to have it? Well, doing an interior design makeover is good, but you might need some help from interior design Singapore to make it happen.  The most challenging aspect of performing an interior design of your new home is finding ways to save every inch of available living space of your house. Now, if you’re looking for HDB renovation ideas, this article will suit you very well!


When it comes to doing your minimalist 4 room HDB design, you can start it with your bedroom. Bedroom is most people’s favourite room of their home, surely it has to be perfect for every homeowner.   Minimalism is all about keeping it neutral. Embrace your home’s architectural features by using that idea to design around them instead of concealing them. For example, if you are looking for 5 room HDB interior design ideas, you can choose neutral colours such as white, creams, black, or grays to turn your bedroom into a minimalist style.   

Living Room

Living room is the place where everyone gives their first impression of your home, then you have to put some effort into making it look good, not only for you but also the guests who enter your house.  Many homeowners these days are now trying to combine their living and dining rooms to create one smooth and spacious area. You can do this by positioning their dining table in the living room. However, it still depends on how you want to use the space at any particular time.


Another house renovation ideas Singapore you can dig in more is the kitchen. Who doesn’t love to make some meals or create some excitement with food in the kitchen? Everyone surely does!  Always make sure you choose the best furniture and equipment you can for your budget. Once you’ve created the framework of your interior design minimalist, you can be more communicative with decorative touches to add depth and a studied feeling of warmth. 

Dining Room

Simplicity and necessity go together with minimalist home design visual appeal, and can not outweigh the other. If you need to change your dining room with 5 room HDB resale renovation ideas, you should consider it more.  You can also take full advantage of your budget, by investing in quality minimalist home decor. Because this is a very simplistic approach to interior design, each piece must stand alone without drawing negative attention due to poor construction or low-quality materials.  


Putting a significant portion of your minimalist interior decorating budget to the important room such as bathroom in this case, and it is definitely not as simple as it appears. You can go with designing a foundation for minimalist design with a tight color palette.  A modern industrial interior design HDB can also be the best option for your bathroom’s theme. For some floor plans, a bathroom with certain utilities such as a sink, shower, and toilet may be too limited. But do not be worried, you still can replace the sink outside the bathroom to make it look better.   

Custom Platform & Storage

Building a custom platform or storage can help you to make your space look more minimalist. Minimalism is all about keeping it simple, and this can be the best thing to do. It is also another approach to integrate, maximize, and aesthetically extend a specific area. Custom platforms add function and space to a room in a variety of ways.

Add Walk-in closets

Are you a fan of a walk-in closet in your room? If so, this might be so helpful for you to save some space in your room. Having a walk-in closet in your room isn’t as impossible as it sounds,  it’s only a matter of space. Who says it’s possible to add a walk-in closet? Keep your insecurity away and now let you decide what’s the best style for your walk in wardrobe design. You can have several styles without sacrificing any space in your bedroom. Galley style, L-Shaped, a See-through wardrobe, or maybe a one-sided wardrobe? Choose the one that fits your personal taste.  It has to be creative and resourceful when it comes to giving your 4 room HDB resale renovation ideas to do a complete makeover. To support minimalist design, choose quality over quantity to avoid the challenges of getting so little to work with.

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