6 and Practical Condo Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

Did you just buy a condo but the interior seems to bore you? Say no more! Interior design in Singapore has many design varieties that you can choose! From a basic to high end condo interior design are available in almost every Interior Design firm in Singapore! Renovating a condo can be very time-consuming which can make your budget burst out a little. You might want to consider purchasing a condo interior design package to stabilize your expenses. If you’re looking for a condo interior designer, Ovon Design can be your company! With a decent budget planning and proper soft furnishing, Ovon Design will lead you to your dream home! Turning your condo into a comfy home is not that hard if you already know what styles you want to apply, which part of the house that you want to update or which corner that you want to decorate. To put you at ease in remodelling your condo, here are 6 practical condo interior design Singapore for you!  

White and Wood

This combination of interior features is probably the best idea to apply in a Singapore condo living room design because the elegant view it gives can be very appealing for the guests and of course, it creates a good first impression! With all-white walls and solid wooden floors, your condo will look flawless!  

Smart and Space-saving

A Singaporean real-estate is all about space. Best condo interior design Singapore is the condo design that is smart enough to save multiple space in the property. Condo design ideas 2020 have been giving us many inspirations regarding space-saving and nowadays, there are a lot more ideas that we could apply to have an extended condo. Installing storage space under the bed is the most effortless step to start, yet it has a very big impact in terms of space-saving. This idea could be applied in 2 bedroom condo interior design Singapore for the minimal rooms it provides.  

Fun and Boho

Having a super fun-look interior design is absolutely the greatest thing we could ever dreamed of! Combining a countryside vibe with a little touch of scandinavian features will create an exciting ambience. This condo renovation design is also able to present you a colorful and uncluttered interior! This type of design is visually pleasing especially when it is applied as 1 bedroom condo interior design. The aesthetic of bohemian ornaments could add a more charming look to your condo!  

Japanese and Minimalist

Japanese style could never go wrong with those of you who are rooting for simplicity and purity. This style can be a very lovely choice if you could properly apply it, especially to a 3 bedroom condo interior design Singapore. A big-sized condo with japanese and minimalist style is able to bring joy and a calming vibe to your condo, making you want to stay home longer.  

Unique and Luxurious

Do you wish to have an interior design that could perfectly describe your personality and taste? If you have a specific personality and expensive taste, then you should go for a unique and luxurious interior design! Adding exclusive ornaments and furniture could be the first step to renovate a living room condo interior design. A combination of wood and bright-colored marble also will present a modern and magnificent look to your home due to their contrasted palette. Moreover, adding a uniquely-shaped chandelier could be the “wow” factor for your condo interior!  

Modern and Futuristic

Modern and futuristic is basically a concept of a smart home living. Modern and futuristic condo design includes smart floor planning, clever space-saving, the appliance of advanced electronics and the use of sophisticated devices. This style is believed to be the fanciest of all design because functionally, the concept itself could put your daily activities at ease! No matter which style that you wanna apply to your condo, with the right plan and persistent effort, you can get the condominium that you’ve been dreaming of! As long as you know the rules, keep focusing on important renovation and already set a proper budgeting list, you don’t have to worry about the renovation process because you already did a great job in the pre-renovation part!  

Ovon Design: Your Professional ID Company!

Purchasing and or furnishing a condo can be very fatiguing for you and that’s why you need Ovon Design to assist you with your condo renovation needs! We provide professional services such as space planning and conceptualized design and project management renovation. As an interior designer located in 53 Joo Chiat, Singapore, we are always ready to be visited by our most respected clients! Give us a call!