Interior design consultancy: 5 HDB 4 room flat floor plan in Singapore

Are you afraid of running out of space in your house? Or do you want to create the best experience in your dream home but are too worried if it will not fit in the room?  Planning your dream home is never easy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  Not until you find the best interior design consultancy Singapore You can change your old HDB 4 room floor plan into the new one with the best professional you will hire. But, before hiring the professional, you will definitely need to see some ideas for your 4 room BTO floor plan 2021, and here is some stuff that will inspire you! Recreating your home, let’s say for 5 room BTO floor plan or 4 room BTO floor plan 2020 during this pandemic circumstance is a bit difficult. But you can start by choosing the right design for your home.  

Nature and Industrial Style

This style will give a raw and rustic look around your room. It is highly influenced by the atmosphere of the warehouse or factories.  It will be a very good option for a 4 room BTO flat design layout. Spacious areas, applied structural components, restored objects, and metal, brick, wood, and material textures are all key elements of industrial-style interiors. When it comes to nature and industrial look, you should select the neutral color. It is a signature key of industrial interiors. You can use the color of browns, beiges, whites and greys. 

Modern and Neat

Modern look always requires you to be more creative in organizing the rooms for your 4 room BTO design. Not only that, it also has simplicity throughout every element of its design. Similar to industrial interiors, modernism loves to play with neutral colors! Modern look will minimize your accessories and decoration.  However, you must also strike a balance between empty and occupied spaces. That’s why you need to hire a professional like Ovon-D to help you in exploring the modernism you have always wanted without failing. 

Elegant but Pleasant

People nowadays would go for a minimalist or modern look for their home design, but not few of them are exactly into luxury interior design or elegant look, and are you one of them? Elegance is appealing, sophisticated, and classy, yet approachable. Do not be worried, this style can still look good for your 4 room BTO floor plan size, as long as you choose the right designer. Elegant uses classic elements and it is timeless.  Using the classic elements of course will give you the luxurious touch to your space. You can use classic color combinations such as black and white or blue and gold. In addition, you can put on some classic things like a fabulous armchair, or sofa.

Minimalist is Definitely a Go

If you love to have minimalist designs for home, this might be the best option. The minimalist style is distinguished by the use of only the necessary elements and the focus on neat placement and objects. This design emphasizes the connection of shapes and elegant lighting, while also still thinking of the empty space.  Minimalist design is all about the quality over quantity. This design usually goes for little decoration yet efficient furniture in the room. Always be careful of what you put for decoration in minimalist style, and greenery can be a perfect choice. And even if you’re planning to have a Tengah BTO 5 room floor plan, this style would be so perfect for your home.  Whatever the design would be, always remember that it has to be the one that can show your personality. Because home is where you belong, and home will be the best place for you to lose your stress and give the best healing session. 

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