How to Find a Reliable Interior Design company in Joo Chiat Singapore?

Are you a Singaporean who is currently looking for an interior design company Singapore for your HDB BTO renovation? Then you’ve come to the right place! As the center of housing development, there are various real estate related aspects that Singapore could offer including the best interior design company to lend you a hand on your HDB or landed property improvement. If you live around Joo Chiat, Singapore, there are top interior designers nearby. One of them is Ovon Design. Ovon Design is a creative interior design Singapore that will cater your interior needs! With amazing services such as space and budget planning, materials proposal and legal authorities, we will guarantee you to have your dream home!  

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Interior Design Company in Singapore?

Isn’t it an undeniable fact that many HDB BTO owners lack knowledge regarding interior design? However, it’s totally fine if you’re a newbie in the interior design industry Singapore because there are a lot of interior design firms that will help you. But first thing first, how much does it cost to hire interior designers in Singapore? The approximate range of an interior design project ranges from S$34,000 to S$234,000 for a new 3-room HDB flat and a landed property. For a small renovation project, you will need to pay around S$11,000 to S$15,000. If you want to hire an interior designer for your condo, it means that you’re willing to pay about S$40,500 to S$106,000 depending on your condo’s size.

How Many Interior Designers Are There in Singapore?

The number of interior design firms in Singapore is undoubtedly high. This is due to the fact that Singapore is the center of real estate in Asia. There are basically two types of design projects that the services are mostly used in Singapore including residential interior design and commercial interior design In 2016, the estimated number of interior designers reached up to 3000 companies. There is still no updated data regarding how many interior designers in Singapore this year, but due to annual homeowners growth, more and more interior designers are needed.

Is There a Market for Interior Designer in Singapore?

The answer is, yes! The limited space that the nation has, makes Singapore considered as a key design hub in Asia since real-estate projects have always improved each year. A list of interior design firms in Singapore have been involved in international collaborations such as The Interlace and DUO by Ole Scheeren. These are the factors that influence the emergence of interior designer markets in Singapore You can say that the market for interior designers in Singapore is very competitive due to the number of homeowners in Singapore that increases each year. Many Singaporeans are looking for the best HDB interior design Singapore because they want to fulfill their dreams of having a cozy and comfortable flat.  

What Does Interior Designer Do Singapore?

Hiring a professional to help you obtain the renovation you need could never be a wrong choice. However, an interior designer not only will help you design your home’s interior but they will also contribute in handling minor to major things of the renovation. Interior designers are not only expertise in housing renovation only but they also do commercial projects. According to Joo Chiat renovation review, a reputable interior design firm such as Ovon Design will be able to present you with more than a house decoration. Ovon Design is well-known for their design services. As a renovation company at Joo Chiat complex, Ovon Design can handle any renovation projects as well as residential and commercial!

Experience a Fascinating Renovation with Ovon Design Pte Ltd.

As an interior designer in Joo Chiat, Ovon Design Pte Ltd. would never disappoint any clients! We have a reputation as an award winning interior design Singapore with great services such as project management renovation, soft furnishing, styling renovation and renovation process monitoring. Contact us by call or visit our studio at 53 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore!