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The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we cook, socialize and even do some work if we’re lucky enough to have a desk in there. From time to time, it might be necessary to renovate your kitchen so that you can enjoy modern amenities or just make more room for guests and family. If you’ve been putting off this renovation because you don’t know what kind of kitchen renovation package would be best for your needs, then don’t worry! This blog post will highlight the benefits of different renovation packages and help determine which one works best for you!

1: You need to know HDB kitchen design renovation rules

Before you even start renovating any portion of your home, there are things to know about the government. They have certain rules on what contractors can do and where people can hack from in a HDB: general rules include those kinds of regulations that affect all homeowners but some specific ones only apply for kitchen renovation like the need for approval before starting work or hacking activity is allowed. Before you even start renovating any part of your house, it’s important to take into account laws set by the Singaporean Government- this includes both broad guidelines applicable across different homeowner types as well as more specialized requirements relevant specifically to kitchens such as seeking approval prior to beginning remodeling/renovations or carrying out hacking activities within an HDB (which must be done by authorized personnel).
  • For plumbing: Make sure you only engage with a PUB (Public Utilities Board) registered plumber.
  • For pipes: When you are renovating your kitchen, you are not allowed to have any new pipes that are concealed. All new pipes have to be external.
  • Timing: General renovations can only be carried out between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • For flooring: A waterproofing membrane is laid on the cement screed before laying floor finishes in toilets. This prevents any water leakage from going through the flooring to the ceiling of the flat below yours. Therefore, if hacking floor tiles is required then you should do due waterproofing to prevent water leakage. Furthermore, the toilet floor and wall finishes provided by HDB/developer must not be replaced for a period of three years from the completion date of the block for this reason. You can, however, lay new toilet floor finishes over the existing floor finishes using adhesives.

2: Understand the factors that determine the cost of your kitchen renovation packages

Some people know renovating a kitchen just by the cost. Yes, this is an important factor to consider but there are also other factors that should be taken into consideration such as type of renovation and size of your project. For example, partial renovations will affect how much you spend on materials because they mainly involve changing some or all parts in the room while complete ones will cover everything starting from paint color up until design layout for different areas inside your place like cabinets, countertops etcetera. There are two types of major renovations: Partial and Complete Renovation projects can last anywhere between 3-12 months depending how big it is so if you have not decided yet what kind of budget range would work best with your finances then try estimating.
  • First, decide what’s going to be kept intact and what’s going to change.
  • If you only require dismantling of old cabinets and installing new ones, you will incur the cost of hacking and getting new cabinets. The length of new cabinets will determine the cost.
  • If you are looking at a full revamp, then you will have to factor in the cost of hacking the tiles, getting and installing new ones, plus labour charges. Also, add the cost of installing new cabinets as well.
  • Since the kitchen is considered as a wet area, waterproofing and ponding (application of static pressure by pounding water on the internal face to detect water leakage) tests should be done properly. This will also add to your cost.
  • Lastly, post-installation, there is haulage cost and cost to acid-wash the tiles too.

3: Things to keep in mind before renovating

There are so many factors that go into estimating a kitchen renovation cost, but the 5 major ones you should consider before beginning your estimate include: what type of work needs to be done on the floors; how much labor is it going to take? What about materials and permits? These things will all affect the price. It’s important not only for homeowners considering renovations or upgrades, but also those looking at flipping homes as well. With new information in mind from this article, hopefully making an estimation can become easier!
  • Space: The space that you are dealing with should definitely be measured well, such that you know how much staff will be needed for the renovation. More space would mean more staff, more equipment and subsequently more labour hours.
  • Layout: Check out the layout that is provided in your HDB kitchen and it should be something that you can work with. A change in layout would mean huge costs.
  • Type of storage: Before you get your kitchen renovated, keep a rough estimate of your storage requirements. Because you will eventually realise that this plays a major role in determining your kitchen renovation cost.
  • if you want to enhance your basic kitchen in your new or resale home. You may have purchased the sink or the hob & hood by yourself, and you need someone skilled to install for you. For new / resale HDB or condo. Most suitable if you want to enhance your basic kitchen And you also want a new kitchen cabinet customized to maximize your space.
  • Type of stove: Note down the type of stove you need—induction or gas.
  • Type of kitchen: Are you a regular at cooking or is your kitchen going to be more like a show kitchen? Heavy cooking involves a lot of things that will add to your kitchen cost. So make sure you make this decision beforehand.+

4: Kitchen renovation budget estimates

Your kitchen renovation budget is a sum total of many factors, but to give you an idea if you are only looking at carpentry work then expect to spend around S$5,000. On the other hand if you’re in for more than just simple carpentry work and want something that looks like it was done by professionals with years of experience behind them then your budget will be between $10-15k depending on what exactly needs doing.

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